Not Yet Released
0005653: [with SOGo] segmentation fault after systemctl restart sogo (sebastien)
0005983: [Web Mail] Invalid content when forwarding text/plain mail with attachment (sebastien)
0005964: [Backend General] XML namespace for DAV error element is incorrect (sebastien)
0005977: [Backend Calendar] Exceptions in recurring event are not displayed in caldav client for calendar subscribers (Thunderbird 91 and 115) (sebastien)
0005602: [with SOGo] When trying to print mutiple mails, there are always one page with the mail title, a blank page and a page with the attachments (sebastien)
0005978: [Web Mail] Advanced search : no select/action on results (sebastien)
0005967: [Packaging (Debian)] Build packages for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS (sebastien)
0005970: [with SOGo] Mobile display when creating appointments (sebastien)
0005960: [Web Mail] Improve global search (enable scanning of shared folders) (sebastien)
0005961: [Web Mail] Add a shortcut for global search (sebastien)
0005951: [Web Mail] Unable to login to webmail with user account with delegation (sebastien)
0005950: [Backend Calendar] Error log entries after update to latest nightly (sebastien)
0005944: [Web Mail] On answering mails CKEditor "hangs" (sebastien)
0005945: [Backend Calendar] request failed for some users only on some weeks in calendar webview - EXCEPTION: <NSException: 0x56507d484750> NAME:NSInvalidAr (sebastien)
0005940: [Backend Calendar] NSDataMalloc(instance) does not recognize propertyList INFO:(null) (sebastien)
0005948: [Web General] Proxy Error (sebastien)
0005942: [Backend Calendar] Calendar fails to load due to c_cycleinfo data on certain events (sebastien)
0005920: [Web Mail] [EDIT] Update CKEditor version CKEditor version check warning message (sebastien)
0005937: [Web Mail] The "Font Definitions" within the <style>-tag show up in content when answering/forwarding messages from Outlook (sebastien)
0005935: [sogo-tool] build failure in SOGoToolUpdateSecret.m (sebastien)
0005932: [Documentation] Restriction of SOGoGlobalAddressBookFirstEntriesCount not documented (sebastien)
0005931: [Web Address Book] Global address book does not display field descriptions and persons like groups (sebastien)
0005702: [Web Mail] koi8-u not correctly displayed in html while work in plain text (sebastien)
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Released 2024-02-20
0000719: [Web General] Inclusion of "Message of the Day"-HTML file in login screen (sebastien)
0005922: [Backend Address Book] VLIST missing in export and CardDAV (sebastien)
0004782: [Web Mail] SMTP settings for auxiliary IMAP Accounts (qhivert)
0005900: [Backend Mail] Mails get sent via SMTP but not stored in Sent-Folder (qhivert)
0005907: [ActiveSync] undefined symbol: TNEFCheckForSignature (qhivert)
0005915: [Backend General] Error in sogo.log 'OCSAdminURL' is not set (qhivert)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2023-11-08
0005490: [Web Mail] Embedded logos in emails (company, Twitter and Facebook links, etc.) are shown as downloadable .png files (sebastien)
0005888: [Web Mail] Webmail repeatedly inserts an attachment every time a draft is automatically saved (sebastien)
0005902: [Backend General] 501 error after a short while (sebastien)
0005885: [Backend General] Calendar event deletion (sebastien)
0005884: [ActiveSync] Huge memory leak in ActiveSync when syncing a Mailbox with >1000 folders (qhivert)
0005906: [Backend Address Book] NSInvalidArgumentException when searching in global address book (sebastien)
0005895: [Backend Calendar] Modifiying an event that contains DURATION= makes it unasable by (at least) macOS/IOS clients (qhivert)
0005887: [Web Mail] "download message" as eml sends content mimetype "application/zip" (qhivert)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2023-09-27
0005870: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Incompatibility with Mac OS X Sonoma (sebastien)
0005701: [Web Mail] Download email option adds zip extension to the name (sebastien)
0005696: [Web Mail] Links not clickable (sebastien)
0005844: [Web General] /Calendar/null url after session-timeout problem (sebastien)
0005639: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] CalDAV: Mac OS Calendar unable to find existing SOGo calendars and creates a new one. (sebastien)
0005845: [with SOGo] tried to upgrade from 5.8.0 -> 5.8.4 buiding SOGo fails with error in SOGoGCSFolder.m (sebastien)
0005632: [Web Mail] no signature on replies (sebastien)
0003937: [Web Preferences] [Feature] Option to omit signature on reply/forward (sebastien)
0005825: [GUI] Bug when sending emails to webui (sebastien)
0005783: [Web Calendar] Weekly view jumps always back to the current week if adding or removing an entry in another week (sebastien)
0005781: [Backend Calendar] Increase curl timeout to be able to subscribe to large ics calendars (sebastien)
0005685: [Backend Calendar] Calendar entry from Outlook via CalDav Synchronizer leads to SQL error "integer out of range" (sebastien)
0005768: [Web Mail] Signature images are not handled properly in forwarded or replied to messages (follows 0003981) (sebastien)
0005743: [Web Mail] Web Mail will not send without a Subject - counter to RFC 2822 (sebastien)
0005788: [ActiveSync] Bug in libytnef0 causes ActiveSync to fail sync when files in winmail.dat file have long filename (qhivert)
0005848: [GUI] The Settings page does not open. (qhivert)
0005875: [with SOGo] Contact group synchronization problems with Caldav synchronizer client (qhivert)
0005729: [ActiveSync] sogod always crashes due to bug in libytnef0 parsing library (qhivert)
0005838: [Packaging (Debian)] Cannot install SOGo on fresh Debian 12 (bookworm) (qhivert)
0005777: [Web Calendar] Events in new SOGo 5.8.3 (sebastien)
20 issues View Issues
Released 2023-06-20
0005790: [Packaging (RedHat)] Unable to start SOGo - sope49-sbjson cannot be loaded (sebastien)
0005697: [Packaging (RedHat)] Build packages for CentOS Stream 9, Rocky Linux 9, AlmaLinux 9 (sebastien)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2023-03-28
0005739: [Backend Mail] Problems when moving email into Drafts folder (sebastien)
0005753: [Web Calendar] Web Calendar (ics) subscription with authentication between SOGo instances not possible after upgrading from 5.7.0 to 5.8.2 (sebastien)
0004457: [Web Calendar] Show week number also on the monthly view (sebastien)
0005664: [ActiveSync] Wrong decoding emails in Outlook via EAS (sebastien)
0005750: [Web Address Book] JavaScript error when send mail from Addressbook (sebastien)
0005734: [SOPE] Buffer Overflow in WOHttpTransaction (sebastien)
0005732: [Web General] Unable to add new appointment via web-calendar (sebastien)
0005731: [Web Mail] WebMail inserts attachments from the source message when replying (sebastien)
0005720: [Web Calendar] Confirmation dialog is shown for unmodified calendar events (sebastien)
0005728: [Web Mail] HTML body content isn't displayed (sebastien)
0005721: [Web Mail] WebMail doesn't show body of the message when it doesn't contain "To:" header (sebastien)
0005726: [Web Mail] Invalid template when replying (sebastien)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2023-03-28
0005718: [Web Calendar] Event Management (sebastien)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2023-03-28
0003981: [Web Mail] images are not handled properly in forwarded or replied to messages (sebastien)
0005715: [Web Mail] Cannot forward/reply to email with image attachments (sebastien)
0005708: [Web Preferences] Two factor authentication disappeared on Sogo web interface (sebastien)
0005585: [Web Calendar] Event creation window closes by accident without saving changes (sebastien)
0005542: [Web Mail] duplicate messages when moving to another IMAP account (sebastien)
0005709: [GUI] Broken inline image if reply mail (sebastien)
0004786: [Web Mail] Web mail not forwarding multiple inline attachment with same name (sebastien)
0005666: [Packaging (Debian)] Installation on Ubuntu focal/20.04 fails (sebastien)
0005698: [Packaging (Debian)] Installation failed on a clean Ubuntu 22.04 server (sebastien)
0005700: [Packaging (Debian)] Missing Debian packages in 5.8.0 (sebastien)
0005511: [Packaging (Debian)] Build packages for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (sebastien)
0005593: [Web Mail] Segfault in Mailer on mail with TNEF attachnemt (sebastien)
0005565: [Backend Calendar] Sending event invitations (iMIP) with mailAlarms.creds auth instead of user creds auth (sebastien)
0004190: [Backend General] entry '{DAV:}XXX' already exists in DAV permissions table (sebastien)
0005683: [GUI] Large quotas incorrectly displayed (sebastien)
0005654: [Backend Mail] SOGo uses invalid EHLO with IPv6 address (sebastien)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2022-11-29
0005651: [SOPE] SOGo don't start after yum update (sebastien)
0005640: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2016/2021 over ActiveSync sends email only first recipient (sebastien)
0005644: [Web Calendar] Calendar issues with Thunderbird with lastest nightly built (sebastien)
0005330: [ActiveSync] Replying from gmail app sometimes result in message being truncated (sebastien)
0005612: [ActiveSync] UTF8 in "to" mail field causes ActiveSync to refuse sending it (sebastien)
0005626: [ActiveSync] Extreme battery drain from "Mail (Background)" after update to IOS16 (sebastien)
0004376: [Web Calendar] moved repeating event not shown (sebastien)
0005594: [Web Mail] Cut&Paste of email addresses not possible (sebastien)
0005581: [Web Calendar] not able to create event in addtional calendar (sebastien)
0005416: [Backend Calendar] sogo mysteriously adds XML-encoded UTF-8 BOM to calendar-data & getetag REPORT replies (sebastien)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2022-08-17
0005488: [Web Mail] Problems pasting text from the clipboard using the mouse (francis)
0005561: [Web Preferences] regex sieve script comparisons should be case sensitive (francis)
0005559: [Web Mail] Advanced search in subfolder does not open email (francis)
0005546: [Backend Calendar] SOGO_QUICK_APPOINTMENT table not update (francis)
0005531: [Backend General] Add ability to set PasswordScheme (francis)
0003530: [Web Calendar] Editing a task deletes quotes (francis)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2022-06-10
0005536: [Web Calendar] Suchfunktion im Kalender defekt (francis)
0005534: [Web Mail] $forwarded is displayed as a filter criterion (francis)
0004982: [Web General] Window title for calendar and address book (francis)
0005513: [Web Mail] the handler registered by sogo webmail is invalid: mailto links lead to "not found" (francis)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2022-05-04
0005512: [Web Calendar] Current time red line does not respect SOGo timezone (francis)
0005441: [Web Calendar] Sorting calendar events - searching for past events function missing (francis)
0005506: [Web Calendar] Problem on event/task with annual repetition (francis)
0004042: [Web Mail] cannot enter names with Russian Be or Zhe letters (treated as separators) (francis)
0003513: [Web Mail] "To" field automatically add address when "@" is writed into field on Chrome and Safari (francis)
0005309: [Web Mail] Automatic tag completion when typing Russian letters (Ж, Б) (francis)
0005507: [Backend Address Book] LDIFF contacts import never close connections to database (francis)
0004930: [Web General] SOGO and search engine robots (francis)
0005351: [Web Mail] JSON encode break with particular text in mail subject (francis)
0005492: [Web Calendar] Since update ( ) of nightly packages on Ubuntu 20.04 AD group membership is not working anymore (francis)
0005495: [Backend Calendar] Invalid charset name in WebDAV response content-type header. 'utf8' instead of 'utf-8' (francis)
0005485: [Web Mail] If password >135chars, login fails (francis)
0005486: [ActiveSync] xml2wbxmlFromContent: failed: Parsing of XML Document Failed (francis)
0000033: [Web Mail] Forwarding several mails in one message. (francis)
0005479: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool Sieve operations cause IMAP authentication failures (francis)
0005482: [Backend Mail] Empty Junk folder action does not work (francis)
0005363: [Web Mail] Template folders in the web interface (francis)
0004320: [Web Mail] Feature request : Mail templates (francis)
0005478: [Web Mail] some mailto: links not working when mailaddress is empty (francis)
0005477: [Web Mail] Message displayed empty with certain content type (francis)
20 issues View Issues
Released 2022-02-04
0005163: [Web Address Book] no carddav RFC 6578 compliance (francis)
0005146: [Web Mail] Space characters when replying and forwarding in plain text mode (francis)
0005415: [Web Mail] Original content is covered by empty spaces by Reply and Forward message (francis)
0005475: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool update-autoreply logic is broken (francis)
0005472: [Web Mail] Can't approve invite via webmail (francis)
0005474: [Packaging (RedHat)] email-256px.png file missing (francis)
0005469: [Backend Mail] Invalid Sieve script generated for auto reply weekday activation constraint (francis)
0003792: [Backend Calendar] Not all event changes trigger email notifications (francis)
0005215: [Web Mail] Detail information about certificate used for signed message (francis)
0005424: [Backend Address Book] CalDav missing contacts in GAL that available on SOGo Web and server (francis)
0005420: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV sync failed - failed status for getetag (francis)
0005450: [Backend Mail] Migrate S/MIME from openssl pkcs7 to openssl cms (patch) (francis)
0005462: [Backend Address Book] Entity tag missing in CardDAV global address book REPORT (francis)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2022-01-18
0005453: [Web Mail] E-mails are not correctly shown at message list (sebastien)
0004896: [Web Address Book] SOGoDomainsVisibility and GAL Address Book broken (francis)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2021-12-16
0005524: [Web General] Second factor authentication annoyances (francis)
0005440: [Web Mail] enhance displayed info in certificate with subject emailAddress (francis)
0005096: [GUI] double click on email folder, address book or calendar wrongly triggers "rename" function (francis)
0005443: [Web Preferences] Can't save vacation auto reply preferences (francis)
0005448: [Backend Mail] Activation time constraint for vacation auto reply results in invalid Sieve script (francis)
0004666: [Web Mail] First attachement disappear when "Enter" key is pressed in "Subject","To","CC" or "BCC" fields (francis)
0001585: [Web Mail] Option to not automatically mark mails as read (francis)
0005438: [Web Preferences] TOTP auth disappeared (francis)
0005127: [Web Mail] New email notification blocks Calendar/Address Book navigation bar (francis)
0005407: [Web Mail] When using identities, you can sign with a not matching S/MIME certificate (francis)
0005328: [Backend Calendar] Enable vacation auto-reply only one day per week (francis)
0005261: [Web Calendar] Biweekly repeating appointment is shown as Weekly (francis)
0005433: [Backend Mail] Is SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled broken? (francis)
0005434: [Web Mail] Links in HTML emails are erroneously converted to lowercase (francis)
0004991: [Web Calendar] multiple e-mails for annually recurring appointments with appointment reminders (francis)
0005432: [Web Mail] Uploaded attachments can't be deleted (francis)
0005431: [Web Mail] Popup window closes, when changing the response type (francis)
0005410: [Web Mail] Comments left by attendees when responding to an invitation are not shown in SOGo (francis)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2021-11-18
0001037: [Web Mail] You cannot move deleted folders out of the trash... (francis)
0005224: [Web Mail] Empty Junk Folder Feature (francis)
0005427: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync sync mails to Outlook ends prematurely
0005421: [Web Mail] Empty Trash doesn't clear the meassage list (francis)
0005380: [Packaging (Debian)] Build packages for Debian 11 (bullseye) (francis)
0005417: [i18n] German translation of automatic message for sharing privilege changes not gender neutral (francis)
0005408: [ActiveSync] Attachment get corrupted in Outlook with ActiveSync when the filename contains non-ASCII characters and the CharSet is not UTF-8 (francis)
0005414: [sogo-tool] [SOGoCache]> failure deleting cached value for key (francis)
0005413: [Web Mail] Feature-Request: Indicate or reset search results (francis)
0003323: [Web Mail] sort mails by tags (francis)
0005338: [Web Mail] Sorting of Emails by either tag or flag-status (francis)
0001417: [Web Mail] No filter option available to filter flagged / starred emails (francis)
0004277: [Web Mail] Unread mails indicator not noticeable enough (francis)
0001146: [Web Mail] Sort mail by unread/read (francis)
0005339: [GUI] Reply and Forward buttons do not work when the language is set to sr_RS (francis)
0005325: [Web Preferences] Filter: Discard the message should not be first in list (francis)
0004961: [Web Calendar] Blank Page returned (francis)
0004939: [Web Calendar] ICS WebCalendar with "Reload on login" block login (francis)
0005231: [Web Mail] writing a text mail with a line with a length of 63-65 chars ending with a € makes a newline disappear (francis)
0005355: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV addressbook-multiget report denial-of-service (francis)
0005293: [Web Mail] Moving/Copying Mails does not work because of Quota (francis)
0004983: [Web Mail] include shared mail folders also if only option "Insert" was choosen (francis)
0005385: [Web Mail] "Descending order" has no effect (francis)
0005384: [Backend Calendar] Moved multi-day all-day event results in wrong mail text (francis)
0005375: [Web General] Printing more than one page, gives empty pages (francis)
0005381: [Web Mail] Unread Mail Counter not refreshing (francis)
0005386: [Web Address Book] vcard import broken in 5.2.0 (francis)
0005348: [Web Mail] Invitation send to alias address cannot be accepted nor added to calendar (francis)
0005379: [Documentation] PR: Mention the value of SQL column used in ModulesConstraints must be a string. (francis)
0005376: [Web Mail] Web Mail is not honoring RFC-821 line lengths with identity signature blocks, resulting in invalid S/MIME digital signtures (francis)
30 issues View Issues
Released 2021-08-18
0005283: [Web Calendar] Invitation links are plain text (francis)
0005303: [Web Mail] email folders with questionmark "?" in name are unusable (francis)
0002242: [Web Mail] Web Mail should decode TNEF attachments (winmail.dat) (francis)
0005158: [Web Calendar] no e-mail notification for reminder "the event ends". (francis)
0005262: [Web Mail] Export a single email as eml not as zip (francis)
0005365: [GUI] Quota not displayed when message quota info is present (francis)
0005281: [Web Mail] very slow Webinterface when starting to scroll 20-30 E-Mails of about 3K E-Mails in the inbox. (francis)
0005151: [Backend General] SOGoInstallationGuide-5.0.0.pdf contains wrong suggested MySQL setting nnodb_file_format (francis)
0005294: [Web Preferences] Replace "Google Authenticator" with more general vocabulary (francis)
0005335: [Web Calendar] Calendar Month view after upgrade (francis)
0005320: [Backend Calendar] Accepting an invitation in Thunderbird/Iphone leads to missing "METHOD:REPLY" section in the ics file (francis)
0005337: [Web Mail] no color marking of tags in mail overview (francis)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2021-06-01
0005336: [Web Calendar] Cannot change the calendar order (francis)
0005334: [Packaging (Debian)] apt dist-upgrade fails with "File has unexpected size" (francis)
0005153: [Backend Mail] SAML2 login mapping (francis)
0005270: [Backend General] SSO with Keycloak for SAML2.0 broken (francis)
0005292: [Web Mail] SAML auth seems to have stopped working between 5.0.1-1 and 5.1.0-1 (francis)
0005327: [Packaging (Debian)] logrotate fails on debian 10 with "error: skipping "/var/log/sogo/sogo.log" because parent directory has insecure permissions" (francis)
0001651: [Web Address Book] Contact lists are not imported correctly (francis)
0005324: [Web General] Error when selecting "Snooze" in an alarm reminder (francis)
0005313: [Web Calendar] Daily events not shown (francis)
0005316: [Web Mail] Compose box COPY / Paste from Excel Sheet Issue (francis)
0005301: [Web Calendar] Category Markers in Calender are Tiny and almost not visible (francis)
0005278: [Web Mail] loading circle loads forever (up to 5 minutes sometimes) when SOGoRefreshViewCheck is enabled (francis)
0004970: [GUI] Browsing folders does not deselect selected items. (francis)
0005148: [Web Mail] E-Mails are sometimes not selectable (francis)
0005291: [Web General] White font color on white quick search box (francis)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2021-06-01
0005312: [Web Address Book] address book sorting incomplete (francis)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2021-03-31
0003100: [Web Mail] In thread listing mode sogo sorts emails based on oldest email of the thread (francis)
0005033: [Backend Mail] Can't send email when using SMTP : unrecognized selector sent to instance (ludovic)
0003757: [Web Calendar] SOGo in Timezone CEST with daylight savings does change the time of a calender entry 2 hors back every time you edit the entry (francis)
0004292: [sogo-tool] Uncaught exception while adding acl with sogo-tool (ludovic)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2021-03-30
0005266: [ActiveSync] S/MIME signed e-mails on ActiveSync (ludovic)
0005136: [Web General] Animation level "none" doesn't show a scrollbar when view Message Source (francis)
0005203: [Backend Address Book] macOS 11 (Big Sur) contacts app ignores default address book (francis)
0005218: [Backend Mail] IMAP subscription handling broken for subfolders (francis)
0005275: [Web Preferences] I want to configure "Always open mail composer Inside current window" inside sogo.conf for new users. (francis)
0005223: [Web Mail] reply and quotations are broken (francis)
0005268: [Web Calendar] Calendar entry given incorrect date for event in 2026 (francis)
0005263: [Web Mail] Buttons in appointment invitations are hard to see (francis)
0005226: [Web Mail] Search is automatically reduced if automatic refresh is activated (francis)
0005219: [Web Preferences] wrong description of vacation due date (francis)
0005217: [Web Mail] Arrow to unfold too deep (francis)
0005145: [Web Mail] Reduce distances between mail folders (francis)
0005197: [Web Calendar] Reminder mail notification of appointments doesn't work (francis)
0005207: [Web General] disable desktop notification on print (francis)
0005202: [SOPE] SOPE does not compile on Debian ARM platform (francis)
0005185: [Web Calendar] Invite Attendees field behavior not intuitive (francis)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2020-10-07
0005131: [Backend General] [5.0.0 Regression] LDAP auth breaks after some time (francis)
0005179: [Web Mail] Mail answer is written as quoted original text (francis)
0005173: [Web Mail] After updating to 5.0.0, emails are missing (francis)
0005141: [Web Calendar] Request failed: Instance of recurring events not deletable (francis)
0005129: [Backend Mail] Split smtp debug from parameter ImapDebugEnabled and add parameter SMTPDebugEnabled for that (francis)
0005142: [Web Mail] Cannot reply or transfert some emails (francis)
0005155: [Web Mail] Request Failed when replying to Bcc message (francis)
0005082: [Web Calendar] Creation of All day Event in Calendar WebGUI (francis)
0005119: [Web Mail] display errors in To/From/CC fields when display name contains umlaut + comma (MISSING_DOMAIN / unspecified domain,...) (francis)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2020-08-10
0005086: [Web Mail] Forward is losing attachmets if filenames same (francis)
0005078: [Backend Mail] Does the latest nightly build support STARTTLS and SSL for SMTP service? (francis)
0005073: [Packaging (RedHat)] %post scriptlet failed in (CentOS 7) RPM package (francis)
0000031: [Backend Mail] Support for SMTP SASL AUTH and SMTP TLS/SSL
0004684: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool on FreeBSD 12.0 always triggers MySQL error "Got an error reading communication packets" (ludovic)
0001159: [Web Mail] Mail Serch: Should search "Subject or Sendar" instead of "Subject" (francis)
0005117: [Web Mail] no identity selected when replying to a mail with self in bcc (francis)
0005116: [Web Calendar] Creating a new task: all categories are displayed in grey color (francis)
0005087: [Web Mail] Using default identity in Replay and Forward dialog (francis)
0004295: [Web Calendar] Calendar popup reminders are not enough visibles (francis)
0003382: [Web Mail] Support HTML5 desktop notifications (francis)
0001234: [Web General] New mail popup in the Calendar or Contacts module (francis)
0005069: [Web Mail] Multiple spaces are combined in plain text mails to one (francis)
0005095: [Web Mail] can not copy/move emails into folder with name containing double quotes " (francis)
0004140: [Web General] Changing password should require the old password.
0005045: [GUI] List of calendar items puts all-day events in the wrong day when nog in daylight saving time (francis)
0005091: [Web Mail] Nightly still breaking multi-accounts (francis)
0005065: [Web Mail] Edit Area stays decreased in Safari (francis)
0004953: [Web Preferences] Forwarding rules could not be saved (francis)
0005056: [Web Mail] Forward on auxiliary account use primary account (francis)
0004602: [Web Mail] Multiple Identities (francis)
0005019: [SOPE] TLS implementation in NGActiveSSLSocket does not verify peer
0005043: [Web Mail] SOGoLDAPGroupExpansionEnabled doesn't work any more (francis)
0005064: [Web Preferences] Cannot save preferences (francis)
0004958: [Backend General] Add support for BLF-CRYPT (francis)
0005044: [Web Mail] search mail doesn't work without selecting the type of search (francis)
0004171: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool manage-acl does not set acl correctly for group (ludovic)
0004783: [Backend Mail] IMAPS (SSL) broken with gnutls in Debian Buster (ludovic)
0005020: [Web Mail] Incorrect handling of HTML elements when composing plain text emails (francis)
0005017: [Web Calendar] Multiple overlapping events => right most event vanishes (francis)
0002722: [Web General] Feature request: add two factor authentication (francis)
0005029: [ActiveSync] Does not build against gnustep-base 1.27 (ludovic)
32 issues View Issues
Released 2020-05-06
0004955: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Mac OS Catalina Calendar app crashes when adding an attendee to an appointment (francis)
0005013: [Web Calendar] @ in calendar UUIDs urlencoded twice - resources not accessible (francis)
0004919: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool update-autoreply fails to retrieve IMAP delimiter and uses empty one (francis)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2020-05-01
0004989: [Web Mail] folders with % character unusable (francis)
0004623: [Web Mail] Iphone/Ipad with horizontal display: action icons aren't displayed for selected messages (francis)
0005006: [sogo-tool] faulty sogo-tool restore results in white screen error 501 on login (francis)
0005005: [Web Preferences] Wrong duplication of calendar category after first login (francis)
0004992: [Documentation] Default behaviour, wrong description (francis)
0004999: [Documentation] Columns in Documentation are shifted (ludovic)
0004995: [ActiveSync] Parsing of XML Document Failed (ludovic)
0004975: [Web Mail] Download area for new mails in popup window does not adjust in height (francis)
0004988: [ActiveSync] DisplayTo field contains wrong value (ludovic)
0004979: [Web Mail] Stored XSS in Web Mail (francis)
0004963: [sogo-tool] Example in sogo-tool usage is wrong (francis)
0004954: [Web Calendar] user's calendar selection grows with the number of calendar entries in subscribed calendars (francis)
0004962: [Web Mail] Mail text is hidden when replying to an Email when Mail Composing as Popup and Plain Text is enabled (francis)
0004943: [ActiveSync] Event delayed by one hour after EAS sync done (ludovic)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2020-01-21
0004949: [Backend Calendar] Sharing a calendar with a group is not possible anymore (francis)
0004933: [Web Mail] An error occured while enabling auto-reply (francis)
0004929: [Backend Address Book] Middle name field missing for contacts and not processed correctly when changed (ludovic)
0004835: [Web Mail] Cursor on hover is different over dot menu in calendar (francis)
0004926: [Web Calendar] Need UI for MOVEing an invitation (francis)
0004941: [Backend Mail] Spam Button with configured spam/ham email addresses produces "Request failed" error (francis)
0004923: [ActiveSync] NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:-[SOGoAppointmentObject resourceHasAutoAccepted]: (francis)
0004910: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync is misbehaving on event series (ludovic)
0004927: [ActiveSync] Nonvalid XML answer generated (ludovic)
0004889: [Backend General] - possibly incorrect/missing table used (francis)
0004888: [Backend General] - Truncated incorrect INTEGER value (francis)
0004377: [Backend Address Book] Unable to create contact books or calenders after 9-table migration (francis)
0004915: [Web Calendar] Certain monthly repeated all-day events missing in calendar (francis)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2019-12-17
0004845: [Web Calendar] "Request failed" when trying to view/edit an event (francis)
0004875: [Web Calendar] No Umlaut in Recurrence dropdown with DE language (francis)
0004899: [Web Calendar] Freebusy preview pane does not refresh (francis)
0004907: [i18n] Names of the days of the week are sometimes not translated (francis)
0004877: [Backend Calendar] Event created with the most recent thunderbird are shifted one hour earlier in the web access and on Smartphone Client (ASync) (francis)
0004894: [Web Calendar] Sogo shows event created in external app moved by one hour (francis)
0004901: [GUI] Text in email search input is white on white background (francis)
0004871: [Web Calendar] Not showing the correct UTF-8 chars. (francis)
0004879: [Web Mail] Cannot "Save as" message in a separate window (francis)
0004878: [i18n] Catalan language: still missing translations (francis)
0004882: [Web Preferences] Sieve script are not deleted when disabled in Web UI (francis)
0003210: [Web Preferences] Implement Sieve "include" extension (RFC 6609) (ludovic)
0001967: [Backend Mail] Vacation Sieve needs to be customizable (ludovic)
0003636: [Backend Mail] SOGo Sieve architecture weird (ludovic)
0001392: [Backend Mail] Patch: Inclusion/Embedding of server-side sieve scripts into standard sogo-script (ludovic)
0004387: [Backend Mail] SOGo ignores active sieve filter and creates its own (ludovic)
0003871: [Web Preferences] Sogo overwrites sieve configuration (ludovic)
0004874: [GUI] Unable to deactivate vacation (francis)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2019-12-01
0004846: [sogo-tool] update sieve-scripts fails with segmenation fault (ludovic)
0004863: [i18n] Error in German translation (francis)
0004861: [Web Calendar] Free and Busy overview displays wrong appointment time (francis)
0004853: [ActiveSync] No synchronization with latest Outlook for iOS (ludovic)
0004851: [Web Preferences] SOGo contains duplicates in calendar_category_labels in Polish lang (francis)
0004827: [Backend General] Sogo crashes when option SOGoSieveServer is not within quotes (ludovic)
0004813: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Apple iCal fails on creating a new Calendar (ludovic)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2019-10-24
0004799: [Web Mail] Sorting of Global addressbook doesn't work with listRequiresDot = NO (francis)
0004486: [Web Preferences] Can't save preferences if vacation enable/disable date in the past (francis)
0004672: [ActiveSync] Sogo Shared Calendar & Active Sync Android (ludovic)
0004858: [Web Calendar] Not possible to select days when repeating events (francis)
0002506: [Web Calendar] Expand group for free/busy check (francis)
0004844: [GUI] Problem with webui inside preference for vacation (francis)
0004497: [Web Calendar] A repetitive event cannot be displayed or modified in some cases (francis)
0004512: [Web Calendar] Calendar daily view doesn't show one day from a repetitive event (francis)
0004842: [Web Calendar] Freebusy information does not show up when Date is greater than 14 days ahead (francis)
0004838: [Web Mail] Mail sending from separate windows does not work if switched to calendar view one time (francis)
0004791: [Web Calendar] Improve auto reply labels (francis)
0004698: [Web Preferences] Not able to set a single-day vacation message (francis)
0004833: [Backend General] The mysql-utf8mb4.sql script does not contain all the changes from script (francis)
0004830: [Web Mail] use of SOGoMailKeepDraftsAfterSend (francis)
0004826: [Documentation] Sieve IANA-allocated port 4190, not 2000 (francis)
0004787: [Web Mail] Webmail view doesn't refresh when creating/deleting folders (francis)
0004755: [ActiveSync] Character ???? (Unicode U+1F3FF) in mail subject brake synchronisation with ActiveSync (francis)
0004817: [Documentation] Invalid link to Comodo in chapter 9. S/MIME Support in SOGo (francis)
0004815: [Documentation] Online documentation for SOGo 4 is referring to wrong repository (francis)
0004806: [ActiveSync] Reciveving mails on IPhoneX results in error (ludovic)
0001490: [Web Mail] Automatically retrieve hierarchy separator from the IMAP server (drop NGImap4ConnectionStringSeparator) (ludovic)
0003099: [Web Mail] Can't delete IMAP acl for groups (Dovecot) (ludovic)
0004745: [Web Mail] Segfaults in S/MIME code (ludovic)
0004582: [Web Mail] Signed and encrypted messages sent from Outlook can't be opened (ludovic)
0004781: [Web Mail] Bug with Solution of Encoding of Arabic (Windows-1256) Not Work (ludovic)
25 issues View Issues
Released 2019-07-19
0003478: [Web Mail] Sorting mail by thread (francis)
0003685: [Backend General] Feature request: support place holder in LDAP base dn, bind dn (ludovic)
0004723: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool users unknown - backup not working (ludovic)
0004713: [Web Calendar] In Calendar Web View All-Day Events are wider than the Day Column (francis)
0004466: [Web Mail] Under specific conditions email addresses are not displayed after being pasted into messages To, CC: or BCC: fields (ludovic)
0004735: [Web Mail] conversation view is missing in sogo 4 (francis)
0004692: [Web Mail] No body displayed for UTF8 HTML messages with invalid characters (francis)
0004616: [Web Mail] group by discussion (francis)
0004753: [with SOGo] fix set as not junk mail subject (francis)
0004726: [i18n] Catalan language: a lot of missing translations (francis)
0004513: [Web Mail] HTML body contents are not displayed in some messages (ludovic)
0004766: [Web Calendar] Web Calendar: cannot add/edit events on August month with Catalan language (francis)
0004764: [Web Mail] Security issue related to links opened via webmail (francis)
0004720: [ActiveSync] Email without Date header appears as 1970 (francis)
0004462: [Web Preferences] Always send Vaction message disables processing of other configured Sieve rules (francis)
0002776: [Web Mail] unread messages count in sub-folders (francis)
0004276: [Web Mail] Unread mails indicator on subfolders not dependable (francis)
0004709: [Web Mail] reloading page faults on reload page (francis)
0004304: [Web Calendar] Duplicated Shared Calendars (ludovic)
0004289: [Backend Calendar] Freebusy lookup fails with proxy error for certain users but not for others (ludovic)
0004702: [Web Mail] Webmail loads indefinitely when opening message with invitation (ludovic)
0004216: [Backend Calendar] Modification of event using admin account is impossible (francis)
22 issues View Issues
Released 2019-02-27
0004693: [GUI] Problem adding Appointments in "März" German umlauts "ä" (also by adding auto responders) (francis)
0004691: [Web Calendar] Can't add any calendar event in month "März" (german for "March") (francis)
0004656: [i18n] word "reminder" on subject of mail reminder is not translated (francis)
0004658: [i18n] Translations missing on transifex (francis)
0004674: [Web Mail] Open incoming mail in new window - printed email is empty (francis)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2019-02-21
0000850: [Web Address Book] Changes on card should reported on list (ludovic)
0004661: [Web Address Book] Contact: When adding new group to connect the groupname ist replaced by "[object Object]" (francis)
0004617: [Web Address Book] contacts group (ludovic)
0004301: [Web Address Book] Changes in a contact member of a group are not propagated (ludovic)
0004460: [Web Mail] Sent folder: sent messages cannot be replied to their BCC email addresses (ludovic)
0004630: [Web Calendar] External mail-notification when I modify my calendar (francis)
0004468: [GUI] CAS Authentication - CAS Session expiration handling with SOGo V3 - CORS (francis)
0004035: [Apple iPhone OS] Can't login to web front end (francis)
0004660: [i18n] html lang attribute fixed to en (francis)
0004654: [i18n] Missing word translation on PreferencesUI (francis)
0004651: [Web Mail] Missing world translation on MailerUI (francis)
0004539: [Backend Calendar] 'Show time as free' time conflict warning (francis)
0004642: [Web Mail] no show list of recipients (BCC) (francis)
0004640: [Web Address Book] Link of new created address book is "Not found" (francis)
0004659: [GUI] Cannot view emails in the GUI (server side exception is thrown) (ludovic)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2019-01-09
0003768: [Web General] Calendar Print button missing. (francis)
0004554: [Web Calendar] Month view does not show all days of month (francis)
0004607: [ActiveSync] Activesync response failed due to invalid XML (ludovic)
0004605: [ActiveSync] Activesync Search doesn't work in Outlook App (ludovic)
0004502: [Web General] Calendar and addressbook export (francis)
0004590: [Web Mail] On BrazilianPortuguese translation is missing "Mark as Read" (francis)
0004597: [Web Mail] After entering a duplicate mail account, i cannot fill in the new mail account to the mail account box (francis)
0004595: [Backend General] Romanian Translation (francis)
0004591: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool manage-acl unsubscribe does not unsubscribe to calendars (francis)
0004579: [Web Mail] Can't distinguish between Domain Addresses and Personal Addresses (francis)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2018-10-23
0004443: [Web Calendar] Event shown in Webcalender that does not exist (francis)
0004578: [Web Calendar] Freebusy not shown in SOGo Web (francis)
0004563: [Web Mail] Write -> To (or CC or BCC) Doesn't Work (francis)
0004584: [GUI] Wrong folder names in "Create Filter" (francis)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2018-10-17
0004566: [Web Mail] After upgrade to 4.0.2, I get "An error occurred during object publishing" (ludovic)
0004560: [Web Calendar] Enable the export of subscribed calendars for the admin user (francis)
0004562: [Web Mail] Body form in "Write a new message" overlay is not cleared (francis)
0004549: [Web Mail] Writting a new message using inside current window displays body content of previous sent message (francis)
0004553: [GUI] Unread email count in title at the beginning (francis)
0004550: [Web Preferences] Same as bug 4548, slovak translation (francis)
0004548: [Web Preferences] Can't open the preferences section of the web interface (francis)
0004534: [Web Calendar] Calendar Color (francis)
0004531: [Web Calendar] Add button for completing selected tasks (francis)
0004532: [Web Preferences] account name field in 'new mail account' pop-up window is not required (francis)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2018-08-24
0003511: [GUI] Missing feature on the SOGo WebGUI: move folders (francis)
0004538: [Web Calendar] free-busy doesn't show busy intervals (francis)
0004518: [Web Mail] Email content not displayed in Firefox (francis)
0004527: [Web Calendar] Can't save a task in SOGo webinterface calendar without from/due date (francis)
0004528: [Web Preferences] SOGo Save Button Glitch Inside Mail Settings Section (francis)
0004495: [Web Mail] When replying, the correct sender alias is not chosen automatically (francis)
0004508: [Web Mail] Webmail search text box: weird issue with default URL "unsafe:javascript:void(0)" (francis)
0004433: [Backend Mail] S/MIME emails are rendered blank when using GnuTLS (ludovic)
0004479: [Web Mail] Missing feature: move folder option (francis)
0000644: [Web Mail] Move folders (francis)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2018-07-10
0004471: [Web Mail] Body contents are not displayed in some messages (francis)
0004475: [Web Mail] Text disappears where focus is remove (francis)
0004501: [Web Preferences] Regression with (francis)
0004339: [Web Calendar] Deleted repeated events reapears with same configuration after adding more repeated days (francis)
0004492: [Web Mail] Some html messages: part of their body is not displayed (francis)
0004478: [Web Mail] Global search for webmail in SOGo 4.x.x (francis)
0004461: [GUI] Mail filter: "Flag the message with" missing default labels (francis)
0004385: [sogo-tool] Sogo-tool deletes sogo_acl table when it restores folders from a user backup (francis)
0004256: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool (SOGo-3.2.10) cannot fully restore backup generated by SOGo-2.3.22 (francis)
0004442: [Backend Address Book] Unable to add new Contact to MySQL-Backend. (ludovic)
0004456: [Web Calendar] Can't save a Task in Calendar, nothing happens. (francis)
0004389: [Web Mail] Cannot paste base64 image (francis)
0004422: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2016 does a full mailbox re-sync couple of times a day (ludovic)
0004313: [Web Calendar] LAST-MODIFIED property is not modified on attendees actions (ludovic)
0004004: [Web Mail] UTF-8 Emojis in message body not parsed (ludovic)
0004396: [Web Mail] Webmail move inbox to Trash folder (ludovic)
0004351: [ActiveSync] Calendar Alarms / Reminders gets not synced from Desktop to Mobile Activesync Clients (ludovic)
0003446: [SOPE] Stuck processses sogod, high CPU, no syscall : infinite loop while reading SSL socket (ludovic)
0004394: [Web Preferences] userPasswordAlgorithm problem (ludovic)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2018-03-05
0004139: [Web General] Changing password leads to XSRF validation fails (francis)
0004186: [Web Calendar] repeating events with freely selectable repeating days (francis)
0001494: [Web Mail] sogo doesn't handle dovecot's "quota root name" (francis)
0004382: [GUI] User-Quota does not show up (francis)
0004444: [Web Mail] Links in HTML mail encoded incorrectly (francis)
0004323: [Backend General] does not handle URLs without port (francis)
0004363: [Backend General] Unable to login with filed another then UID (francis)
0004398: [Web Mail] Can't scroll contents of email using scrollwheel or scrollbar (francis)
0004008: [GUI] Can't scroll in the window where mail content is displayed on Firefox (francis)
0004282: [Web Mail] Can't scroll mail content using Firefox (francis)
0004409: [Web Calendar] "modify a calendar send a message" enabled without email address doesnt let event operations (francis)
0004148: [Web Calendar] Missing numbers of weeks (francis)
0004372: [Web Calendar] Mistake in Slovak translation (francis)
0004384: [Web Mail] Unable to add another imap Account to SOGo using the webinterface (sogo-tool is works) (francis)
0004378: [GUI] Whole SOGo window closes on Reply/Forward md-dialog close (francis)
0004366: [Web Mail] Some HTML emails mess up the sogo web mail client display (francis)
0004331: [Web Calendar] Web calendars shared to everybody by defaults (francis)
0004123: [Web Mail] Web mail displays gigantic html headings in received and drafts emails (francis)
0004370: [i18n] Wrong Lithuanian translation of weekdays short names (francis)
0004349: [Web Calendar] SOGo3: creating/editing event, categories not sorted (in german) (francis)
0004344: [Backend Calendar] Public Access to Calendar via iCal url can not be revoked. (francis)
0004338: [Web Mail] From Address Missing in Webmail (francis)
0004161: [Web Mail] SOGo vacation mail by date behaves strange (francis)
0004325: [Web Calendar] Yearly day event not shown in web gui (francis)
0004329: [with SOGo] "ERROR(-[NSNull(misc) forwardInvocation:]): called selector stringByTrimmingSpaces on NSNull !" filling sogo.log (francis)
0004335: [Web Mail] Clicking on an email address in a mail open a new mail window without recipient (francis)
0004330: [Web Mail] The automatic refresh of the web mail reset the selection of emails (francis)
0004324: [Backend General] does not create sogo_cache_folder (francis)
0004322: [Backend Address Book] Cannot enter vCard mailing list with multiple recipients: Postgres "ERROR: value too long for type character varying(255)" (francis)
0004275: [ActiveSync] EAS Sync requests for Shared folder every second (ludovic)
0004299: [Web Mail] "POST /SOGo/so/ HTTP/1.1" 500 74/25 0.271 - - 0 (francis)
0004308: [Backend Mail] Unable to create mail folder "???" (francis)
0004284: [sogo-tool] Typo in help text of manage-acl (francis)
0004278: [Backend Address Book] vCard ORG entry has reversed o/ou values (francis)
0004091: [Backend Address Book] only one postal address of the same type gets stored in the database (francis)
0004271: [i18n] Chinese translation (francis)
0004269: [Web Mail] UI Trap when expanding mail view (francis)
0001223: [Web Mail] Register SOGo to handle mailto links (francis)
0004262: [Web Mail] Html entities escaped twice in links on web mail (francis)
0004242: [Web Mail] Links with & replaced with & (francis)
0004245: [Web Preferences] Wrong setting of autoresponder (francis)
0004243: [Web Mail] Attachments do not fit within attachment area when there are too many of them (francis)
0004228: [Web Calendar] Moving calendar entries with read only rights (francis)
0004234: [i18n] Cannot view mail messages with the euskara/basque translation (francis)
44 issues View Issues
Released 2017-10-18
0004239: [Web Mail] Scroll bar missing for mail body (HTML mail only) (francis)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2017-07-20
0004198: [Backend Mail] send limit prevents sending of emails with attachment (ludovic)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2017-07-05
0004100: [Backend Calendar] Email reminders sent 6 times (ludovic)
0004201: [Web Mail] Mail with Content-Type multipart/signed (RFC 1847) is not displayed (ludovic)
0003658: [Web Calendar] Web interface should support URL detection in task description (francis)
0004170: [sogo-tool] Don't print debug info while running sogo-tool without '--verbose' option (ludovic)
0004177: [Web Mail] error accessing junk folder (francis)
0004209: [Web Mail] Missing file: /SOGo.woa/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ (francis)
0003988: [Backend Calendar] Subscription to calendars deleted when database is unreachable (francis)
0000799: [Web Address Book] List, preview pane, and edit window can disagree on primary/alternate Email address (swapped) (francis)
0003793: [Web Preferences] Unable to save a vacation auto reply when the "Auto Reply Subject" option is used (francis)
0004200: [Web Preferences] Can't create a specific filter in Webinterface (francis)
0004169: [Web Mail] Default language set but not accepted and webpage doesn't pre-select default language (francis)
0002281: [Backend Address Book] "\r" in Vcard after import from LDIF (ludovic)
0002511: [Apple iPhone OS] r letter appended to every item: names, numbers, etc (ludovic)
0004019: [Web Mail] image attachment preview (francis)
0003929: [Backend General] SOGoLanguage parameter ignored (francis)
0004175: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool manage-eas description misspelling (ludovic)
0004179: [sogo-tool] "sogo-tool dump-defaults" crashes (ludovic)
0004172: [Backend General] CardDAV contacts mangled (ludovic)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2017-06-01
0003354: [Web Preferences] 'Include in free-busy' checkbox not working (ludovic)
0004160: [Web Administration] Problem with accounts delegation of fresh install and sogo demo site (francis)
0003776: [Apple iPhone OS] Calendar Event is duplicated when moved between calendars (ludovic)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2017-05-09
0004145: [Backend Mail] Mistakes in emails for all-day-events (francis)
0004137: [Backend General] Lockout after password change using sha256-crypt/sha512-crypt (at least with OpenLDAP backend) (ludovic)
0003707: [Backend Calendar] Email reminders have little information and cause misunderstandings (ludovic)
0004002: [Backend Calendar] Alarm event notify (ludovic)
0004115: [Web Calendar] Email reminders checkboxes not available (francis)
0003935: [ActiveSync] Not show picture in the LDAP entry on mobile device (ludovic)
0004078: [Backend Address Book] AddresBook: LDAP mapping attribute ou (Department) proxy error (francis)
0004149: [Web Calendar] Updated events accept fails (ludovic)
0004129: [Web Address Book] Duplicate mail addresses in ldap addresbook (francis)
0004138: [Web Preferences] Changing password asks user to "Save Preferences" (francis)
0004086: [Backend Address Book] Cannot sync global address book (ludovic)
0004124: [GUI] Web interface showing windows-1255 as gibberish (ludovic)
0004022: [ActiveSync] Double calender notifications (ActiveSync clients) (ludovic)
0000805: [Backend Calendar] email alarms: provide template messages for sent emails (ludovic)
0004059: [ActiveSync] Reminders from subscribed calendars always show up regardless of how you set the "show alarms" for the caledar (ludovic)
0004133: [Backend Mail] Forward/Reply status icons not syncing (ludovic)
0004048: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool restore core dumps (ludovic)
0003296: [Backend Calendar] problems with escaping of comma for attendee (too many backslashes) (ludovic)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2017-03-24
0004097: [Web Mail] pasting multiple email addresses on To: results in a single email (francis)
0004046: [Web Mail] SOGo duplicates emails on refresh (francis)
0003905: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Organizer Missing in VCALENDAR Objects (ludovic)
0004028: [Web Address Book] LDAP Entries with multiple Organization fails (francis)
0004043: [GUI] Editing Mails in Draft folder not possible (francis)
0004023: [Web Calendar] Make free/busy function more visible (francis)
0004064: [Web Preferences] Web Preferences not reflecting SOGoMailAddOutgoingAddresses system preferences (francis)
0004080: [Web Calendar] impossible to change END-time of appointment via mouse (francis)
0004095: [Web Address Book] "Save" icon remains disabled after deleting an information (francis)
0003944: [Web Mail] Mail copies are not sent when CC recipients are entered at the end (francis)
0004087: [Web Preferences] Connection Error on saving sieve filter with flags (francis)
0004033: [ActiveSync] Event with Time shown as free in Outlook not work right (ludovic)
0004067: [GUI] short "Not Found" message when Calendar is disabled (francis)
0004072: Typo found while translating (francis)
0004071: [Web Mail] Error while adding attachments in contacts (francis)
0004063: [Web Mail] Can't attach more than one file / Can't attach file after removing an attachment (francis)
0004058: [Web Mail] can't delete attachment (francis)
0004053: [Web Mail] SOGoMailAutoSave not working as a system preference (francis)
0002425: [Web Mail] Invalid "no recipient" warning when sending mail with CAS authentication (ludovic)
0001456: [Backend General] CAS Authentication : CAS session timeout leads to bad parameters when adding a new appointment (ludovic)
0004038: [Web Mail] Printing email will print the "write" green button (francis)
0004041: [i18n] Missing Translation of Folder Names (francis)
0004040: [Backend Mail] INBOX not translated (francis)
0004039: [Web Preferences] Can't click op save after removing a category in preferences: addressbook (francis)
0004036: [GUI] ACL not editable when using Safari (francis)
0003778: [Backend Calendar] set defaults for SOGoEnablePublicAccess (ludovic)
0003749: [Backend Calendar] SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles and Outlook Free/Busy (ludovic)
0003992: [Backend Calendar] Double mailto: when creating an event with invitees in another calendar (ludovic)
28 issues View Issues
Released 2017-02-10
0004116: [Web Calendar] Moving event fails (ludovic)
0004066: [Web Calendar] User can't see own events (francis)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2017-02-10
0003548: [Web Mail] can not send mail to all contacts of a category (francis)
0004030: [i18n] Translation of mail and phone types in Contacts (francis)
0004029: [Web Mail] Bcc address visible in header (ludovic)
0004003: [ActiveSync] Segmentation fault when GET /SOGo/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003993: [GUI] NSException after update (francis)
0003990: [Web Calendar] wrong behaviour of scrollbar in calendar month view (francis)
0004010: [Backend General] Subscriptions should be removed when the associated calendar is deleted (ludovic)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-23
0003925: [Backend Calendar] Accepting an outlook invitation sends not supported calendar message.ics to organizer (ludovic)
0001530: [Backend Mail] automatically disabling vacation messages without cron job and master user (francis)
0003999: [Web Mail] Not allowed to upload multiple files at the same time - Resolved? (francis)
0003986: [Web Mail] can't paste images to ckeditor in Google Chrome (francis)
0003995: [Web Calendar] Events created by users with no TIMEZONE are malformed and break various ical implementations (ludovic)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-10
0003368: [Backend Calendar] Adding event to shared calendar does not necessarily send invitations (ludovic)
0003973: [Web Calendar] Wrong Weeknumber (francis)
0003934: [Web Mail] Event reminders are not created while accepting appointment by web mail (ludovic)
0003290: [Web Mail] Add new feature wish permits to compress attachments (francis)
0003904: [Web Preferences] Sieve script: fileinto folder with umlauts uses IMAP folder name instead of umlaut (francis)
0003945: [Web General] Reminder-labels confuse (francis)
0003969: [ActiveSync] Active Sync HTTP 500 Error (ludovic)
0003943: [ActiveSync] Crash with active sync from version 3.2.2 to 3.2.4 and propably higher (ludovic)
0003956: [ActiveSync] DOS with huge E-Mails while synchronizing with ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003960: [ActiveSync] XML-Entities in Address (ludovic)
0003964: [ActiveSync] Reminders for tasks don't get synced to/from activesync devices.. (ludovic)
0003523: [Backend Address Book] Global AddressBooks not working with multi domains. (ludovic)
0003510: [Backend Mail] DOS through uploading large attachments (ludovic)
0002865: [Web Calendar] SOGo does not interpret date-time without timezone correctly (ludovic)
0002850: [Backend General] Regression: Blocking after too much failed login attempts does not work anymore (ludovic)
0002683: [Web Address Book] Contact photo is not displayed in Web Address Book if photo is containing referring URI (ludovic)
0002308: [Web Calendar] imported appointments (file.ics) do not show up on Kontact / Korganizer using caldav (ludovic)
0002253: [Backend General] SOGoGroup does not resolve LDAP Group users via the User Sources UIDField but via the Groups Source UIDField (ludovic)
0001760: [Backend Address Book] LDIF entries with ": " in an attribute value aren't imported into the address book (ludovic)
0001084: [Backend Address Book] Support photos import from LDIF file (ludovic)
0003983: [GUI] Using Backspace while writing email delete messages. (francis)
0003974: [Web Calendar] public calender access different ssl port not showing (francis)
0003862: [Web Calendar] "Show Only This Calendar" does not hide all other calendars (francis)
0003976: [Web Calendar] 4-day week not woking (francis)
0001047: [Backend Mail] lowercase-header-files triggers spam filters (ludovic)
0003949: [Backend Calendar] MySQL 5.7: Alarms are deleted right after insertion (ludovic)
0003941: [Web Address Book] Duplicated mail attribute in global addressbook (francis)
0003963: [Web Calendar] Attachments to Tasks are not Resolved correctly (francis)
0003940: [Web Preferences] Enabling vacation auto reply hides existing multiline message (francis)
0003948: [Web Calendar] Recurrent event not saved when repeating monthly the X monday/tuesday/wed... of the month (francis)
0002599: [with SOGo] Duplicate calendar notifications (ludovic)
0003942: [Web Address Book] Photo from LDAP backend should be visible without need to click on the contact (francis)
0003697: [Web Mail] Web mail filter with cyrillic folder name (francis)
0000502: [Backend General] SQL injection vulnerabilities (ludovic)
0001568: [Web Address Book] Retrieving data from addressbook with '%' (ludovic)
0003931: [Web Calendar] Imported calendary not sorting (francis)
0003832: [Web General] "SOGoSieveFolderEncoding = UTF-8" does not work (francis)
0003274: [Backend Calendar] Don't replace X-MOZ-SEND-INVITATIONS:FALSE in invitations (ludovic)
38 issues View Issues
Released 2017-01-09
0003413: [Web Mail] Attachments can't be saved (ludovic)
0003666: [GUI] missing scrollbar in case of a lot of invitees (ludovic)
0003978: [Web Calendar] Problem after inserting a new event and browsing existing events (francis)
0003979: [Web Calendar] Getting event notification popup for old events in SOGo 2 web (francis)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2016-12-01
0003900: [Web Mail] freeze after click send msg (francis)
0003923: [ActiveSync] Activesync parse of xml document error with ampersand (&) in company name (ludovic)
0003878: [Web Address Book] Email addresses on import (francis)
0003840: [Web Calendar] task list: Please add sort by start time (francis)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-28
0002585: [Web Mail] Sort messages by threads is broken sometime (francis)
0003897: [ActiveSync] unrecognized selector exception fix not present in 2.3.17 tag and in maint branch (ludovic)
0002766: [Web Calendar] Month-lasting appointments that repeats weekly doesn't show up in Web calenader view (ludovic)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-25
0003909: [Web Calendar] Fault Czech diacritics on reminder popup window (francis)
0002184: [SOPE] cound not convert value of jpegPhoto to string (ludovic)
0000747: [Web Calendar] Insert the picture in the LDAP entry (ludovic)
0003814: [Web Mail] Resizng image in mail signature settings do nothing (francis)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2016-11-23
0003790: [Backend Calendar] Spurious email change notifications when event is snoozed (francis)
0003888: [with SOGo] Confidential entrys viewable in frontend (francis)
0003861: [Web Calendar] Allow Events/Tasks pane to be resized and/or hidden. (francis)
0003908: [Web Mail] Cannot mark messages read with high UID causing "BAD Error in IMAP command UID STORE: Invalid uidset" by Dovecot (francis)
0003118: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync does not enforce permissions (ludovic)
0003180: [ActiveSync] Subscribed addressbooks are synchronized via EAS only if user has all permissions on it (ludovic)
0003899: [Web General] SQL authentication (ludovic)
0003889: [Web Calendar] Delete events from a read only calendar by doing a move in the web frontent (francis)
0003876: [Web Mail] Can't attach document after removing an attachment in Chrome (francis)
0003885: [Web Preferences] Vacation - Enable auto replay date (francis)
0003886: [GUI] "Note" Field in Contanct is not shown in Frontend (francis)
0003865: [Web Mail] IMAP folder subscription not working (francis)
0003875: [Web Mail] The mailboxes/folders could not be deleted. (dovecot: mbox format / tcpflow: Target mailbox doesn't allow inferior mailboxes) (francis)
0003873: [Web Mail] No quick way of marking mails as read (francis)
0003880: [Web Calendar] SOGo webcalendar when saving event and save button cliked twice or more, the invitation is sent as much as the button clicked (francis)
0001053: [Backend Calendar] EMail Alarm not working for repeating Events (ludovic)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-24
0003837: [Web Calendar] Conflict error by adding two concurent entries in a shared calendar (francis)
0003868: [Web Mail] Multiple selections with keyboard in webmail module is still not working (francis)
0003854: [Web Mail] CKEDITOR additional skins/extensions gets reset on update (francis)
0003864: [Backend Calendar] Recurrent task not working properly, getting Proxy Error in the web interface. (francis)
0003863: [Web Calendar] "Show Only This Calendar" only available on personal calendars (francis)
0003796: [ActiveSync] Replied and Forwarded indicators not synced through EAS (ludovic)
0003850: [Web Address Book] link to shared address book (francis)
0003870: [GUI] uncomfortable creating a contact list (francis)
0003858: [i18n] Missing values in Localizable.strings files and a typo (francis)
0003859: [Web Preferences] Javascript error when adding new addressbook category (francis)
0003849: [GUI] Can't edit Note in address book (francis)
0003841: [Web Mail] Ability to select a date in the past as end date for automatic responder (francis)
0003826: [Web Address Book] vCard property format wrong when TYPE parameter is not defined in Web address book contact (francis)
0003839: [Web Mail] Compose box COPY / Paste from Excel Sheet Issue (francis)
0002307: [Backend Calendar] Email for Task Reminders does not work (ludovic)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-22
0003842: [Web Mail] proxyAddresses elements should be filtered to display only smtp/SMTP values (ludovic)
0001479: [Web Calendar] Impossible to resize invitation pane (francis)
0003667: [GUI] fixed vertical separator in dialog-window „editAttendees“ prevents presentation of complete email-addresses of invitees (francis)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2016-10-03
0003551: [Web Preferences] Changing Sender Mail Address in Web Preferences Is Never Applied (francis)
0003774: [ActiveSync] Sogo AES not reporting outlook about SMTP code '554' (ludovic)
0003822: [ActiveSync] Recurring events with timezones are not on the correct time in Outlook (ludovic)
0003771: [Web Calendar] unable to edit short meetings (francis)
0003823: [Web Calendar] Selecting from date in web calendar event is not reliable (francis)
0003815: [Web Mail] Nightly Mouse selection on mail address autocomplete broken since commit 67258fe (francis)
0003816: [GUI] Category colors missing (francis)
0001467: [Web Mail] selecting messages with the keyboard doesn't work (ludovic)
0003554: [Web Mail] Selecting messages with the keyboard doesn't work (ludovic)
0001711: [Web Mail] Multiple selections with keyboard in webmail module is not working (ludovic)
0003817: [Web Mail] Multi-Selection in E-Mail and Contacts (ludovic)
0002867: [Backend General] ACL caching with LDAP Groups (francis)
0000708: [Web Mail] SOGoMailListViewColumnsOrder uuid (imap unique identifiers) (ludovic)
0003791: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2016 stopped syncing emails (ludovic)
0003182: [Backend Mail] Allow stripping "smtp:" prefix from proxyAddresses ldap attribute in MailFieldNames (ludovic)
0003801: [ActiveSync] Activesync parse of xml document error with ampersand (&) in contact name (ludovic)
0000255: [Web Mail] IMAP folders subscriptions management (ludovic)
0003808: [Web General] Login-Screen: Green overlay when login with empty username/password (francis)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2016-09-28
0003197: [Web Calendar] Marking a task as completed by clicking the checkbox does not set the "completed %" field (ludovic)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-08-17
0002800: [Web Calendar] STATUS:CANCELLED in web calendar not honored (francis)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-08-10
0003731: [Web Mail] printing long mail firefox (francis)
0003750: [Backend General] LDAP addressbook: Proxy Error when user has more than one descritpion field (francis)
0003759: [Backend Calendar] Participants can modify appointments. The organizer isn't notified. (ludovic)
0003332: [Backend Calendar] MultipleBookings not respected for weekly events (ludovic)
0003367: [Backend Calendar] Multiplebookings not work with repeating events (ludovic)
0002899: [Backend Calendar] ressource overbooking via caldav (ludovic)
0003734: [Web Mail] Drag & Drop Emails to Folders (francis)
0003788: [Web Mail] Drag & Drop Mails (francis)
0003586: [Web Mail] Moving messages is not intuitive at all (francis)
0003777: [ActiveSync] Cannot fetch email with iPhone + ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003775: [ActiveSync] Latest trunk exception — no mail via ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003765: [Web Mail] SOGo webmail when sending email and send button cliked twice or more, the email is sent as much as the button clicked (francis)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2016-07-12
0003192: [Web Calendar] Change display of appointments marked as "Show Time as Free" in overview for better overview (francis)
0003190: [Web Calendar] Add user option to show all whole-day appointments (ludovic)
0001513: [sogo-tool] add sogo-tool the ability to truncate calendar (jraby)
0003141: [sogo-tool] Function to delete old events except repeating ones (ludovic)
0003698: SOGo impractical on using aliases with Outlook EAS and its own WebUI (ludovic)
0003744: [Web Calendar] All day events do not pup-up if clicked when "Show Time as Free" is selected (francis)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2016-06-22
0003718: [Web Calendar] Persistent Cross-Site Scripting in calendar (francis)
0003714: [GUI] styles.css contains duplicate entries (francis)
0001637: [Web Mail] Mailboxes sharing - toggle all checkboxes (ludovic)
0000232: [Web General] No popups for when overing list of calendars or address books (ludovic)
0003733: [Web Mail] "Other Users" folder not showing who shared folder except for postmaster user (ludovic)
0003735: [Web Calendar] Web Calendar Entries are one day off (francis)
0003457: [Web Calendar] All-day event ist not displayed correctly while transitioning Into Daylight Saving Time (Timezone Europe/Berlin) (francis)
0003730: [Web Calendar] Free/Busy view not for newly invited participants (francis)
0000685: [Web Preferences] Vacation / autoresponder : Subject (francis)
0001447: [Web Preferences] Cannot specify a text for the vacation reply subject (francis)
0001961: [Web Preferences] Add a vacation template message (francis)
0003729: [GUI] "Send Appointment Notifications" check box is not properly initialised when creating new event (francis)
0003679: [Web Preferences] Provide start date for autoresponder mails (ludovic)
0003720: [Web Mail] Delegation function is not working (francis)
0003724: [GUI] Month not displayed in calendar weekly view (francis)
0003723: [Web Calendar] 502 Bad Gateway when accessing web calendar (ludovic)
0003719: [Web Mail] If gravatar is switched off the icons before the email are not shown correctly (francis)
0003728: [Backend Calendar] Exception when trying to add resource to appointment (ludovic)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2016-06-10
0003726: [sogo-tool] Did not find exportet SoClass 'SOGo' (ludovic)
0003029: [sogo-tool] Re-creation sieve rules on the IMAP server by restoring SOGo preferences (ludovic)
0002949: [Backend Mail] SOGoSieveFilters in sogo.conf used twice (ludovic)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2016-06-06
0003713: [Web Administration] Users cannot be removed from sharing lists in SOGo Web Administration for superusers. Both calendars and address books affected. (francis)
0003717: [Web Calendar] With time zone Europe/Berlin ever full day Event is created one day earlier in the Webinterface (francis)
0003609: [Web Mail] Cannot change the signature (francis)
0003313: [Web Preferences] Signatures non modifiable en cas d'édition avec Microsoft Word (francis)
0003710: [Packaging (RedHat)] Bug in preinstall scriptlet of sogo-3.1.1 RPM package
0003711: [Web Calendar] Icons for private or confidential events are shown oppositely - month view only (francis)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2016-06-02
0003663: [Web Calendar] Events in the 6th week of the month don't show up (francis)
0003600: [Web Mail] Disable Gravatar (francis)
0002625: [Web Mail] Reply All to a sent message (francis)
0003705: [GUI] Web GUI for mobile can't display the "Send" icon when creating new email (francis)
0003700: [Web Mail] Color element in specific mail affects colors of webmail text (francis)
0003655: [Web Calendar] Converting an event to an all-day event moves the event to the previous day (francis)
0003493: [Web Mail] several imap account in webmail : collapse and scrollbar (francis)
0003526: [Web Mail] Adding Recpipients from Address Book (francis)
0003443: [Web Mail] when sending an email, you can not choose between multiple "mail" entries (francis)
0003687: [GUI] Catalan language not working. (francis)
0003654: [GUI] Folder list only show 3 folders and need rotation to display the full list (francis)
0003686: [Packaging (RedHat)] In CentOS 7 sogod does not start after mariadb reliably (plevesque)
0003669: [Web Calendar] when you create an event for the 30 May , it isn t be display on the month view (francis)
0003681: [Web General] SAML2 doesn't work with CentOS 7 3.0.2 (ludovic)
0003673: [Backend Mail] Groups "disappear" on creating message (francis)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2016-05-30
0003695: [Backend Calendar] Private information leakage through ics/XML feeds when restricted to "View the Date & Time" (ludovic)
0002295: [Web Mail] Signature link is not there (francis)
0003715: [Packaging (RedHat)] Error in PREIN scriptlet in rpm package sogo-2.3.11-1.centos6.x86_64 (ludovic)
0002690: [Web Calendar] Creating CalDAV event from Evolution results in one hour offset in SOGo UI (ludovic)
0003590: [Web Calendar] category is not displayed by invitation (francis)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2016-05-18
0003246: [Web General] No CSRF token - requests can be forged (ludovic)
0002247: [Web Mail] Support for mailto links with subject and body included in URL (francis)
       0003588: [Web Mail] Klick on rfc2368 mailto hyperlinks not working correctly... (francis)
0003539: [Web Calendar] All calendar views cause buffer overflow in sprintf (ludovic)
0003583: [Web Mail] load images button not displayed in windowed email (francis)
0003470: [Web Mail] Creating recipients chips on new Mail is not working on blur (francis)
0003326: [GUI] Web Calendar subscription broken? (francis)
0003630: [with SOGo] Error synchronization address book (ludovic)
0003668: [Backend General] XSRF validation breaks proxy authentication (ludovic)
0003577: [Web Mail] Sending from imap account 2 takes sent from account 1 (francis)
0003625: [Backend General] Multi-domain setup using SOGoUserSources with different LDAP baseDN where different domains uses same uid. (ludovic)
0003659: [Web Calendar] Typing a time without semicolon (:) does not properly enter the field (francis)
0001841: [Web Calendar] Ability to not display weekends in calendar views (ludovic)
0003518: [ActiveSync] vCard birthday (BDAY) field incremented by one day after ActiveSync with Android (ludovic)
0000007: [Backend Calendar] Feature Request: Ability to sort/(re)order calendar-list (francis)
0003582: [Web Mail] list in preview not showing as list (francis)
0003584: [Web Mail] print from window not correct (francis)
0003162: [Web Calendar] Priority of appointments should be displayed in calendar overview (francis)
0003593: [Web Preferences] Missing translation term in Preferences (francis)
0003619: [Web Calendar] searching the full text of events exposes hidden data (ludovic)
0003412: [Backend Calendar] High CPU load when creating an event with emoticons in subject (ludovic)
0003616: [Backend Calendar] Emoji in calendar titles breaks caldav sync (ludovic)
0003617: [with SOGo] Apostrophe in attribute displayname from ldap plug make white page after login for user. (ludovic)
0003579: [Web Address Book] Birthday is saved 1 day in the past into the vcard (ludovic)
0003615: [ActiveSync] Emails and folders changed on IMAP client does not reflect on Outlook 2016 Active Sync (ludovic)
0003592: [ActiveSync] Japanese characters not displayed in ActiveSync Connection (ludovic)
0003606: [ActiveSync] SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher does not re-initiate Ping loop (ludovic)
0003521: [ActiveSync] Exchange Services crash on Android client (ludovic)
0002792: [Web Mail] Archiving/exporting mail folders marks all mail as read (ludovic)
0003604: [ActiveSync] Can't terminate SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher process (ludovic)
0003603: [ActiveSync] SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher multiplied (ludovic)
0003570: [ActiveSync] with android Exchange Activesync client emails of only few days are correctly synced (ludovic)
0003543: [ActiveSync] Incomplete Sync using ActiveSync from Android device (ludovic)
0002741: [Web Calendar] CalCalendar selection for accepted events (ludovic)
0001299: [Web Calendar] Invitations may not be moved among calendars (ludovic)
0003111: [Web Calendar] Allow moving invitation to another calendar (ludovic)
0001067: [Web Calendar] Add fonction for duplicate event (ludovic)
0003196: [Web Calendar] Creating copies of appointments should be possible within the same calendar (ludovic)
0003559: [Web Preferences] Missing strings from swedish localization causes "NAME:NSRangeException REASON:Index 19 is out of range 19" on preferences (ludovic)
0003471: [Web Calendar] When selecting calendar via the web interface sogo core dumps (ludovic)
0003547: [GUI] in the list of Sent Folder , the from is displayed instead of to (ludovic)
0002768: [Web General] Add help link to main menu bar (ludovic)
0003195: [Backend Calendar] "CC" office assistant for invitation replies on other calendars (ludovic)
0003358: [Web Calendar] Events and tasks with repetitions are not shown in the list. (ludovic)
0003263: [Web Calendar] event list and search in web calendar incomplete (ludovic)
0003191: [Web Calendar] Recurring events not displayed in "All events" and "all future events" (ludovic)
0000430: [Web Calendar] view all and view all future events should list the master instance of recurring events (ludovic)
0000069: [Web Calendar] Repeating events are not shown in "All Events" or "All Future Events" (ludovic)
0003587: [Backend General] Proxy Error when trying to login after upgrade of SOGo from version 2.3.9-1 (ludovic)
0003574: [GUI] The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. (ludovic)
0003188: [Backend General] Limit/throttle access per user/second (ludovic)
0003449: [Web General] JavaScript hint too low on web page (francis)
0003580: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Cannot save new event with Calendar on Mac OS X 10.11.3 (ludovic)
0003533: [Web Calendar] cannot select any calendar in webUI when subscribed as SOGoSuperUsernames (francis)
0003571: [ActiveSync] Apple mobile devices not displaying EAS multipart mail correctly (ludovic)
0003652: [with SOGo] could not load product: MailPartViewers (ludovic)
0003602: [Packaging (Debian)] Please package SOGo for Ubuntu 16.04 (ludovic)
57 issues View Issues
Released 2016-05-12
0003665: [GUI] sensitive range of checkboxes too big (francis)
0003664: [Backend Mail] BCC adresses shown in the mailheader (ludovic)
0002471: [Backend General] SOGoRootPage and changePassword, LDAP auth with passwordPolicy, and pwdReset = TRUE (ludovic)
0003614: [Backend General] Multi-domain setup using email in UIDFieldName causes crash when user session is loaded (ludovic)
0001059: [Backend General] Can't use certain non alphanumeric characters in PostgreSQL password (ludovic)
0003626: [ActiveSync] Display of HTML Messages (ludovic)
0003629: [Web Calendar] search list events of 'view only time' calendars when search match (ludovic)
0003628: [Backend Calendar] unsigned int for storing offset that can be negative (ludovic)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2016-03-18
0003576: [ActiveSync] Wrong MessageClass via ActiveSync on S/MIME mails (ludovic)
0003611: [Web Preferences] Missing calendar_category_labels for norwegian bokmål and nynorsk causes "NSRangeException REASON:Index 19 is out of range 19" (ludovic)
0003541: [Backend Calendar] New tasks created with iPhones always classified as "public" (ludovic)
0003581: [Web Mail] 500 HTTP error during encrypted email forwarding (ludovic)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2016-03-15
0003152: [ActiveSync] Sent email breaks mail thread on BlackBerry 10 smartphone (ludovic)
0002421: [Backend Calendar] Infinite \ on participant when modify an event (ludovic)
0003459: [Backend Calendar] Cannot use spaces in calendar title field when typing in Japanese (francis)
0003465: [Web Mail] SOGoMailMessageCheck prefered to SOGoRefreshViewCheck (francis)
0003410: [Backend Calendar] resources ignore "Prevent from being invited to appointments" (ludovic)
0003461: [Packaging (Debian)] Warning message with default /etc/apache2/conf-available/SOGo.conf (francis)
0003135: [Web Mail] Attachment size restriction (ludovic)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2016-03-07
0003560: [Web Mail] Attachment not included when forwarding messages (francis)
0001722: [Web Mail] Drag Emails to Calendar, (francis)
0002788: [Web Calendar] Create Event or task from Mail message menu (francis)
0003567: [Web Address Book] Birthdays recorded incorrectly if before 1 Jan 1970 (francis)
0000595: [Web Mail] Delete Folder -> "Do you really want to move this folder into the trash?" when the folder is already trashed (ludovic)
0000641: [Web Mail] Unable to delete any folders from trash (ludovic)
0001189: [Backend Mail] Sub-folder deletion is weird (ludovic)
0003500: [Web Mail] must scroll the lit to refresh it when a search is made (francis)
0003329: [Web Preferences] Changing SOGo 3 language requires reload after switching languages (francis)
0003437: [Backend Address Book] In CardDAV and WebUI search only Contacts with emails are returned when no filter is given (francis)
0003484: [Web Mail] missing Print button (francis)
0003499: [Web Calendar] Cannot change status of a task to something other than "STATUS:IN-PROCESS" (francis)
0003550: [Web Calendar] Time shifts when saving/modifying all-day-events in SOGo web interface (francis)
0003494: [Web Calendar] Calendar selects date 1 day in the past (francis)
0003481: [Web Address Book] Day Selected in the Addressbook Calendar is off by one form the one shown after selection (francis)
0003557: [Web Mail] New message - can't select "return receipt" (francis)
0003544: [Web Address Book] addressbook by sql-source doesn't work - autocompletion, common name (cn), freebuys (francis)
0003555: [Web Mail] Print message (francis)
0003542: [Web Mail] priority wrong - mail sent as prio low to exchange (francis)
0003462: [Web Calendar] Button to create Event/Task is in the middle of the screen (francis)
0003529: [Web Calendar] App bar disapears (francis)
0000438: [Web Address Book] Display all entries of LDAP address book by default (if enabled) (francis)
0003546: [Web Mail] " Open in new mail Windows" does not work (francis)
0003545: [Web Mail] Open in New Mail Window doesn't work as expected (francis)
0003522: [Web Calendar] Exception throwed when saving an event (francis)
0003496: [Web Preferences] Changing Password with LDAP backend impossible (ludovic)
0003519: [Web Preferences] Auto Save in Preferences not working (francis)
0003516: [Backend Calendar] Can't delete an Event from calendar by clicking in "trash" icon (francis)
28 issues View Issues
Released 2016-02-05
0003321: [with SOGo] Folders with square brackets error (ludovic)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2016-02-05
0003497: [Web Mail] webmail missing important feature : move messages (ludovic)
0003498: [Web Mail] E-Mail body and date information does not display (francis)
0003492: [Web Mail] md-toolbar is not appearing on Chrome (francis)
0003472: [Web Calendar] New event added is not visible in web Calendar (ludovic)
0003491: [ActiveSync] Cannot download attachment from Gmail app and Outlook app (ludovic)
0003477: [Web Mail] Move message button missing in v3.0.0 web interface (francis)
0003489: [Web Mail] when delete mail with button on the mail view the list scroll up (francis)
0003490: [Web Mail] bad display of of <> in view source code (francis)
0003488: [Web Mail] Email from correspondent will not display (ludovic)
0003487: [Web Calendar] Header on the Web Calendar not displayed correctly on Chrome Desktop (francis)
0003480: [Web Calendar] %p appears in the end of the time picker for new web calendar event (francis)
0003473: [Web General] Bad display email at the top left (francis)
0003468: [Web Mail] Empty trash in webmail results in NSInvalidArgumentException (francis)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2016-01-28
0001444: [Web Mail] Clipboard Context menu item missing when reading mail (francis)
0002947: [Web Mail] Slower scrolling in Firefox/Iceweasel (francis)
0003418: [Web Mail] Web Mail view gets blank when "Return Receipt" is checked (francis)
0003416: [Web Calendar] Task modification error (francis)
0002460: [Web Mail] Share popup window minimizes (francis)
0002671: [Web Address Book] Can't sort address book by last name (francis)
0000379: [Web Calendar] Radio group or combobox instead of "privacy"-button (francis)
0002063: [Web Calendar] context popup menu for changing existing calendars seams to be broken in Firefox 16.0.1 Mac OS X (francis)
0000440: [Web General] Intelligent close of windows (francis)
0001647: [Web General] The SOGo web interface should adapt more smoothly to various environments (francis)
0000777: [Web Calendar] browsing SOGo web interface from an IPad (francis)
0000206: [Web Address Book] No progress indicator when sorting the contacts list (francis)
0000580: [Web General] tab scrolling: shifting the tabs should step by tab rather than X pixels (francis)
0000784: [Web Preferences] improvement: UI reorganization (francis)
0000064: [Web General] Web contextual menus (francis)
0000939: [Web General] refactoring: change menu code to use controllers (francis)
0002844: [Web Mail] Three Pane View in three Columns (francis)
0000054: [Web Calendar] Multiple ATTACH elements (francis)
0003194: [Web Calendar] Custom recurrence rules should be visible in edit window (francis)
0001505: [Web Mail] image attachment not scaled down to sensible sizes on windows (ludovic)
0000950: [Web Calendar] mini-month: should be drawn with DOM methods (ludovic)
0002112: [Web General] Popup does not Save/Close/Send when main window in not focussed on same function (ludovic)
0001521: [Web Mail] Webbrowser freeze with large mail folders (ludovic)
0002660: [Web Calendar] Simplify deleting of attendees in invitations (ludovic)
24 issues View Issues
Released 2016-01-25
0001123: [Web Mail] Spam report button (ludovic)
0000680: [Web Mail] Junk Mail Treatment (ludovic)
0003145: [Web Mail] button Junk mail (ludovic)
0003444: [ActiveSync] Outlook iOS App: wbxml2xmlFromContent: failed when opening attachment (ludovic)
0003373: [Backend Address Book] Empty multi-status on REPORT addressbook-query (ludovic)
0003434: [Web Mail] MIME-encoded header strings containing control characters break folder listing (ludovic)
0003450: [Web Mail] void message might be send if bad numbers of french diacritics or japanese chars ! (ludovic)
0003454: [Backend Calendar] Synchronization is not enabled for newly created calendar by default (ludovic)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2016-01-18
0003442: [i18n] "Location" not translated in calendar views (ludovic)
0003433: [with SOGo] Sogo BIG Problem inconsistent folder and mail (ludovic)
0003098: [Backend Calendar] Subscribe to Web Calendar does not follow redirect response from external server (HTTP Code 307) (ludovic)
0000159: [Web Calendar] Can't subscribe to a web calendar with redirects (ludovic)
0003423: [ActiveSync] Sub-subfolder in Outlook 2013 creates (null) folder in IMAP (ludovic)
0003431: [ActiveSync] Outlook for ios and android can't connect to eas (ludovic)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2016-01-05
0001065: [Web Calendar] Calendar weeks are wrong (francis)
0003383: [i18n] Russian translation (francis)
0001010: [Web Calendar] "Week 0" in week view... (francis)
0003422: [Web Preferences] When opening the preference page w/Danish language the proxy reports a fault (francis)
0003425: [Web General] Login with character 'ß' at the end of the password impossible (ludovic)
5 issues View Issues
Released 2015-12-15
0003389: [Web Calendar] Free/Busy lookup not working for new event. (ludovic)
0003381: [Web Calendar] Calendar event dialog is broken on Linux with Firefox (francis)
0003390: [ActiveSync] Sending mail from Outlook 2013/2016 with active sync fails (ludovic)
0003392: [ActiveSync] Wrong Charset in Multipart Non UTF-8 HTML-Mails (ludovic)
0003203: [Web Calendar] Calendar list print view omits appointments from shared calendars (francis)
0003364: [ActiveSync] Repetitive eventswith occurrences exceptions are currently not supported. (ludovic)
0003259: [ActiveSync] Change of one occurence in recurrence event is not synchronize via EAS (ludovic)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2015-11-18
0003386: [Web Mail] Folder list in webmail gets folded on reload or re-login (francis)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2015-11-11
0003370: [Backend Address Book] Empty multi-status on REPORT addressbook-query (ludovic)
0003378: [Web Calendar] Importing Dialog shows up on bad position or not at all (francis)
0002646: [Web Calendar] Appointment view incomplete (francis)
0003355: [Web Preferences] NSRangeException when trying to open Preferences on web client (ludovic)
0002614: [ActiveSync] Contact postal address is shown on a single line (ludovic)
0001116: [Backend General] excutable flag of recent sql-update scripts not set (ludovic)
0003271: [Web Mail] Inline images sent from SOGo webmail are not displayed in Mozilla Thunderbird (ludovic)
0003359: [Web Mail] 'Reply All' doesn't work when message was sent from Thunderbird to Bcc: recipient only (ludovic)
0003327: [ActiveSync] Sogo breaks S/MIME (ludovic)
0003356: [ActiveSync] EAS localizes date header from mail (ludovic)
0003365: [ActiveSync] sogod daemon crashes with SIGABRT on one single IMAP message (ludovic)
0003160: [ActiveSync] Bug 0003058 is not fixed (ludovic)
0002849: [ActiveSync] possibile syncCache inconsistencies (ludovic)
0003211: [Backend General] "[ERROR] descriptor is not a socket descriptor" by using gnustep-base1.24 (ludovic)
0003352: [ActiveSync] Default Operating System locale and MIME date header (ludovic)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2015-08-16
0003342: [Web Address Book] Context menu (francis)
0003298: [Web Mail] Using comma in display name of contact results in multiple (incomplete) recipient addresses when sending mail (ludovic)
0003295: [Web Calendar] String values of "Category" and "Calendar" elements are not translated (francis)
0003344: [Web Calendar] Events shifted by an hour (again?) the week before the switch back to standard time (2015-10-18 to 2015-10-25) (ludovic)
0003309: [ActiveSync] Malformed email Subject shows on web interface but not on Outlook (ludovic)
0003293: [SOPE] SIGINT interrupt during ActiveSync synchronization and memory leak (ludovic)
0003294: [ActiveSync] IMAP LIST loop while ActiveSync a large (many folders) mailbox (ludovic)
0003306: [with SOGo] Comma in display name of meeting organiser not handled correctly. (francis)
0003301: [Web Mail] If "displayname" in LDAP has a comma between firstname and lastname sender address in the webinterface is wrong (francis)
0003285: [Web Preferences] Entries in PreventInvitationsWhitelist not displayed with Firefox (francis)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2015-07-23
0003276: [Web Mail] Webmail shows empty mails when they are encoded in GB2312 (ludovic)
0003228: [Backend Calendar] Printing of Event Description does not respect Line Feed (ludovic)
0003231: [Backend General] 2.3.0 cannot connect to MySQL in most recent CentOS (ludovic)
0003253: [ActiveSync] SOGo segfaults on 2.3.0 nightly 20150607 after not managing to connect to LDAP (server1) or MySQL (server2) (ludovic)
0003288: [ActiveSync] Unable to access to ActiveSync if usersource is SQL (ludovic)
0003235: [ActiveSync] a programming error in SOGoMailObject+ActiveSync.m (ludovic)
0003140: [ActiveSync] When marking emails with flags after sync some flags missing (ludovic)
0003269: [ActiveSync] Android Lollipop doesn't like non-root Trash, Draft and Sent folders on Email (ludovic)
0003268: [ActiveSync] Folder duplication when IMAP namespaces are in use (ludovic)
0003267: [Web Calendar] task : due date are no longer displayed (francis)
0003261: [Web Calendar] Event start and description misplaced (francis)
0003257: [OpenChange backend] openchange_ocsmanager 2.2 (ludovic)
0003080: [ActiveSync] Meeting invitations not handled properly when EAS is used (ludovic)
0003243: [ActiveSync] iPhone 4/HTC One, cannot send mail to all if multiple recipients are same domain (ludovic)
0003254: [ActiveSync] Outlook merges adresses. (ludovic)
0003237: [ActiveSync] Creating Tasks on BlackBerry 10 device will display duplicate task folder and tasks. (ludovic)
0002600: [sogo-tool] Sogo tool backup imcomplete (ludovic)
0003245: [Backend Address Book] Unable to remove contacts in Address book (francis)
0003082: [ActiveSync] Meetings organised from Outlook 2013 do not get invitees RVSP updates (ludovic)
0003131: [ActiveSync] Meeting invitee is able to hijack meeting ownership from the organiser (ludovic)
0003200: [Web Calendar] Category color default should be configurable per category (ludovic)
0002893: [Backend Mail] When your password contains a '\' character, you can not login to IMAP server (ludovic)
0003224: [Packaging (RedHat)] Cannot start SOGo service on CentOS 7 (ludovic)
0003289: [ActiveSync] Sending email to multiple recipient fails when using EAS (ludovic)
24 issues View Issues
Released 2015-04-15
0003143: [ActiveSync] SOGo activesync doesn't push HTML email to BlackBerry smartphone (OS 10.3.1.x) (ludovic)
0002881: [Web Calendar] Include printing of event description (ludovic)
0001696: [OpenChange backend] contacts: birthday field not propagated from ol to SOGo (ludovic)
0001516: [Web Calendar] keyboard date / time entry not working numeric pad (francis)
0003218: [Packaging (Debian)] Prepared packeges for Debian 8 Jessie (ludovic)
0003085: [SOPE] SOPE is respecting the 998 character limitation but not folding the "To" header correctly (ludovic)
0003173: [ActiveSync] Email body not showing on smartphone (ludovic)
0002954: [Packaging (Debian)] SOGo.conf is created in /etc/apache2/conf.d instead of /etc/apache2/conf-available (ludovic)
0003167: [Packaging (Debian)] Incorrect Apache config file in Debian/Ubuntu packages (ludovic)
0002939: [Web Calendar] Print View List Layout not in chronological order (ludovic)
0003175: [Backend Calendar] database error while adding event (ludovic)
0003102: [ActiveSync] Get error email addresses entry using ActiveSync in Android if the contacts has multiple alternate address. (ludovic)
0003123: [ActiveSync] sogo may incorrectly decode the calendar event reply coming from outlook (ludovic)
0002080: [SOPE] dovecot: use of long commands (ludovic)
0003163: [Web Mail] <p> paragraphs have no margins (francis)
0003157: [ActiveSync] Child exits with signal 6 : GSInlineArray(instance) does not recognize hasPrefix: INFO:(null) (ludovic)
0003147: [Web Calendar] Free/busy is shifted +1 day for events in week 30-Mar-15 to 5-Apr-15 (ludovic)
0003153: [ActiveSync] Reply with attached (forward) message (2.2.17a) (ludovic)
0003149: [ActiveSync] Blackberry 10 ActiveSync client gets plaintext email (ludovic)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2015-03-24
0003142: [ActiveSync] SOGo activesync doesn't push attachment to BlackBerry smartphone (OS 10.3.1.x) (ludovic)
0001499: [Backend General] LDAP group classes list must be configurable like 'SearchFieldNames'. (ludovic)
0003103: [ActiveSync] Plain Text messages containing non-ASCII characters have blank body over ActiveSync (ludovic)
0003121: [Web Calendar] Not remove appointment (francis)
0003130: [Backend General] Configurable /tmp (ludovic)
0003138: [ActiveSync] Active sync dont send email when the adess is in bcc (ludovic)
0003116: [ActiveSync] Wrong charset in non UTF-8 email (ludovic)
0002601: [Web Preferences] Change password in Web Preferences (ludovic)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2015-02-12
0003055: [ActiveSync] Plain/Text mails are missing carriage returns on android (ludovic)
0003095: [ActiveSync] Blackberry 10 ActiveSync sends mail 3 times (ludovic)
0002332: [Backend Mail] Vacation Rules not parsed if prior rules have stop directives (ludovic)
0002995: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2013 ActiveSync categories and flags dissapear on some emails. (ludovic)
0003078: [Web Mail] mail lables with blanks are not handled correctly. (ludovic)
0003092: [Backend General] enable GCS channel manager debug flag causes crash (ludovic)
0003088: [Web Mail] Problem sending mail from adress book (francis)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2015-01-30
0003076: [ActiveSync] log onto Exchange ActiveSync mail server (EAS): The server cannot be found. (ludovic)
0002534: inconsistent date/time in "/var/log/sogo/sogo.log" file (ludovic)
0003040: [Web Mail] CSS from HTML mail does "infect" webmail GUI with font sizes and background colors (francis)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2015-01-20
0002913: [Backend General] Login failed due to unhandled error case: -1 (ludovic)
0003057: [ActiveSync] Contacts are multiplied to SOGo when copying from PST file to Outlook 2013 (ludovic)
0002993: [Backend Address Book] The etag header returned after a create is misspelled (ludovic)
0002515: [Web Calendar] Edit calendar entry popup defaults to personal calendar, not the entry's calendar (francis)
0003050: [Web Calendar] WebGUI sets "Personal Calendar" in "New Event" window in all cases (francis)
0003051: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync raises exceptions, child terminated with signal 11 after 10 minutes (ludovic)
0003026: [Backend General] WOWatchDogRequestTimeout stopped working with 2.2.11a (ludovic)
0002960: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Delegated Calendars Appear as Users Own Calendar (ludovic)
0003049: [Web Calendar] "edit event" dialog always selects "private calendar" (francis)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2014-12-30
0002967: [SOPE] Exception in OGo entering the News Page (ludovic)
0003036: [ActiveSync] SOGo crashes with signals 6 : REASON:NSConstantString(instance) does not recognize bytes INFO:(null) (ludovic)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2014-12-18
0000013: [Web Calendar] Attendees can't set an alarm on an invitation (francis)
0001941: [Backend Calendar] Set individual reminders (francis)
0000294: [Backend Calendar] Subscribed calendars should have an option to mark your time as busy (ludovic)
0003028: [ActiveSync] Tasks - notes (ludovic)
0003003: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync öäüõ not displayed correctly in Outlook 2013 (ludovic)
0003008: [Web Calendar] Calendar reminder immediately shown when target date selected. (ludovic)
0002996: [with SOGo] improper / inconsistent definition of rpath in source (ludovic)
0003025: [Packaging (Debian)] [Ubuntu10.04] sogo 2.2.11a-1 requires liblasso3 (>= 2.3.6) but only 2.2.1-4build1 in lucid (ludovic)
0000076: [Web Calendar] modification of accepted event is impossible (ludovic)
0003018: [Backend Mail] BAD Error in IMAP command SETANNOTATION: Unknown command, Support RFC5464 and not the draft version. (ludovic)
0003022: [ActiveSync] vent privacy, category, priority, "show time as free" and reminder isn't set between outlook 2013 and sogo with activesync (ludovic)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2014-12-11
0003015: [ActiveSync] EXCEPTION: while activesync with device (ludovic)
0003019: [Packaging (Debian)] sogo 2.2.11-1 package for squeeze requires liblasso3 2.4 but only 2.2 exists in squeeze (ludovic)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2014-12-09
0002982: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2013 with ActiveSync fails to move email between folders (ludovic)
0003005: [Backend General] Errors in Kern.log (ludovic)
0003010: [Web Calendar] FreeBusy Information of resources not displayed in webcalendar (ludovic)
0003011: [with SOGo] Nightly Build doesn't install on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 (ludovic)
0002379: [Backend General] SAML2 : redirection au moment du logout (ludovic)
0002376: [Backend General] SAML2 : SLO non fonctionnel (ludovic)
0002377: [Backend General] SAML2 : SLO déclenché depuis l'IdP non fonctionnel (ludovic)
0002378: [Backend General] SAML2 : modèle de méta-données (metadata) (ludovic)
0002930: [Web Calendar] Can't invite attendee with "Show time as busy outside working hours" option checked (ludovic)
0002381: [Backend General] SAML2 : suggestion d'options SOGo (ludovic)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2014-11-01
0002826: [ActiveSync] Add support for ActiveSync with multiple calendars/address books (ludovic)
0002953: [Backend General] Database password should not leak in logs (francis)
0002957: [ActiveSync] Attatchments broken using ActiveSync (ludovic)
0002817: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync attachement broken using Outlook 2013 (ludovic)
0002945: [Web Mail] Webmail does not send e-mail to all recipients when their addresses are delimited by TAB (francis)
0002972: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2013 ActiveSync stuck on Waiting for server response (ludovic)
0002963: [Packaging (Debian)] Zip and dependencies (francis)
0002968: [Backend Calendar] timezone info outdated (ludovic)
0002701: [Packaging (Debian)] sogo apt repository breaking sssd on wheezy (libldb1) (ludovic)
0002975: [Web Mail] damaged png files not displayed in webinterface (ludovic)
0002978: [ActiveSync] Invitation to Events created through iOS are not sent to invitees (ludovic)
0002965: [Web Preferences] Allow return receipts for some messages crash the system (ludovic)
0002940: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync PING Command sent multiple times per second (ludovic)
0002952: [Web Mail] Webmail for new user not correctly showing emails (francis)
0002905: [OpenChange backend] Error during build form source (ludovic)
0002622: [Web Preferences] Wrong UTF-7 encoding names of mail folders in Sieve filters (ludovic)
0002713: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync WP8 (ludovic)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2014-09-26
0002852: [with SOGo] Undefined reply status when inviting an attendee with an iOS device (ludovic)
0002936: [Web Mail] UTF8 subject stops loading folder (or complete account) (ludovic)
0002923: [Web Calendar] Timezone problem when booking weekly (ludovic)
0000589: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] With Apple iCal completed TODOs where not completed in sogo (ludovic)
0002889: [Backend Calendar] Problem with repeating events with a time change (e.g. standard time after 26. Oktober 2014) (ludovic)
0002838: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Calender deletion with umlauts (äöü) not working under iCal (6.0/7.0) (ludovic)
0002894: [Backend Address Book] Collected email addresses not including display name (ludovic)
0002879: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] No "Check Availability" Button in iCal 7.0 (ludovic)
0002878: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] No busy/free status in iCal 7.0 (ludovic)
0002493: [Backend Calendar] sync-token property not returned in PROPFIND (ludovic)
0002727: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Calender subscription problem / CalDav OS X 10.9 (ludovic)
0002837: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] iCal 7.0 (OSX 10.9.4) delegation bug (ludovic)
0002705: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Delegated Calendars Appear as Users Own Calendar (ludovic)
0001335: [Apple iPhone OS] problems syncing event reminder from iPad to SOGo (ludovic)
0001920: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Events created with reminders in iCal 5.0.3 and 6.0 appear to have no reminder in Web Calendar. (ludovic)
0002160: [Web Calendar] Problem on recurrent tasks (ludovic)
0001971: [Web Calendar] Can not set reminder on tasks (ludovic)
0001445: [Web Calendar] repeat a task (ludovic)
0002326: [Backend Calendar] Some caldav client doesn't set privacy setting a default one could be great (ludovic)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2014-09-10
0002670: [Web Mail] Sogo Webmail global search (ludovic)
0002880: [Web Calendar] Calendar polling interval for the webinterface (ludovic)
0002469: [Web Calendar] "Maximum number of simultaneous bookings (1) reached for resource" due to TimeZone daylight saving mess (ludovic)
0001240: [Web Calendar] Time shifted because of Daylight Saving Time in Free/Busy (ludovic)
0002902: [Web Mail] Multiple label selection in the mail webinterface not working properly (francis)
0002873: [Packaging (Debian)] libwbxml2 and libwbxml2-utils are not found on server on precise sources list (ludovic)
0002908: [Web Administration] cannot change ACLs (francis)
0002882: [Web Calendar] Print List view in Color (acloutier)
0002864: [Web Calendar] In "Multicolumn Day View" mouse position is not honored when creating an event (acloutier)
0002812: [Web Mail] Can not delete mail when over quota (acloutier)
0002827: [Web Address Book] Error on LDAP account properties on the webinterface (acloutier)
0002892: [Web Administration] Can't "Subscribe User" to shared calendar (ludovic)
0002901: [Packaging (Debian)] Can't install sogo-activesync because libwbxml2-0 is missing (ludovic)
0002898: [Web Administration] "Users folders ACLs management" broken - JSON fragment displayed in UI (ludovic)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2014-07-30
0002759: [Web Calendar] Events and tasks cannot be moved to other calendars using drag&drop (ludovic)
0002869: [Backend Calendar] Color categories are not displayed (ludovic)
0002818: [Web Mail] Unable to close compose windows when the mail containt a attachment and when thread view is enable (francis)
0002845: [Web Mail] Line wraps of html mails are through words, instead of in between words (francis)
0002832: [Backend Mail] Cannot use SmarterMail IMAP backend (ludovic)
0002767: [Backend Calendar] Users should be able to prevent being invited to appointments (ludovic)
6 issues View Issues
Released 2014-06-19
0002828: [Web Calendar] Calendar print view does not wrap long words in event list (acloutier)
0002823: [Backend Address Book] Collected Address Book now appears on all iPhones (acloutier)
0002829: [Web Calendar] Multiple all-day events are not completely displayed in calendar print view (acloutier)
0001948: [Web Calendar] RFE: New calendar view; place all events for one selected calendar in one column. (ludovic)
0002760: [Web Calendar] Display number of open tasks in calendar view (ludovic)
0002810: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync gb2312 mail charset problem (ludovic)
0002814: [Web Calendar] exception accessing calendar view (ludovic)
0002734: [ActiveSync] mails are not removed from device when outside of the date range to be downloaded (ludovic)
0002825: [Backend General] SOGoCacheGCSObject: column definition of c_type (tinyint) cannot store ActiveSyncGlobalCacheObject (ludovic)
0002736: [Web Calendar] entering appointments creates "empty" appointment on January 1st 1970 (ludovic)
0002799: [Documentation] No documentation for SOGoSubscriptionFolderFormat (francis)
0002811: [Web Mail] Web Mail cannot "Save All" Attachments (francis)
0002805: [ActiveSync] Missing replied body on reply (ludovic)
0002801: [Web Calendar] Short names of subscribed calendars (francis)
0002809: [Web Mail] Chinese charset messy code (ludovic)
0002806: [ActiveSync] sogod crash (signal 6) when unflagging a mail (ludovic)
0002808: [ActiveSync] cannot open attachments on old AS clients (ludovic)
0002807: [ActiveSync] Contact photo not synced (ludovic)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2014-06-05
0002315: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool ignores SOGoForceExternalLoginWithEmail (francis)
0002752: [Backend Calendar] fix NULL pointer dereference trying to open a calendar entry in OGo with proposed fix (ludovic)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2014-05-29
0002680: [ActiveSync] Mobile reply to Blank body (ludovic)
0002786: [Backend Calendar] Participant status not properly updated via CalDAV (francis)
0002758: [Web Mail] "Archive" should be renamed to "Export" (francis)
0000193: [Web Mail] Priority ignored when editing draft message (francis)
0002688: [ActiveSync] Missing folders list update (ludovic)
0002564: [Web General] All SOGo popups go into background with firefox (francis)
0002679: [ActiveSync] Activesync still does not work (ludovic)
0002778: [Web Mail] SOGo Mail Webinterface ignores NGImap4ConnectionGroupPrefix (ludovic)
0002787: [Web Mail] Incorrect place of "--" before signature on forward (francis)
0002790: [Backend General] PATCH: return nil instead of NO where pointers are expected in sope-core/NGExtensions/NGCustomFileManager.m (francis)
0002789: [Backend General] PATCH: make method declaration in header match implemenation in sope-xml/SaxObjC/SaxContentHandler.h (francis)
0002756: [Backend General] exception opening resources panel in OGo, with fix (ludovic)
0002737: [Backend General] Exception logging in into OpenGroupware (ludovic)
0002775: [ActiveSync] Some values are not sycned for contacts (ludovic)
0002738: [i18n] newLine value is not defined in SOGoMailBrazilianPortugueseForward.wod (francis)
0000383: [Web Calendar] Search in "Title or description" does not work for "descriptions" (ludovic)
0002514: [Web Calendar] Searching for events in the past (ludovic)
0002580: [Web Calendar] Search all Event in the past (ludovic)
0002538: [Web Calendar] Can not search for past events (acloutier)
0000585: [Web Calendar] Printing calendar views should hide UI elements (ludovic)
0001101: [Web Calendar] Print event (ludovic)
0002140: [Web Calendar] Print a calendar (ludovic)
0001879: [Web Address Book] Links to address books are not easily discoverable (ludovic)
0000732: [Web Address Book] Show URL/Link of adressbook like in Calendars (ludovic)
0002710: [ActiveSync] In outlook 2013 somes characters (accentued ones for exemple) are'nt correctly displayed (ludovic)
0002709: [ActiveSync] 'other user' folders lack the last character of their titles. (ludovic)
0002715: [GUI] unread/read flag remain unread even if the mail is show the first time (francis)
0002492: [Backend Calendar] sync-token changes with every request if nothing has changed in a collection (ludovic)
0002746: [Web Preferences] Unable to Save Preferences (in git) (francis)
0002744: [Web Calendar] sogod crashed on create Event or Task in Calendar (francis)
0002703: [Web Calendar] categories with umlauts are ignored for marking events (francis)
0002699: [Backend General] test_parsing unit test fails (ludovic)
0002695: [ActiveSync] Outlook events with ampersand in title (ludovic)
0002654: [ActiveSync] Calendars are OK through CalDav but are buggy through ActiveSync (ludovic)
0001046: [Web Preferences] Report any Sieve error (ludovic)
0002700: [ActiveSync] Outlook folder changes (create/delete/rename/move) not synced correclty (ludovic)
0001636: [Web Address Book] birth date validity check missing (acloutier)
0002026: [Web Address Book] Address book and collected address (ludovic)
0001646: [Backend Mail] Store recipients e-mail address history (ludovic)
0001496: [Web Mail] Add Email Address to Address Book on Send (ludovic)
0002616: [Web General] URLs contain double slashes (acloutier)
0002612: [Web General] Display version number while logged in, eg. in preferences (acloutier)
0002733: [ActiveSync] Contacts with "birthday" field causes Exchange service on Android 4.4.2 to crash (ludovic)
43 issues View Issues
Released 2014-04-01
0002697: [Web Address Book] Web address Book - multiple books and many contacts buugged view and filter (francis)
0002533: [Web Mail] comma in name results in splitting addres when is utf-8 encoded (acloutier)
0002120: [Web Mail] SOGo webmail puts utf-8 characters in from field when accent is present (acloutier)
0002267: [Backend Mail] Wrong UTF-8-coding of From in the header when comma is used (acloutier)
0002686: [ActiveSync] all day events are not handled correctly (ludovic)
0002689: [Web Address Book] View Error Multiple Address Books (francis)
0002664: [Web Preferences] The action Flag message as disappeared (francis)
0002678: [Web Preferences] crash saving preferences (francis)
0002691: [ActiveSync] Multiple mail delete (ludovic)
0002681: [ActiveSync] calender events don't support reminders yet (ludovic)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2014-03-21
0002651: [Web Calendar] Events icons are no longer displayed (francis)
0002658: [Backend Mail] Folder names beginning with numeral can't be used and create new folder (francis)
0002647: [Web Calendar] SOGoCalendarDefaultReminder default value does not work (francis)
0002656: [Web Mail] the accented characters are html encoded when you fill out a field with the adresse book panel (francis)
0002662: [Web Address Book] Department does not display properly in web address book (francis)
0002661: [i18n] Faute d'orthographe (francis)
0002541: [Backend Calendar] overbooking of resources without warning (francis)
0002652: [Web Mail] 0000965: 0000522: Sub-folders do not show unread message count (francis)
0002659: [Web Calendar] Reminder popup shows foreign characters HTML encoded (francis)
0002641: [Web Mail] Copy/paste recipient from Excel attach an image (png) with all recipients (francis)
0002648: [Web Preferences] crasher opening preferences (francis)
0002669: [ActiveSync] cannot send mails from a htc desire (ludovic)
0002657: [Web Mail] translation for "OtherUsersFolderName" and "SharedFoldersName" not working (ludovic)
0002667: [ActiveSync] Decode base64 and quoted-printable encoded multipart emails (ludovic)
0002650: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2013 creates duplicates when you move messages from one folder to the other one (ludovic)
0002663: [ActiveSync] [SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher processProvision:inResponse:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f57209d2b40 INFO:(null) (ludovic)
0002653: [ActiveSync] Calendar won't sync (ludovic)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2014-03-07
0002624: [Documentation] Add hint for SOGoCalendarDefaultReminder in Section Upgrading (francis)
0002637: [Web Mail] IMAP folder names aren't correctly encoded (francis)
0002629: [Web Calendar] Impossible to sort calendar (francis)
0002630: [Backend Mail] Dovecot subscriptions file not updated on folder renames (francis)
0002617: [sogo-tool] Sogo-tool crash when triying to set an autorespond (francis)
0002589: [ActiveSync] Crash when using ActiveSync with Outlook 2013 (ludovic)
0002609: [ActiveSync] Exception when using ActiveSync with Android 4.4.2 (Email) (ludovic)
7 issues View Issues
Released 2014-02-24
0002598: [Web Calendar] Script injection in calendar title (francis)
0000202: [Web Mail] More visibility for attachments (francis)
0002437: [Web Mail] pictures in emails are loaded and displayed, despite preference set to "Never" (francis)
0002613: [Web Calendar] Week view broken after switching months in month view (francis)
0002350: [Web Address Book] Display of list content is too small (francis)
0002481: [Web Mail] Webmailer loses content from body when forwarding (francis)
0002411: [Web Mail] Inline forwarding can truncate text from original message (francis)
0002453: [Web Mail] Forward email doesn't put signature above the original text (francis)
0001495: [Web Mail] Web Mail cannot "Save All" Attachments (francis)
0002486: [Web Address Book] when text is entered in field "NOTE" the field birthday is displayed with the date of the day if it was empty (francis)
0002503: [Web Address Book] If I add a note to a contact the "Birthday" is filled with the date of today. (francis)
0002604: [Web Address Book] Web site not displayed (francis)
0002535: [Backend Calendar] Calendar Mail invitation scored as SPAM due to missing "Message ID" field (francis)
0002233: [Web Calendar] sogo message sent when modifying calendar is not properly displayed on Microsoft Outlook (francis)
0002507: [Web Mail] HTML mail unnecessarily escaped tags (francis)
0002502: [Backend Calendar] Wrong handling of ACLs on shared calendars with 2 Groups (francis)
0001854: [Backend Calendar] Order of ACLs unclear and can't be changed (francis)
0002597: [i18n] Wrong Slovak localized string for "SentFolderName" (francis)
0002516: [Backend Calendar] Auto create of mysql calendar table fails with mysql: 5.6.10 and 5.6.14 (francis)
0001950: [Web Calendar] When deleting multiple selected events of recurring events the events are deleted instead of the selected instances. (francis)
0002565: [Web Calendar] autocomplete when inviting shows duplicates without free/busy (francis)
0002560: [Web Calendar] resources with multiplebooking >1 are busy after one booking (francis)
0001613: [Web Calendar] Drag'n'drop: no alert dialog when a conflict occurs (francis)
0002414: [Backend Mail] HTML formatted body is compiled by the client to be entirely on the same line (francis)
0002557: [Web Calendar] creating new event with mouse context menu uses wrong day (francis)
0002569: [Web Preferences] IMAP folder names aren't correctly encoded in the sieve 'fileinto' list (ludovic)
0002583: [Web Address Book] Subscribing to another user's addressbook yields empty addressbook (francis)
0002584: [Web Preferences] Incorrect french translation in error message in auto-reply message (francis)
0002577: [Packaging (RedHat)] Missing RPM install dependency to tmpwatch (jraby)
0002531: [Web Preferences] Can't edit some preferences when mail module is disabled (francis)
0002512: [Web Mail] Display problem with HTML Signatures send from SOGo (francis)
0001284: [Web Mail] Add multiple attachement at once (ludovic)
0002618: [Backend General] UIDField is not encoded when cached (ludovic)
0000169: [Web Mail] if a mail is in draft mode, attachment cannot be openend (ludovic)
0001106: [Web Mail] Performance: upload of attachments should start automatically (ludovic)
0001221: [Web Mail] Expand attachment window (ludovic)
0001285: [Web Mail] Drag and Drop attachment (ludovic)
0002529: [Backend Mail] Problème when sending mail with SOGo mail and Internet Explorer 7 (ludovic)
0002544: [Documentation] bad name on the cleanup script in the documentation (ludovic)
0002566: [SOPE] fixes compilation warnings in sope-core/NGExtensions (ludovic)
0002554: [SOPE] fix compilation warnings in sope-core/NGExtensions/EOExt (ludovic)
0002553: [SOPE] fix compilation warnings in sope-core/NGExtensions/FdExt (ludovic)
0002551: [SOPE] some format string fixes for sope-core/EOControl (ludovic)
0002550: [SOPE] more format string fixes for sax-xml (ludovic)
0002549: [SOPE] fix some format strings in sope-xml (ludovic)
0002587: [OpenChange backend] libmemcached errors (ludovic)
0002543: [Web General] Using double equal or double minus truncates event name (ludovic)
0002505: [Web Calendar] Event "Title" containing equal sign shown empty (ludovic)
0002187: [Backend Address Book] Simplyfy searches and autocompletion (ludovic)
0002509: [Backend Calendar] REPORT not shown on OPTIONS request (ludovic)
50 issues View Issues
Released 2013-12-04
0001320: [Web Mail] Forwarded mails lose HTML formatting (francis)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2013-11-22
0002504: [Web Mail] can not change/add sieves rules in "prefences" (francis)
0002499: [i18n] [labels] missing translaten in settings (francis)
0002526: [Web Preferences] Mail filters broken (francis)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2013-11-19
0001304: [Web Mail] E-mail tag support (ludovic)
0002482: [Backend Mail] reply-to empty in multiple accounts (ludovic)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2013-11-07
0002454: [Backend Mail] some mail with a signature sent from thunderbird are not displayed (Proxy error) (ludovic)
0002402: [Backend General] HTML entities in subjects of event invitations (francis)
0002372: [Backend General] /etc/cron.daily/sogo exited with return code 1 with Ubuntu package (jraby)
0002353: [Web Calendar] Cant create a task in another calendar than the first one (francis)
0002358: [Backend General] sogo chrashes if a user has special characters in password (jraby)
0002417: [Web Mail] In Preview Pane external pictures are ALWAYS loaded, when opening by doubleclicking --> load pictures (francis)
0002248: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Impossible to autoconfigure ICAL via profilmanager (jraby)
0002373: [Web Calendar] red time marker in calendar shows wrong time (francis)
0002401: [Web Mail] Missing SOGoMail Forward and Reply .wo files for Finnish (Suomi) language (francis)
0002318: [Web Mail] Problem with cyrillic imap folders
0000804: [SOPE] watchdog: excessive spinning of the runloop when the child awaits input on a file descriptor (ludovic)
0002442: [Backend Address Book] Unable to create addressbooks or calendars via SOGo web interface (ludovic)
0002474: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] UserAgent unknown! (ludovic)
0002433: [Backend Mail] ACLs are set wrong (ludovic)
0002457: [i18n] Wrong translation for "Confidential" right label (ludovic)
0002461: [Backend Calendar] Failure to accept invitations when content of location field longer than 255 characters (ludovic)
0002235: [Backend General] SOGo compilation fails with clang 3.2 (ludovic)
0002459: [Web Mail] mail sent from SOGo are empty in Thunderbird and Gmail (ludovic)
0002234: [SOPE] SOPE fails to compile with clang 3.2 (ludovic)
0001328: [Backend Calendar] We can't accept invitations sent to a group if the group don't have the email address in the mail field (ludovic)
0002434: [with SOGo] crash while opening a particular mail (ludovic)
0002445: [GUI] button underline text missed in the mail html composer (ludovic)
0002007: [sogo-tool] can't add webcalendar (jraby)
0002386: [Backend Mail] IMAP - TLS over port 143
0002270: [Web Mail] Problem with mimetype image/pdf (ludovic)
0002410: [Web Mail] HTML as Signature
0002221: [Web Calendar] Remote webcalendars not synchronized
0002412: [Web General] Language mapping
0002399: [Backend Calendar] DAV:resource-id does not equal for bound resources
0002240: [Web Calendar] Invalid format of COMPLETED date in VTODO
0002319: [OpenChange backend] Samba lost mysql connection
0002354: [OpenChange backend] information indésirable lors de la création d'un nouveau contact depuis Outlook
0001275: [Backend Calendar] Please support the newer WebDAV Sync drafts (ludovic)
0002405: [OpenChange backend] Samba4 PANIC error
0001935: [OpenChange backend] Cached mode, change of email priority from Outlook 2010 not reflected in SOGo's web interface
0002398: [OpenChange backend] Meeting invitation and response via MS Outlook
0001431: [Web Calendar] User Rights Window improvement
0002385: [Web Mail] Exception opening a given mail -- with patch
38 issues View Issues
Released 2013-07-22
0001833: [Web Mail] Search box keeps the focus (francis)
0002366: [Backend Mail] Implement IMAP ID x-originating-ip as x-webobjects-remote-host..
0002360: [Backend Mail] unresolved symbols in MailUI when starting up sogo
0002368: [Web Mail] Persistant XSS in sender field.
0002369: [Web Calendar] Persistant XSS via calendar invitation.
5 issues View Issues
Released 2013-05-23
0002333: [Web Mail] CKEDITOR SCAYT no proposal spelling on right clic (francis)
0002290: [Packaging (Debian)] sogo_2.0.5-1_amd64.deb does not install on lenny (jraby)
0002285: [OpenChange backend] Problem on event/contact edit (ludovic)
0002119: [OpenChange backend] Message sent with blank "Your Name" do not show email address in Outlook (ludovic)
0002237: [Backend Calendar] Public Access while using SOGoTrustProxyAuthentication (ludovic)
0002294: [Backend Address Book] It is possible to import LDIF-files into a read-only set address book (ludovic)
0002313: [Backend Mail] ACLs are set wrong (ludovic)
0002340: [Backend Calendar] Timeout problem
0002209: [Web Mail] Impossible to read a mail. (ludovic)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2013-04-16
0002291: [OpenChange backend] Perte de la connexion entre outlook et sogo/openchange après la création d'un contact ou d'une tâche (ludovic)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2013-02-24
0001473: [Web Mail] activate folder function "Mark Folder Read..." (francis)
0002262: [Web Mail] Missing quoted message in reply and forward in Slovak language (francis)
0002239: [i18n] Parameter $Summary translated to Danish = no Summary shown (francis)
0002229: [Backend General] X-Forwarded-For in sogo.log of fail2ban (jraby)
0002228: [Backend General] ManageSieve connection should be closed (jraby)
       0002036: [Web Preferences] Bugs in sieve-mgm communication (jraby)
       0002210: [Web Preferences] Comunication with sieve suspends... (jraby)
0002279: [Backend General] Session lost after SOGoCacheCleanupInterval
0002169: [Web Calendar] Possible bug with session and LDAP filtering (jraby)
0002256: [Backend General] SOGo does not release LDAP connections (jraby)
0002244: [OpenChange backend] samba4 crashes when processing a certain calendar element
0002190: [OpenChange backend] omitted characters when converting from RTF (OL2010)
0002226: [sogo-tool] sogo-ealarms-notify do not try to read /etc/sogo/sogo.conf (jraby)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2013-02-04
0002213: [SOPE] Login error after upgrade to 2.0.4(a)
0002207: [Backend General] LDAP Authentication for users in OU with accent (jraby)
0002216: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool sigabrt if option on command line (jraby)
0002223: [Web General] Unable to change event Privacy (francis)
0002116: [i18n] Mising strings in translations (francis)
0002224: [Web Calendar] Setting of Access rights for Any Authenticated User
0002211: [Web Address Book] tooltip are not synchronized when change sort order on adress book search result (francis)
0002218: [i18n] "Send Anyway" button french translation missing in warning window when trying to send mail with empty subject (francis)
0002177: [Web Mail] Folder not showing when mail subject contains unicode SUB character (francis)
0002079: [Web Mail] The email tab is empty if a specific email is in INBOX (francis)
10 issues View Issues
Released 2013-01-30
0002202: [Web Calendar] All day Events are created with Start day-1 (francis)
0002203: [Web Calendar] Repeat End Date Incorrect (francis)
0002194: [Backend Calendar] webclient aCal/1.36 hangs sogo on RRULE (francis)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2013-01-25
0002192: [ZEG] ZEG web login redirects to yourhostname/SOGo/so/sogo1/Mail instead of <hostname>/... (francis)
0002195: [Web Calendar] Make "Show completed tasks" checkbox persistent (francis)
0001249: [Web Calendar] Mini month not consistant with preoference settings (francis)
0002188: [Web Calendar] "Week begins on" settings does not affect date selector when choosing the date (francis)
0001470: [SOPE] Sogo user should be a system user (jraby)
0002181: [Backend Calendar] changing all-day repeating events (francis)
0001846: [Web General] Mutliple instances of a single user appear when searching (francis)
0002126: [Backend Mail] SMTP PLAIN AUTH fails with long login-phrases (francis)
0002156: [Web Calendar] Calendar Display bug (francis)
0002144: [Web Mail] displayremoteinlineimages_always - error when loading mail with html images (francis)
0002173: [Web Calendar] date chooser for setting end date of recurrency does not work (francis)
0002099: [Backend Address Book] Can't use CardDAV with Addressbook of Mac OS X 10.8 again (francis)
0002155: [Web Calendar] recurring event: accepted occurrence still shows as 'needs action' for the attendee (francis)
0002152: [SOPE] Users with commas and spaces in their LDAP DNs cannot login
0002055: [Backend Address Book] filters on SOGoUserSources do not work
0002088: [Backend Mail] Samba4 panic after deleting a mail
0001829: [OpenChange backend] crash: RTF composition
0002129: [Web Calendar] Notification "Receive a mail when someone else modifies my calendar" is ignored (ludovic)
0001955: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool expire-autoreply should not take a password on the command line (jraby)
0002104: [Backend Calendar] Setting of Calendar Default Access rights for Public Access
0002127: [Backend General] prependEncryptionScheme setting ignored
0002123: [Web Mail] Lost filename of attachment by message forwarding (ludovic)
0002163: [Backend Mail] In multidomain setup with smtp authentication _smtpSendData is using uid@domainID as login
0001850: [Backend Calendar] events accepted in the webGUI or in lightning still appear as "needs action" (dashed outline) in iCal
0002161: [SOPE] If SMTP Server send Outlook-Style ExtensionInfo "AUTH=PLAIN" after standard style "AUTH PLAIN", it is ignored - Fix included
0002154: [Backend General] NSArray operatioins are not corretly overridden in sope-gdl1/GDLAccess/EOArrayProxy.m
0002141: [SOPE] Sope does not build on OpenBSD-5.2
27 issues View Issues
Released 2012-12-07
0002138: [Web Mail] unable to select mailfolder in webmail (francis)
1 issue View Issues
Released 2012-12-06
0002103: [Web Calendar] Tasks should be searchable (francis)
0001736: [OpenChange backend] cal: Free/busy error when trying to create an event in a shared calendar (wsourdeau)
0001808: [OpenChange backend] cal: error when deleting an event from a shared calendar - event successfully deleted (wsourdeau)
0002098: [Web Calendar] All day event displayed incorrectly in Day View (francis)
0001466: [Web Mail] Reply Email formatting issue
0002130: [Backend General] Loss of the SOGOSPOOL directory (jraby)
0001866: [Backend Mail] Way to use imaps with mail routing in LDAP (ludovic)
0001129: [Backend Mail] Using filter with flagging breaks all sieve-scripts
0002101: [Backend Address Book] Integrator overwrites TB autocompletion directory server selection
0002082: [Web Preferences] SOGo uses imapflags instead of imap4flags
0001391: [SOPE] Patch for retrieving managesieve capabilities
0001640: [Web Preferences] "Place my Signature" Preference does not work
0000840: [Web Mail] wrong signature placement when forwading mails
       0000752: [Web Preferences] "Place my Signature" Preference does not work
0001061: [Backend Mail] Sieve Server from mailHost in LDAP
0002115: [Backend Calendar] Meeting Request sent to Outlook 2003 recipients doesn't work
0002024: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Certain mails don't have From: in Outlook
0002093: [Web Calendar] Add X-WR-CALNAME to VCALENDAR for subscribe / export
0001783: [Web Calendar] Drag and drop an event on the web calendar doesn't update the LAST-MODIFIED field in the caldav ics file (ludovic)
0002075: [SOPE] fix for bug reports 0001615 and 0001616 break building on OpenBSD (wsourdeau)
0002006: [Backend Mail] Contact Search (ludovic)
0002070: [Web Calendar] All day events not shown in holiday calendar (wsourdeau)
0002035: [Web Calendar] When importing calendars from another calendaring system all events with invitations don't work anymore
0002106: [Backend Address Book] LDIF export + import crashes importer
0002074: [Web Calendar] "show alarms" should be disabled when subcribing to a calendar
25 issues View Issues
Released 2012-11-15
0002065: [Web Mail] Reply-to equals NULL (francis)
0002108: [Web Calendar] Can't see raw source of tasks (francis)
0002064: [Web Calendar] Calendars List is not auto enlarged (with lots of calendars) (francis)
0002042: [i18n] Wrong subject in invitation email for an event in Spanish (Spain) (francis)
0002086: [Web Mail] First character omitted from mail subject
0002037: [Web Calendar] Calendar list : No scrolling bar
0002060: [Backend General] userPasswordAlgorithm = ssh.b64 creates {sha.b64}(null) for any password
0002096: [Web Mail] Corruppted JPG, PDF and DOC
8 issues View Issues
Released 2012-10-04
0001777: [with SOGo] Added event in SOGo web interface and it appears shifted one hour in thunderbird+SOGo connector (wsourdeau)
0001390: [SOPE] Add support for GnuTLS (ludovic)
       0001755: [Packaging (Debian)] GnuTLS support for SOGo (wsourdeau)
0001614: [SOPE] Close all open file descriptors when daemonizing (wsourdeau)
0001616: [Backend General] Correctly link libraries that are used and don't link unused libraries (wsourdeau)
0001615: [SOPE] Correctly link libraries that are used and don't link unused libraries (wsourdeau)
0001617: [Backend General] Support running "make check" (wsourdeau)
0002058: [OpenChange backend] bad escaping of usernames in auto-generated socfs tablenames (wsourdeau)
0002051: [SOPE] [EOSinglePrimaryKeyDictionary-count] should be overridden by subclass -- with patch (wsourdeau)
0001958: [Web Calendar] Can't add external calendar with url including parameters (wsourdeau)
0001472: [Web Calendar] SOGo uses wront DST end date for Europe/Vienna (last sunday of september rather than of october) (wsourdeau)
0002052: [Web Mail] wrong handling of delay when refreshing the list of mails during scrolling (wsourdeau)
0001999: [Backend Calendar] sogod crashes on some (not all) PROPFIND requests to shared calendars; resulting in 502 proxy errors (wsourdeau)
0002041: [i18n] Tab "Event" not translated in French (francis)
0001956: [Web Calendar] empty attendee showing up when booking an appointment (wsourdeau)
0001980: [SOPE] incompatibilities with libobjc2 on amd64 (jraby)
0002031: [OpenChange backend] a crash occurs when no body key is present in certain emails (wsourdeau)
0002012: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the fetching/parsing of coreInfos struct takes a long time for a large amount of messages (wsourdeau)
0002028: [Documentation] LDAP configuration produces "In parsePlItem Missing semicolon in dictionary" (wsourdeau)
0002029: [OpenChange backend] PANIC: Bad talloc magic value - unknown value (wsourdeau)
0002009: [OpenChange backend] scalability: assigning mid is a long process for reasonable mailboxes (wsourdeau)
0002008: [OpenChange backend] scalability: assigned version numbers is a long process for reasonable mailboxes (wsourdeau)
0001477: [Backend Calendar] Add attendee's decision in subject header (lcharland)
0001156: [Packaging (Debian)] SOGo should rely on a configuration file in /etc/
0001062: [Backend General] Following Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for configuration files
25 issues View Issues
Released 2012-09-28
0002014: [Web Mail] Formatting errors (francis)
0000724: [Web Address Book] No batch delete in AddressBook module (lcharland)
0002011: [Web Calendar] Event info box misplaced in day view (lcharland)
0002010: [Web Calendar] Organizer email address is not clickable in read-only invitation (francis)
0002004: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the fetching of mailboxes should fetch mail content bodies in batch (wsourdeau)
0001872: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the sync process uses too much memory at once, leading to crashes with large mailboxes (wsourdeau)
0001515: [Web Calendar] Task View is very basic (lcharland)
0002005: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the fetching of entries of the indexing.tdb file takes too much time (wsourdeau)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2012-09-27
0001887: [Web Address Book] Working with large Addressbook (francis)
0001598: [Web Calendar] Moving (dnd) an all day event is off by one day when using "negative" timezones (francis)
0001944: [Web Mail] Deleting a mail folder doesn't create the Trash mailbox (lcharland)
0001487: [SOPE] No support for vTimeZone with multiple standard/daylight definitions (francis)
0001908: [Web Mail] Mail answer lost if original mail is opened (francis)
0000806: [Web Calendar] Update Tigra Calendar and avoid popup window (francis)
0001788: [Web Calendar] Date selector broken due to fixed height container (francis)
0001930: [Web Calendar] Notification e-mail are not available on transifex for translate (lcharland)
0001952: [Web Mail] Random (unknown reason) duplicate mailing (francis)
0001974: [Web Address Book] Can not send mail from the address book. (francis)
0001905: [SOPE] PrintfFormatScanner can't compile on a Raspberry Pi (ARMv6) with Debian Wheezy (ludovic)
0001989: [Backend General] Compilation of SOGo fails with clang 3.1
0001201: [Web Calendar] Create an event with the same Start and End time from WebGUI will not appear on the calendar table but in event list pane
0000800: [Web Calendar] size of calendar list (francis)
0001890: [Web Preferences] Vacation message doesn't support french accents (ludovic)
0001329: [Web Calendar] The web calendar doesn't show correctly the all day events
0001571: [Web Calendar] events with start time = end time are not shown (ludovic)
17 issues View Issues
Released 2012-09-05
0001913: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Unknown WebClient (francis)
0001965: [Backend Calendar] Recurrent events (francis)
0001957: [Backend Address Book] Can't use CardDAV with Addressbook of Mac OS X 10.8 (francis)
0001966: [Backend Mail] addressed persons not displayed after sending (ludovic)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2012-08-29
0001880: [Web Address Book] Sharing not available in context menu directly after creating a new address book
0001781: [Web Calendar] localized text in invite mail notification "HTMLescaped" (francis)
0001903: [Backend General] Event details in invitation e-mail (francis)
0001766: [Web Calendar] Time shifts when saving/modifying events in SOGo web interface (francis)
0001927: [SOPE] PATCH: Searching for Umlauts in OGo contacts interface, and other search interfaces throws an exception (ludovic)
0001649: [Backend Calendar] Calendar notification emails do not protect (quote) comma in contact name / From: line
6 issues View Issues
Released 2012-07-26
0001836: [Packaging (RedHat)] SOGo 64bit-portability-issue SOGoAppointmentObject.m:1981, 1983
0001865: [Packaging (Debian)] daily log rotation stops sogo due to old process taking too long to exit (jraby)
0001825: [Web Preferences] Vacation record is put as the first one in SIEVE script (francis)
0001899: [Web Address Book] New address book sharing (francis)
0001863: [Packaging (Debian)] undefined symbol: curl_global_init (jraby)
0001593: [SOPE] Calling [NGDOMElement -setLine:] with incorrect signature. Method has v12@0:4I8, selector has v12@0:4i8 -- with patch
0001888: [Web Calendar] iCal allows all attendees to change recurring events after someone accepts one occurence of it
0001455: [Backend General] CAS authentication : should accept empy parameters
0001553: [Web Mail] Email from opera is displayed as attachment (ludovic)
0001837: [Backend Calendar] Can't create repeating event with resource reservation (ludovic)
0001845: [Web Calendar] Wrong timezone when importing events from .ics file (ludovic)
0001839: [Backend Calendar] Events on iCal appear dashed after an attendee accepts (ludovic)
0001832: [Backend General] Broken password change in LDAP resulting no login to SOGo (ludovic)
13 issues View Issues
Released 2012-06-16
0001536: [GUI] Sogo does not restart while upgrading (jraby)
0001821: [Web Preferences] filtering: match all messages (francis)
0000867: [Backend Calendar] EXDATE not properly parsed (francis)
0001797: [Web Mail] Web mail handling of empty Subject (francis)
0001818: [Web Calendar] turning calendars on and off is not done in calendars list (francis)
0001596: [Web Calendar] "Upload" button pressable multiple times (francis)
0001795: [Web Calendar] Multiple resource reservation when there is repeating event
0001594: [SOPE] In -[NSObject(KeyValueCoding) takeValue:forKey:] This method is deprecated, use -setValue:forKey: --with patch (ludovic)
0001819: [Web Mail] SOGo parses sieve rules in DB ignoring SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled (ludovic)
0001741: [Web Mail] sogo crashes when trying to create a new mail while the database is down (ludovic)
0001638: [Backend Mail] SIGABRT when clicking 'sharing' on a non existent IMAP folder (ludovic)
0001608: [Backend General] More password schemes for SQL backend (ludovic)
0001816: [Backend General] LDAP group expanding fails due to case-sensitive objectClass search (ludovic)
0001664: [Backend General] exceptions on 64Bit with gnustep-base-1.24.0 (ludovic)
0001817: [Packaging (Debian)] Patch for SOPE on GNU/kFreeBSD (ludovic)
0001820: [Packaging (Debian)] SOPE build fix for arm (ludovic)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2012-05-15
0001535: [Web Calendar] unable to view more than 2 "All day Event"s (ludovic)
0001779: [Web Mail] german translation broken for attached mails (francis)
0001780: [Web Calendar] "Compose E-Mail to ... Attendees" in Event send mail only to first attendee (francis)
0000549: [Web Preferences] Unable to set an alias and/or From: and Reply to: fields (wsourdeau)
0001644: [Web Calendar] Imported recurring event from Zimbra is displayed incorrectly (wsourdeau)
0001767: [Backend General] unescaped backslash in the calendar Postgres (wsourdeau)
0000586: [Web Calendar] Event alarms with a fixed time doesn't show in the web interface (wsourdeau)
0001552: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool remove-doubles SQL error (francis)
0001669: [Backend Calendar] Importing recurring event with single occurencies changed does not work (francis)
0001203: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Order of attributes for RRULE is important in (wsourdeau)
0001769: [Web Mail] Contacts in composition Windows keeps the focus (francis)
0001672: [SOPE] crasher in OGo when creating/deleting a folder on 64Bit platforms (ludovic)
0001671: [SOPE] Replace "uname -p" with "uname -m" in configure script (ludovic)
0001670: [SOPE] Building NGLogSyslogAppender.m with -Werror=format-security fails (ludovic)
0001800: [SOPE] PATCH unsigned int to -> NSUInteger fixes in sope-gdl1/GDLAccess/EOExpressionArray.[h|m] (ludovic)
0001761: [Backend General] GCC 4.7 does no longer provide sel_eq() (ludovic)
0001763: [SOPE] Support GCC 4.7 in SOPE (ludovic)
0001794: [SOPE] Exception in OGo when uploading calendars via GroupDAV (ludovic)
0001702: [Web Mail] selecting same folder for Sent and Drafts causes webui to fail (ludovic)
0001300: [Backend Calendar] Hide UIDFieldName@SOGoMailDomain in calendar-user-address-set - Apple iCal usability (ludovic)
0001752: [Web Calendar] Bad display of repeating appointments (francis)
0001055: [Web Calendar] Day events imported from .ics file are displayed on previous day (ludovic)
0001772: [Backend Calendar] Importing recurring events from Outlook 2010 makes sogo to terminate (ludovic)
0001759: [Backend Calendar] SOGo always crashing when specific record in calendar is present - with RRULE (ludovic)
0000843: [Web Calendar] ics web calendars with https and authentication (wsourdeau)
0000395: [Web General] Groups support for "automatically subscribe user" (ludovic)
0001532: [Backend Calendar] locations and ressources don't auto-accept if added later to an event (ludovic)
0001678: [Backend Calendar] Overbooking of ressources with recurring event possible (ludovic)
28 issues View Issues
Released 2012-03-23
0001718: [Backend Mail] Fix for 0001667 is incomplete, deleted folder are not unsubscripted (francis)
0001610: [SOPE] UnixSignalHandler: remove class (ludovic)
0001561: [Backend Address Book] VCards with percent encoded symbols in the uid are unavailable over caldav/webdav.
3 issues View Issues
Released 2012-02-16
0001551: [SOPE] description filed truncated after new line in sogo 1.3.11 (wsourdeau)
0001120: [Web Preferences] Preferences window can be opened multiple times (francis)
0001667: [Backend Mail] Rename or delete a folder doesn't update subscription file (francis)
0001673: [Web Preferences] Cannot create Signature in IE (francis)
0001681: [Web Calendar] Time input at wrong position in event edit window (francis)
0001682: [Web General] Translation of warning in mail and address book sharing not possible (francis)
0001677: [Web Preferences] Sieve filter doesn't work if there is a filter with no rule (francis)
0001663: [Web Mail] Malformed html in the compose window when SpanishArgentina localization is choosen (francis)
0001653: [Web Address Book] Can't create a new list in a newly created addressbook (francis)
0001655: [Web Mail] Create Filter From Message... (francis)
0001641: [Web Mail] scrollbar of mail edit window is too low (francis)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2012-02-05
0001626: [Web Mail] Mail sent and recieved by sogo webmail have double line breaks (html) (francis)
0001592: [SOPE] Calling [NGImap4ServerRoot -status] with incorrect signature. Method has v8@0:4, selector has C8@0:4 -- with patch (francis)
0001604: [Web Mail] When forwarding an email using IE7, IE8 or IE9, any attachments which you choose to delete are being forwarded anyway (francis)
0001558: [Web Calendar] "Snooze" is not translated in French (francis)
0001611: [Web Calendar] declined event not veiled under IE9 (francis)
0001471: [Backend Calendar] Resources auto-accept invitations even with conflicts with recurring events (francis)
0001475: [Web Address Book] Comma in contact causes splitting of recipient e-mail address (francis)
0001437: [Web Mail] Difficult to edit the vacation auto-reply message with FireFox (francis)
0001509: [Web Preferences] UIxPreferences.js, unable to save prefs (francis)
0001582: [sogo-tool] SOGoLDAPUserDefaults.m issues (ludovic)
0001565: [Web Mail] Strange parsing of addresses (francis)
0001564: [Web Preferences] Activate "reply" option when switching from html to text messages (francis)
0001382: [Web Mail] The user password with non-alphanumeric characters is modified at IMAP connections (ludovic)
0001423: [Backend Mail] WOSendMail defaults is not respected (ludovic)
0001502: [Web Mail] Empty mail aliases are not ignored with MySQL backend (ludovic)
0001556: [Web Calendar] No end date in calendar popups (francis)
0001555: [Web Calendar] Alarms on tasks must depend of the start date (francis)
0001554: [Web Mail] message list in mail view "disappearing" (francis)
0001547: [Web Mail] Replying to mail generates garbage in body (francis)
0000522: [Web Mail] Sub-folders do not show unread message count (francis)
0001019: [Web Mail] check sub-folders automatically (ludovic)
0001621: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV contacts are read-only in AddressBook on OS X 10.7.3
0001446: [Web Preferences] Vacation Message cannot end with a dot alone at the beginning of a line (ludovic)
0000755: [SOPE] Support for configuring LDAP password storage scheme (ludovic)
0001339: [Apple iPhone OS] Photo problem on iPhone (ludovic)
0001541: [Web Preferences] dateformats for norwegian locales (ludovic)
0001542: [Backend General] memcached over unix socket (ludovic)
0000965: [Web Mail] 0000522: Sub-folders do not show unread message count (ludovic)
0001289: [Web Mail] IMAP check all folders for new... (ludovic)
0001543: [Web Mail] SOGo 1.3.11: Mail Composition Window: "Subject" disappears after having selected receiver address(es) (francis)
30 issues View Issues
Released 2011-12-17
0001182: [Backend Address Book] Contacts with notes: only first line shows in web interface (wsourdeau)
       0001523: [Backend Calendar] New event description fields truncated after first line (wsourdeau)
0001297: [Web Calendar] Delete confirm dialog too heigh, no scrolling possible (francis)
0001316: [Backend Calendar] Missing To and From header encoding in sogo-ealarm-notify mails (francis)
0001531: [Web General] remember login cookie expires at end of session (francis)
0001292: [Backend Calendar] SOGo crashes (sometimes) when issuing PROPFIND (wsourdeau)
0001522: [Web Calendar] Setting recurrence causes time shift in Web display (wsourdeau)
0001518: [Web Calendar] SOGo 1.3.10 : a href link with target _blank - window.opener javascript (francis)
0001520: [Backend Calendar] Setting categories in Lightning causes exception (wsourdeau)
0001527: [sogo-tool] SoGo does not install on Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10
0001504: [SOPE] SOGo installation for Ubuntu 11.10 (jraby)
0001404: [SOPE] fix use after free resulting in segfault triggered by OGo (ludovic)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2011-11-30
0001383: [Backend Calendar] Problem with special characters in event UID (ludovic)
0001412: [Web Address Book] no UTF8 support in ldap-adressbook (ludovic)
0000892: [Backend General] fix vcard parsing and output with unit tests (wsourdeau)
0001497: [Backend General] escaping of ; and , (wsourdeau)
0001492: [Backend Calendar] missing quote in postgresql while inserting an apointment / task (ludovic)
0001484: [Backend General] Can't update vComponents with MySQL (francis)
0001441: [Backend Address Book] wrong DAV headers on OPTIONS request on global address book (wsourdeau)
0001459: [SOPE] fix build with clang/llvm and libobjc2 (ludovic)
0001482: [Web General] German localzation for 1.3.9 is incomplete (ludovic)
0001033: [Backend General] fix owner of files when "make install" for NGCards (ludovic)
0000676: [Web Preferences] Vacation / autoresponder (ludovic)
0001448: [Web Preferences] sieve: auto-expiration of vacation message (ludovic)
0001424: [Backend Address Book] Address Book in OS X 10.7 does not show the personal address book, but the directory (ludovic)
0001501: [Backend General] timezones bundled with sogo 1.3.9 is outdated (ludovic)
0001483: [Apple iPhone OS] CalDAV requests for URL-encoded UIDs with @ signs fail with 404 Not found (ludovic)
0000278: [Web Preferences] daemon crash if imap is unavailable (ludovic)
16 issues View Issues
Released 2011-09-01
0001422: [Web Mail] listing sous-dossier
0001478: [Web Calendar] Inviting an LDAP group doesn't work (francis)
0000411: [Web Address Book] No distinct icon for contacts lists (wsourdeau)
0001442: [Backend Calendar] Improper escaping of apostrophes ' (francis)
0001438: [Web Mail] Hidden messages in Firefox by using target="_blank" attribute (francis)
0001039: [Web Mail] cyrus - "Fatal error: word too long" when deleting a lot of messages (francis)
0001457: [Apple iPhone OS] iPhone 5 GM missing calendars (ludovic)
0001399: [Web Mail] Bug andd Bugfix: Create new Mail -- Split of E-Mail-Address broken (francis)
0001426: [Web Mail] Somtimes wrong email list is displayed (francis)
0001428: [Web Mail] web URL in angle brackets not usable (francis)
0001427: [Web Mail] URLs in angle brackets get additional semicolon in display (francis)
0001443: [Web Mail] Signature link is not there (fresh users) (francis)
0001419: [Web Address Book] Drop Down field to assign a contact to categories doesn't work (francis)
0001420: [Backend Mail] Missing translation classes (francis)
0001096: [Backend Calendar] iCal from Mac OS X 10.6 - can't move events between calendars - CalDAVMoveEntityQueueableOperation (ludovic)
0001425: [Backend Mail] Email is displayed with incorrect subject "Untitled" and body "untitled(0)"
0001242: [Backend Calendar] Setting of all ACL to None (ludovic)
0001400: [SOPE] unhandled exception in OGo with sope/gnustep-base combination
0001405: [SOPE] random segfault due to off by one triggered from OGo in NGHttpHeaderFieldParser.m
19 issues View Issues
Released 2011-07-19
0001385: [Backend General] Previous ACLs are lost when upgrading to 1.3.8 in a multi-domains setup (francis)
0001369: [SOPE] crash in the webinterface, just when the webinterface is idle (francis)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2011-07-14
0001109: [Apple iPhone OS] No sync of new contacts (ludovic)
0001376: [Backend Calendar] Calendar synchronization doesn't work with Thunderbird-2.x (ludovic)
0001365: [Web Calendar] SOGo should not accept empty calendar name (francis)
0001356: [Backend Calendar] Periodic nightly event won't be shown in day/week-view when it is on Sunday (francis)
0001355: [Backend Calendar] SOGo writes DATETIME format in EXDATE for all-day events (francis)
0000481: [Web Address Book] Empty members creating list on address book (francis)
0000809: [Web Preferences] Sieve settings (ludovic)
0000121: [Web Calendar] time range of event, free/busy (ludovic)
0001270: [Web Administration] Manage all sieve filters (ludovic)
0001272: [Web Mail] Empty folders when using a Yahoo Mail account (ludovic)
0001317: [Web Preferences] German Translation PreferencesUI/Mailfilter is a little bit confusing (ludovic)
0001225: [Web Mail] Not possible to read Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary in web GUI (ludovic)
0001309: [Web Calendar] Select a calendar with Chromium (francis)
0001342: [Backend General] bindAsCurrentUser doesn't work using indirect binds (ludovic)
0001327: [SOPE] stringByDeletingLastPathComponent must not be used with URLs (ludovic)
0001344: [Web Preferences] Sieve filter 'reject' generates incorrect script on single-line messages (ludovic)
0001358: [Web Preferences] Mailbox share ACLs - parse of IMAP GETACL fails if name contains a space (ludovic)
0001348: [Web Preferences] Mailbox share ACLs - implement groups (ludovic)
0001323: [Backend Calendar] Reschedule meeting from external user causes SOGo to generate mail FROM the external user (ludovic)
0001318: [Web Calendar] reschedule meeting problem (ludovic)
0001260: [Backend General] remove useless header include in NSString+Utilities.m (ludovic)
0001312: [Web Calendar] DURATION not properly set when changing existing event to all-day event (ludovic)
0000921: [SOPE] SOPE does not compile on Debian ARM platform (ludovic)
0001251: [Web Address Book] Import of exported LDIF don't work with Umlauts (ludovic)
0001294: [SOPE] Sogo restart fails during log rotate (ludovic)
0001262: [SOPE] fix header inclusion in UnixSignalHandler.h (ludovic)
0001034: [Backend General] -f parameter to hostname may not be known on some OS (ludovic)
0001035: [Backend General] On OpenBSD there is no -lcrypt (ludovic)
0001166: [SOPE] WOHTTPURLHandle.m doesn't implement cachedHandleForURL (ludovic)
0000751: [Web Calendar] Exact to the minute events are displayed incorrectly (francis)
0001276: [Web Mail] This email won't be correctly displayed (ludovic)
0000776: [Web Calendar] time zone in Webinterface (ludovic)
0001301: [Backend Calendar] iPhone title edit causes calendar shift (ludovic)
0001259: [Backend General] No libmemcached2 provided for Debian Lenny (jraby)
0001022: [SOPE] specific mail crashes sogo in SOPE NGMimeRFC822DateHeaderFieldParser (ludovic)
0001288: [SOPE] OpenBSD does have strndup(3) (ludovic)
0001377: [Web Mail] Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary results in empty message display
0000790: [Web Address Book] Contact synchronization WebGUI -> Thunderbird
0000057: [Web Mail] Group discussion by thread
0001295: [Web Mail] IMAP-Sharedfolder - Naming incorrect
40 issues View Issues
Released 2011-05-06
0001291: [Web Mail] IMAP namespace support - SOGo crashes with a NSRangeException (ludovic)
0001290: [Web Preferences] Link to signature disappears in some cases (francis)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2011-05-03
0001231: [Web General] SOGo RPM packages for REDHAT 6 (ludovic)
0001273: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Personal Calendar is placed in seemingly random location (ludovic)
0001271: [Web Calendar] Calendar selection after unsubsribe may lead to errors (francis)
0000003: [Backend Calendar] Feature Request: Ressource Planning (ludovic)
0000463: [Web Mail] when choosing email recipients, email composer doesn't switch fields on Enter like thunderbird does (francis)
0001241: [Web General] Selected rows cannot be unselected (francis)
0001250: [Web Address Book] Openend category list does not hide after tab switch (francis)
0001255: [Backend Calendar] Events with no ENDDT: in ics File (francis)
0001246: [Web Calendar] Not all e-mail addresses can be entered/edited/deleted in the web-addressbook (francis)
9 issues View Issues
Released 2011-02-26
0001036: [Backend Mail] Items moved to trash do not get really deleted (missing expunge) (francis)
0000283: [Web Mail] Add unread email count to window title (francis)
0000872: [Apple iPhone OS] Invitation support in iOS4 (ludovic)
0000736: [Web Mail] New mail displays only after second check (ludovic)
0001238: [Web Mail] Cannot work with folders containing some characters with diacritical marks in their names (ludovic)
0001216: [Web General] German localzation for 1.3.5a is incomplete (or incorrect) (ludovic)
0001224: [Web Calendar] Two errors in Dutch calendar text (ludovic)
0001190: [Web Calendar] Show completed tasks (francis)
0000842: [SOPE] prevent SOPE from linking against gnustep-gui when it is installed -- with patch (wsourdeau)
0000934: [Backend General] sogo-tool removedoubles: synchronizable deletes (wsourdeau)
0000945: [SOPE] Fix the build of NGStreams (wsourdeau)
0001030: [SOPE] fix configure to not create variables with spaces on OpenBSD (ludovic)
0001031: [SOPE] fix compilation warnings in SOPE due to missing header files (ludovic)
0001072: [SOPE] Fix compilation of SOPE on OpenBSD mips64 (ludovic)
0001005: [Web Calendar] task edition: automated input filling no longer works (wsourdeau)
0001045: [Web General] Custom page title (francis)
0001207: [Web General] Italian localization (francis)
0001180: [Backend Calendar] Events with repeating are not count to "busy" times (francis)
0001147: [Backend Calendar] Last occurrence of a recurring event not displayed - possible timezone problem ? (francis)
0001197: [Backend General] [1.3.6] Patch for feature "password change" with SQLSource (francis)
0001092: [Backend Calendar] Declining a single occurrence of a recurring event leads to declining of the master event in organizer's calendar. (ludovic)
0000310: [Web Calendar] all-day events are shifted when using timezones not available in the Olson database (francis)
0000311: [Web Calendar] all-day events with a specified timezone are shifted when appearing in another timezone (francis)
0000483: [Backend Calendar] timezone handling: SOGo does not handle the "default" timezone properly (francis)
0001181: [Web Mail] In mail source, User-Agent didn't show the good version (francis)
0001196: [Web Mail] Signature link disappeared (francis)
0001185: [Web Calendar] All day Event shown for two days - part2 (francis)
0000723: [Web Mail] Space character that follows Words containing accented characters are sometimes suppressed in subject (wsourdeau)
0001188: [Web Mail] Message appears empty in web mail (wsourdeau)
0000916: [Web Calendar] Timezone problem with Exchange 2007 (mismatch with FLE Standard Time?) (wsourdeau)
0001108: [Web Mail] [Webkit] Contextual menu for attachments not working (francis)
0001011: [Backend Address Book] categories with german Umlaute are trunkated in categories-preferences UI (wsourdeau)
0001144: [Web Calendar] All day Event shown for two days (francis)
0001163: [Web General] SOGo translated to Norwegian (ludovic)
0001143: [Backend Calendar] Can't edit/delete the occurrences of a recurring event (francis)
0001093: [Web Preferences] When no mail module, i can't admin categories (ludovic)
0001082: [Backend Address Book] SQL Addressbooks needs useless fields when not authenticating (ludovic)
0001145: [Web Mail] No BCC display when looking at sent mail. (ludovic)
0001135: [SOPE] Wrong service send by sogo with CAS auth_pam cas (ludovic)
0001117: [Backend General] relation "sogo_alarms_folder" not created when SOGoEnableEMailAlarms set to NO (ludovic)
0000416: [Backend General] sogo-tool backup does not work in multi domain environment (ludovic)
0001132: [Web Preferences] Filters are not active with IE 8 (francis)
0001079: [Backend General] Had to create sogo_alarms_folder manually despite of the presence of (ludovic)
0001076: [Web Calendar] Reoccuring event with EXDATE, timezone related bug (francis)
0001091: [Backend Address Book] Shared Contacts doesn't apperas in web interface when configured with multi-domain support. (ludovic)
45 issues View Issues
Released 2011-01-27
0001100: [Backend General] [1.3.5] "Unhandled error occurred" on login after upgrade (francis)
0001063: [Web Mail] INBOX/Drafts folder isn't being created initially during first save (francis)
2 issues View Issues
Released 2011-01-26
0001032: [Web General] (LDAP) Passwords containing '}' and ']' do not work (ludovic)
0001095: [Web Calendar] With, Internet Explorer unable to remove event (contextual menu doesn't show "delete event") (francis)
0000938: [Web Calendar] thunderbird changes to recurrent events don't show in web view (francis)
0001028: [Web Mail] make LDAP requests more configurable (francis)
0001089: [Web Calendar] Display of all-day events (francis)
0001068: [Web Mail] When printing some mail, characters are very small (francis)
0001020: [Backend Calendar] Email Alarms not working (ludovic)
0001038: [Web Calendar] Certain repeating events can't be edited from Web (francis)
0001049: [Web Mail] Compose email: address list not working correctly (francis)
0001009: [Web Mail] Long lines with non-ASCII characters split illegally (and then not displayed correctly) (ludovic)
0000556: [Backend General] Use the SQL field "mail" instead of "uid + MailDomain" (ludovic)
0001066: [Backend Mail] Mail aliases do not work with SQL-based authentication (ludovic)
0000997: [Web Address Book] i can't delete address book (francis)
0000967: [Backend General] SOGo not installable on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick (ludovic)
0000698: [Web General] Security bug: Usernames and passwords appearing in the http cookie (ludovic)
0000765: [Web Mail] Sent mails always include Reply-To: header (ludovic)
0000953: [Web General] Logout button available when using CAS (ludovic)
0001014: [Backend General] Feature request: MySQL SHA1 password hashing for user auth source (ludovic)
0001013: [Backend Mail] message content is logged (ludovic)
0000073: [Web Calendar] Show the current time as a line in the calendar view (francis)
20 issues View Issues
Released 2010-11-17
0000990: [Web Mail] Error in reply and forward with catalan language (ludovic)
0000956: [Web Calendar] Vanishing calendar events on update when loginname != uid (wsourdeau)
0000977: [Web Preferences] Wrong translation in german preferences (ludovic)
0000731: [Web Mail] webmail no longer retain flags on messages (francis)
0000973: [Web Mail] "No message" in French -> "aucun message" (ludovic)
0000972: [Web General] "Reload" in brasilian portuguese -> Atualizar (ludovic)
0000649: [Web Mail] selection of many messages in "live-loading" (francis)
0000964: [Backend Mail] Courier - no UTF-8 SORT support (ludovic)
0000958: [Web Mail] Missing translation for error messages (francis)
0000959: [Backend General] Folder addition translation templates aren't found for Cesky (ludovic)
0000929: [Backend General] E-mail notifications for repeating events (wsourdeau)
0000951: [Web Address Book] Setting of Category in Contact Card (francis)
0000955: [Web Preferences] sieve server searched at localhost instead of mailserver (ludovic)
0000922: [Backend Calendar] email-based alarms (ludovic)
0000928: [Web Mail] Get mail should not reload the entire table (francis)
0000954: [Web Preferences] Bad translation: absense -> absence (ludovic)
0000803: [Web Mail] (SMTP) false success when sending a message to both valid and invalid recipients (ludovic)
0000937: [Web General] Autocomplete does not work if user has scandinavian letters (ludovic)
0000459: [Web Calendar] When adding attendee, UTF8 characters doesn't handled correctly (ludovic)
0000905: [Backend Address Book] sogo-slapd-sockd not working (wsourdeau)
0000821: [Backend General] Allow to specify sieve port (ludovic)
0000920: [Web Mail] "in-reply-to"-Header wrong (ludovic)
0000505: [Backend Address Book] Categories in addressbook (wsourdeau)
0000917: [Backend General] RHEL/CentOS packaging: offer updated GNUstep packages (wsourdeau)
0000940: [Backend General] new JSON library (wsourdeau)
25 issues View Issues
Released 2010-10-19
0000272: [Backend Calendar] Calendar sync tag names are not released when a calendar is deleted (wsourdeau)
0000910: [Web Calendar] quick dates of events occurring on a time swith is badly computed (wsourdeau)
0000898: [Web Mail] autocompletion: very strange bug (francis)
0000909: [SOPE] SOPE (today's mtn) fails to build: Wrong location of SoObject.h given (ludovic)
0000854: [Web Calendar] Unstable delete option (francis)
0000841: [Web Calendar] auto complete of attendees error if entered to fast (francis)
0000895: [Web Mail] Clicking "reply" when no mail is selected will cause the current window to connect to /SOGo/[user]/Mail/reply (wsourdeau)
0000897: [Web Address Book] Clicking on the "write" toolbar button should cause a message to be displayed when no contact selected (wsourdeau)
0000831: [Web Mail] When adding a new IMAP acount on the WEBUI, the CPU overload (ludovic)
0000814: [Web Calendar] Mini calender one weekday off (francis)
0000864: [Web General] CTRL + A (select all) does not work on Firefox (francis)
0000756: [Backend Calendar] Groups are not usable in practice (francis)
0000855: [Web General] Polish translation fix (wsourdeau)
0000880: [Web General] Translation bug in invitation e-mail (francis)
0000866: [Web Calendar] DST & dragging all-day events (wsourdeau)
0000876: [Web Preferences] Apache Config (francis)
0000693: [Web Address Book] impossible to rename a subscribed folder (wsourdeau)
0000822: [Web Calendar] calendar description trucated by semi-colon ";" (wsourdeau)
0000845: [SOPE] c_folder_id unsigned and dirty log (wsourdeau)
0000862: [Web General] German localization fix (francis)
0000902: [Web Calendar] Events created after November 7 (DST Switch) show 1 hour off in Monthly View (wsourdeau)
21 issues View Issues
Released 2010-09-21
0000734: [Backend General] IDFieldName field not guaranteed to be read if bindFields is used (wsourdeau)
0000817: [Web Calendar] User name and email always appended to shared calendar name when editing properties (francis)
0000554: [Backend Mail] email address headers with a display name containing a "@" seems badly interpreted (wsourdeau)
0000762: [Web Address Book] Picture broken on Apple vCard import (wsourdeau)
0000218: [Web Mail] When an SMTP error occurs, SOGo should display a nice error message, rather than crashing abruptly (wsourdeau)
0000839: [Backend General] MISMATCH DIFFERENT DB (ludovic)
0000792: [Web Calendar] Wrong alert content when editing an alarm (ludovic)
0000709: [Backend General] iCal permissions not working (ludovic)
0000785: [Backend Calendar] Modification rights on a shared calendar in iCal (ludovic)
0000735: [Backend General] Documentation for "IDFieldName" is incorrect/misleading. (ludovic)
0000807: [Backend General] Debian/Squeeze: Broken control files for most of the packages (ludovic)
0000757: [Web General] User-Agent restriction (Opera not supported) (ludovic)
0000786: [Web Calendar] SOGo crashes with 5000 events (ludovic)
0000103: [Web Mail] Return receipts are not working (ludovic)
0000705: [SOPE] SOPE/SOGo 1.3.0 building problems (wsourdeau)
0000779: [Web Mail] SOGo sends replayed messages 2 times (ludovic)
0000376: [SOPE] "product" loading takes more time depending on the current directory (wsourdeau)
0000715: [Web Mail] Wrong UTF-8-coding of header lines when question mark is at the end (wsourdeau)
0000663: [Web Mail] Quoted printable decoding bug (wsourdeau)
0000558: [Backend Calendar] SOGo demo server is blocking iPhone app access via CalDAV (ludovic)
0000598: [Web Mail] Mail account settings (ludovic)
0000011: [Web Mail] Access to several IMAP accounts (ludovic)
0000270: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV support for Mac OSX Address Book (ludovic)
0000460: [Backend Mail] Patch for IMAP SSL support (ludovic)
0000770: [Backend Calendar] génération de RRULE (francis)
0000802: [Backend Calendar] setting of default roles to access a calendar (francis)
0000486: [Web Calendar] Wrong event when trying to set the previous date
0000827: [Web Mail] Not possible to Reply/Forward using Ukrainian localisation
0000761: [Web General] German localzation is incomplete (or incorrect)
29 issues View Issues
Released 2010-08-19
0000753: [Web Preferences] IE 8 doesn't display add filter page / javascript error (francis)
0000742: [Web Mail] Sent folder not refreshed after sending a message (francis)
0000684: [Backend Mail] SOGo put strange character on e-mail (ludovic)
0000716: [Web Mail] Can't copy/move mails to an IMAP folder containing a & (ludovic)
0000682: [Web Administration] Subscribing user to his/her own calendar (francis)
0000665: [Backend Calendar] ical vs sogo recurring events (ludovic)
0000191: [Backend Calendar] Update the CalDAV scheduling code (ludovic)
0000711: [Backend General] Documentation bugs (ludovic)
0000697: [Backend General] Update Ukranian translation (ludovic)
0000714: [Web General] SOGo Polish transtation & 2 small fixes (ludovic)
0000703: [Backend General] Support for crypt passwords (ludovic)
0000690: [Web Calendar] Empty rows in event text after import from ics file (ludovic)
0000717: [Web Mail] Cache issue with the "Drafts" IMAP folder (francis)
0000699: [Backend General] Typo(s) in german mail templates (modifying access rights/ACLs) (francis)
0000691: [Web Calendar] Response window: autocompletion menu for delegates shows up in top left corner of window (francis)
15 issues View Issues
Released 2010-07-21
0000678: [Web Calendar] All day events span two days in month view (wsourdeau)
0000612: [Backend General] Debian Packages of Production Version (wsourdeau)
0000657: [Web Calendar] Publishing of public URLS (wsourdeau)
0000581: [Backend General] Updating sogo in debian does not restart sogo (wsourdeau)
0000675: [SOPE] SOGoProfileURL parsed incorrectly after Ubuntu upgrade 9.10 -> 10.04 (ludovic)
0000650: [Web Calendar] Creator of new event do not see his own free/busy matrix in the "Invite Attendees" window (francis)
0000629: [Web Mail] Special caracters in folder name issues (francis)
0000674: [Web Address Book] Birthday date validation in JavaScript (francis)
0000679: [Backend General] Documentation Example Incorrect (francis)
0000666: [Web Mail] Enable spell-checking option in CKEditor (francis)
0000673: [Web Preferences] sieve filters aren't installed if there's a syntax error in the mail transfert dialog (francis)
0000671: [Web Mail] Sogod crashed when italian language is selected (ludovic)
0000661: [Backend Calendar] fetching webcalendars in HTTPS requires SSL.bundle (ludovic)
0000620: [Backend Mail] bare LFs on messages with attachments (ludovic)
0000647: [Web Mail] malformated - multipart message encoding (wsourdeau)
0000058: [Backend Mail] Special message make sogod crash (wsourdeau)
0000607: [Web General] Force the language of the Web interface (francis)
0000596: [Backend General] sogo-tool help (ludovic)
0000465: [Backend Address Book] TRUE in Ldap filters are replaced with YES, leading to invalid ldap search expression (ludovic)
0000622: [Web Mail] multiple recipients in the same 'to:' field results in broken message (francis)
0000605: [Backend General] memcached package preventing libevent update on RHEL5 (francis)
0000349: [Web Address Book] regression: pressing "return" does not save the current list/card (francis)
0000115: [Web Calendar] Web interface should provide .ics and caldav links (ludovic)
0000085: [Web Calendar] retrieve a .ics with http get (ludovic)
0000468: [Web General] long tabs are displayed improperly in short windows (ludovic)
0000055: [Web Calendar] managing availability timeframes in invitations (ludovic)
0000008: [Web Calendar] Edit event's category (ludovic)
0000637: [Web Calendar] Show location in web calendar main view without click (wsourdeau)
0000631: [Web Mail] Remember columns sort (francis)
0000010: [Web Mail] remember the width of columns (francis)
0000009: [Web Mail] Column names scrolls along with the list of mails (ludovic)
0000162: [Backend Calendar] setting of free/busy option for calendars (ludovic)
0000606: [Backend General] typo in german locale (ludovic)
0000613: [Web Calendar] Event Category Color
34 issues View Issues
Released 2010-05-04
0000594: [Web Address Book] "New Card" in shared LDAP address book -> Proxy Error (francis)
0000047: [Web General] Subscription/unsubscription links sent by email don't work (ludovic)
0000023: [Web Calendar] It should be possible to have a local name for subscribed calendars (ludovic)
0000601: [Web Mail] Delete denied in INBOX is not shown to user (francis)
0000210: [Backend General] request of new "sogo-tool" command 'remove' option (wsourdeau)
0000401: [Web Calendar] Custom repeating event shows incorrectly on the web version (francis)
0000087: [Backend Calendar] Add support to recurrent events of type "First Monday of month" (francis)
       0000577: [Web Calendar] Cannot edit this event in Month View (francis)
0000156: [Web Address Book] Export of complete addressbook (wsourdeau)
0000434: [Backend Calendar] sogo refuses imip invitations for recurrence exceptions (wsourdeau)
0000524: [Backend Calendar] Receipt time off when selecting :15 :30 :45 minute past the hour (francis)
0000570: [Web Mail] generic.js syntax error (francis)
0000559: [Backend Mail] Can't send mail via SMTP due to bad address syntax (wsourdeau)
0000551: [Web General] Multiple selections with CTRL not working on Linux. (wsourdeau)
0000433: [Web Mail] Obtain imap password from authorization header in proxy auth mode (wsourdeau)
0000565: [Backend Calendar] a crash occurs when appointment receipts are sent (wsourdeau)
0000530: [Web Preferences] Too many modules activated > window not correctly resized (wsourdeau)
0000534: [Web Calendar] Events importation dialog box doesn't follow scrollbar (wsourdeau)
0000389: [Web Mail] Sogo courier-imap shared folders (wsourdeau)
0000344: [Web Mail] Sogo + Courier-Imap #shared namespace (wsourdeau)
0000427: [Backend Calendar] notification emails: consistency (ludovic)
       0000418: [Web Calendar] wrong message when modifying a meeting location (wsourdeau)
       0000419: [Web Calendar] wrong message when an invitation is delegated (wsourdeau)
       0000216: [Backend Calendar] Complete conversion of .wo to .wox (ludovic)
0000471: [Web Mail] Double FROM address when sending mail (ludovic)
0000345: [Backend Mail] SOGo can't go directly to a particular directory (wsourdeau)
0000393: [Backend Calendar] Invitation problems between sogo-systems (wsourdeau)
0000493: [Web Preferences] Sieve filtering (wsourdeau)
0000544: [Web Mail] HTML paste from word does not work (francis)
0000542: [Web Calendar] "Drag_and_drop" by new Event (francis)
0000432: [Web Preferences] Sieve delete and upload script error (wsourdeau)
0000532: [Web Calendar] No cancellation email when an attendee is removed from an event (francis)
0000538: [Web Calendar] finding free slots sometimes make SOGo crash (wsourdeau)
0000539: [Web Calendar] Break Dbl click on calendar in firefox (francis)
0000535: [Web General] [patch] Popup menus opening partially off-screen (francis)
0000536: [Web General] [patch] Drag events firing with right mouse button (francis)
0000490: [Web Mail] Header "User-Agent" in messages sent from SOGo (francis)
0000469: [Web Calendar] In month view, dragging the bar to view next events open the create event window (francis)
0000508: [Web Calendar] Wrong label "Delete Calendar" in contextual menu for subscribed calendars (francis)
0000499: [Web Administration] Adminitration doesn't work (francis)
0000526: [Backend Address Book] when composing a message, the search of contacts via CardDAV is inefficient (wsourdeau)
0000497: [Web Calendar] SOGo doesn't update webcalendars (ludovic)
0000496: [Backend General] Translate the ppolicy information/error messages (ludovic)
0000480: [Backend General] Example config for SQL Authentification is incorrect (ludovic)
0000507: [Backend General] Repcached support for SOGo (ludovic)
0000470: [Web Calendar] Umlauts in title will not be saved with IE8 (wsourdeau)
0000503: [Web Calendar] doubles entries WebUI for all-day events (ludovic)
0000506: [Web Calendar] ugly problem with time zone (wsourdeau)
0000235: [Web Calendar] Inconsistency between SyncML clients and web interface (ludovic)
0000495: [Backend General] Cleanup the ppolicy prefs confusion (ludovic)
0000219: [Web Calendar] Color picker does not close when color is choosen (ludovic)
0000485: [Backend General] problems with webdav-sync and CalDAVStartTimeLimit (wsourdeau)
0000431: [Web Calendar] wrong day and doubles entries WebUI (wsourdeau)
0000462: [Web Calendar] drag and drop events in a subscribed calendar not possible (wsourdeau)
0000450: [Web Preferences] Sieve script not activated (wsourdeau)
0000444: [Web Calendar] DnD - Occurrence of recurrent event is shifted once edited after DST change (wsourdeau)
0000398: [Web Preferences] defaultbc link not created in sieve directory when activating Vacation or Forward scripts (ludovic)
0000454: [Web Calendar] Events added in web client calendar appear one hour earlier in Lightning for timezone Australia/Melbourne (wsourdeau)
0000477: [Web Calendar] Sharing - useless search ops (ludovic)
0000458: [Web Mail] Use sieve to move incomming messages to subfolders (ludovic)
0000461: [Backend General] Debian package version still shows 1.2.0 (ludovic)
0000449: [SOPE] Patch for SOGoMemcachedPort configuration parameter (ludovic)
0000447: [Backend General] Fixes for openSUSE build (ludovic)
0000492: [Web Calendar] All day events span across two days
0000484: [Backend Mail] No way to specify IMAP port
0000445: [Web Preferences] Non ASCII characters in vacation message on SOGo -> Preferences -> Vacation
0000453: [Web Calendar] wrong Week number
67 issues View Issues
Released 2010-02-19
0000441: [Web General] Identifier besides "Disconnect" link should be the user name (wsourdeau)
0000346: [Web Mail] Sogo + Courier Imap (wsourdeau)
0000359: [Backend General] restore data user with sogo-tool (wsourdeau)
0000390: [Web Mail] When using IMAP subscriptions, an IMAP folder will disappear when it is renamed (ludovic)
       0000223: [Web Mail] Deleting a mail folder when showing only subscribed mailboxes will not show the deleted folder under "Trash" (ludovic)
0000403: [Backend Mail] SOGo causes the load to spike consuming the cpu fully (wsourdeau)
0000391: [Web Calendar] Misalignment of rows in invitation window under Firefox (wsourdeau)
0000406: [Web General] Debian package does not include SOGo-debian.conf (wsourdeau)
0000305: [Web Calendar] Private events viewable by other people (ludovic)
0000423: [Web Calendar] attendee window: cursor stays as text cursor although field cannot be edited (wsourdeau)
0000428: [Web Calendar] response window: "Keep sending me updates" is useless (wsourdeau)
0000426: [Web Calendar] event description hides contextual menu (wsourdeau)
0000422: [Web Calendar] color window: should close after choice (wsourdeau)
0000421: [Web General] translations/other text improvements (wsourdeau)
0000417: [Web Calendar] invitations can be dragged (wsourdeau)
0000380: [Web Calendar] month view: event cells too small (wsourdeau)
0000147: [Web Calendar] drag and drop in web calender (ludovic)
0000412: [Web Calendar] IE7: exception occuring when the event view popup should appear (wsourdeau)
0000028: [Web Calendar] several bugs in appointment display (wsourdeau)
0000409: [Web Address Book] Drag handles in Contacts module are not restored (francis)
0000410: [Web Address Book] Personal addressbook is selected even when canceling the deletion of another addressbook (francis)
0000396: [Backend Mail] failed IMAP login blocks SOGo during 30 seconds (wsourdeau)
0000370: [Web Calendar] property window too small
0000415: [Web Mail] S/MIME Signature shown as invalid, even when TB tells OK (ludovic)
0000341: [Web Calendar] problem with event deleting
25 issues View Issues
Released 2010-01-25
0000382: [Web Address Book] IE7: "Other" tab is offset into the top (wsourdeau)
0000361: [Web Calendar] the "reload" button does not refresh the "unifinder" list (francis)
0000351: [Web Address Book] list viewer: empty emails are still "displayed" (francis)
0000377: [Backend Calendar] sogo-tool: restoring recurrent events make sogo-tool crash (wsourdeau)
0000320: [Web Calendar] Can't choose calendar for events via Web (francis)
0000164: [Web Calendar] deleting an invitation (when organizer) does not remove the boxes in the attendee calendars (francis)
0000213: [Web Calendar] Creating a new event while a web calendar is selected displays a read-only window (wsourdeau)
0000340: [Web Calendar] incorrect display of minutes of events start time (wsourdeau)
0000233: [Backend Calendar] iCal 4 won't sync with SOGo with multiple calendars (ludovic)
0000316: [Backend Address Book] Non-ASCII characters incorrectly represented for the shared address book (wsourdeau)
0000277: [Backend Calendar] iPhone/iCal synchronisation problem (wsourdeau)
0000313: [Web Calendar] resizing between read-only and read-write event editors is wrong (wsourdeau)
0000078: [Web Calendar] Read-only event invitation still have input fields and buttons (francis)
0000314: [Backend General] ldap: bindFields should be an array (ludovic)
0000312: [Web Calendar] the "Calendar:" attribute is displayed wrong in the event balloons (wsourdeau)
0000263: [Backend General] JSON converter converts \ to \n (wsourdeau)
0000237: [Web Calendar] All-day events passed DST spawns on two days in the Month View (wsourdeau)
0000300: [SOPE] SOPE/sogo-debian.diff includes outdated version of SOPE/sope-patchset-r1660.diff (wsourdeau)
0000280: [Web Mail] Forwarded mail (using HTML format) > Malformatted headers (ludovic)
0000201: [Backend Mail] How to set SMTP port (other than 25)? (ludovic)
0000302: [Backend General] SOPE (or SOGo) might leak LDAP fds (ludovic)
0000250: [Web Calendar] Clicking 'refresh' in web interface's calendar view does not refresh tasks (ludovic)
0000221: [Backend General] sogo-tool Ecxeption GSCachedInt(instance) does not recognize _isLDIFSafe (ludovic)
0000208: [Web General] "session creation requested" messages (ludovic)
0000286: [Web Address Book] WEStringTableManager missing translations directory ... (ludovic)
0000260: [Web Mail] Can't delete messages from the trash folder (ludovic)
0000298: [Backend General] Remove all references to Anais (ludovic)
0000184: [Web Calendar] "Delete appointment" in context menu (ludovic)
0000197: [Backend Calendar] Kolab stuff (ludovic)
0000234: [Web Calendar] Calendar name should appear in the dialog popup of each event (francis)
0000227: [Web Calendar] Transparency over the accept/decline icons (francis)
0000253: [Web Preferences] Specify default categories for preferences and calendar module (ludovic)
0000292: [Backend General] Bind to localhost (wsourdeau)
0000289: [Backend Calendar] error with CalDAV POSTS (url handling) (ludovic)
0000074: [Backend Calendar] CalDAV URL issues with scheduling (ludovic)
0000080: [Backend General] Associate a mail domain by LDAP Source (ludovic)
0000143: [Backend General] Debian package issues (ludovic)
0000220: [Backend General] Provide nightly builds for Debian (ludovic)
0000020: [Backend Calendar] Sogo Calendar chrashes with NSInvalidArgumentException (ludovic)
0000182: [Web General] Username and Refresh (ludovic)
0000273: [Backend General] Apache configuration depends on root directory permissions (francis)
0000258: [Web Calendar] changing color of calendar (ludovic)
0000261: [Web Preferences] SOGo crashes when switching from html to text mail format, and vice-versa (ludovic)
0000224: [Backend General] Drop SOGoAuthentificationMethod (ludovic)
0000238: [Backend General] Notification templates don't encode MIME headers in QP (ludovic)
0000236: [Backend General] deserialization from memcached sometimes fail (ludovic)
0000215: [Web Calendar] Can't delegate an occurrence of a recurring event (francis)
0000212: [Web Calendar] Closing an event editor window doesn't close the associated definition windows (francis)
0000284: [Web Mail] Broken Baltic charsets (ludovic)
0000239: [Web Address Book] missing bundle for framework: 'scriptaculous' (wsourdeau)
0000222: [Backend General] Ubuntu Packages?
51 issues View Issues
Released 2009-10-28
0000198: [Web Address Book] Double-quotes in display name corrupts links of email addresses (francis)
0000196: [Web Address Book] Email addresses in contacts lists are not linked (user4)
0000194: [Web Calendar] iCalRecurrenceCalculator loop (ludovic)
0000127: [Web Calendar] Can't move an event/task to a shared calendar with "create" rights (francis)
0000112: [Web Calendar] Save events list view in Calendar module (user4)
0000113: [Web Mail] MailFieldNames are ignored when composing email with saved preferences (user4)
0000167: [Web Mail] SOGo doesn't display new comming message with attachment (ludovic)
0000166: [Web Mail] doesn't not display jpg in attachment (ludovic)
0000111: [Backend Calendar] Sogo does not work with iCal 4.0 (ludovic)
0000180: [Backend Calendar] Adding event in Lightning shifted one hour in web interface (ludovic)
0000183: [Web Calendar] Inconsistency between web interface and lightning (ludovic)
0000133: [Backend Calendar] MKCOL addressbook succeeds in calendar-homeset (ludovic)
0000179: [Web Calendar] doesn't not display events in 'Event List box' (francis)
0000181: [Web Calendar] Event invitation in edited event (ludovic)
0000177: [Web Address Book] Missing name in contacts added to list (ludovic)
0000171: [Web Calendar] clicking an event in the "unifinder" should scroll the calendar view (francis)
0000154: [Web Calendar] Problems with dailyight savings time (ludovic)
0000174: [Backend Mail] IMAP: excessive invocations of "capability" (ludovic)
0000141: [Backend Mail] SOGo should stop issuing QUOTA commands when not supported (ludovic)
0000140: [Backend Mail] SOGo overloads server with useless "CAPABILITY" requests during client-side sorts (ludovic)
0000158: [Web Calendar] Day view - selection (francis)
0000100: [Backend General] Missing dependency on CentOS5: libevent (required by memcached) (ludovic)
0000163: [Backend Calendar] Transfer of time zone within Funambol synchronization (ludovic)
0000165: [Web Mail] incorrect recoding from windows-1250 charset (ludovic)
0000145: [Web Preferences] No proper fallback for most preferences (francis)
0000102: [Backend Address Book] Debian Package and Apache Configuation (user4)
0000090: [Web Calendar] Show Completed Tasks > not kept when switching between modules (user4)
0000096: [Web Address Book] Search/filter field overlaps the toolbar in popup view of contacts (user4)
0000097: [Web Mail] HTML editor has its own resize handle (user4)
0000094: [Web Calendar] refreshes to the views should not change the scrolling of the calendar view (user4)
0000089: [Web Mail] Select account + action results in an error (user4)
0000098: [Web Address Book] Javascript error in IE when opening contacts popup window from mail module (user4)
0000107: [Web Calendar] clicking on a "view d&t" type event doesn't select it (user4)
0000129: [Web Calendar] Context menu: Modify -> Properties (user4)
0000138: [Web Preferences] Language should be configurable from the preferences (user4)
0000149: [Web Calendar] WebCalendar doesn't subscribe webcalendar without events, same for import (ludovic)
0000139: [Web Calendar] dialog boxes of webcalendar (user4)
0000136: [Web Mail] 'Empty Trash' command (ludovic)
0000126: [Web General] General preference for the first day of the week (ludovic)
0000142: [Web Address Book] export of contact with empty e-mail address doesn't work (ludovic)
0000026: [Web Calendar] Calendar import/export (user4)
0000025: [Web Address Book] Contacts import/insert into SOGo Personal Address Book (user4)
0000119: [Backend General] WOPort (ludovic)
0000161: [Web Calendar] Freebusy information is lost in attendees invitation window when changing the start/end time (francis)
0000088: [Web Preferences] Being able to set "Week Begins on" in config file
0000152: [Web Address Book] "Adresboeken" string erroneously in English translation file
46 issues View Issues
Released 2009-08-12
0000091: [Web Mail] Mail compose > Contacts > no scroll bar (francis)
0000067: [Web Calendar] Removing an attendee from a meeting doesn't remove the meeting from the user's calendar (francis)
0000066: [Web Mail] Avoid HTTP 400 errors when sending an email with no recipient or no subject (francis)
0000036: [Web Preferences] Javascript error in CKeditor, html to text signature (francis)
0000075: [Web Mail] Problems by using Czech language (ludovic)
0000022: [Web Calendar] It should be possible to disable reminders and tasks from other users calendars (user4)
0000083: [Web Mail] HTML composition on IE7 no longer works (user4)
0000046: [Web Address Book] Search by organization (francis)
0000052: [Web Calendar] event/task creation: no default title (user4)
0000061: [Web Calendar] Status checkbox of read-only tasks should be disabled (user4)
0000082: [Web Mail] Annoying scroll when deleting messages (user4)
0000070: [Backend Calendar] email notifications to multiple attendees from iCal (wsourdeau)
0000068: [Web Calendar] Show "All" events doesn't show the events right away (ludovic)
0000053: [Web Calendar] popup menu in the calendar view (bottom) (francis)
14 issues View Issues
Released 2009-07-14
0000048: [Backend General] Unsubscribing from a folder in DAV causes a crash in SOGoGCSFolder.m (user4)
0000018: [Backend Mail] Problem with folders with a trailing + character (wsourdeau)
0000056: [Web Mail] SOGo doesn't diplay tiff attachment (ludovic)
0000002: [Web Mail] Drag'n'drop doesn't exist (francis)
       0000034: [Web Mail] Drag'n'drop to a read-only IMAP folder silently fails (francis)
       0000044: [Web General] Drag'n'drop can be initiate from a table header (user4)
0000043: [Web General] Attached "links" aren't displayed (francis)
0000042: [Web Mail] Mailboxes scrollbar gets partly hidden (francis)
8 issues View Issues
Released 2009-06-05
0000012: [Web Calendar] Only owner of a calendar can delete an event (wsourdeau)
0000015: [Backend Mail] Sogo IMAP client chrashes too easily on odd characters in foldernames (wsourdeau)
2 issues View Issues
Released 1970-01-01
0002046: [Packaging (RedHat)] optimized debugging builds (plevesque)
0003699: [Documentation] New db sturcture documenation - OCSSessionsFolderURL change (plevesque)
0003109: [Backend General] Sogo group error on new install (Debian - amd64) (plevesque)
0003642: [Packaging (Debian)] Sogo does not work with mysql backend on Ubuntu 16.04 due to packages that cannot be installed (plevesque)
0003632: [Packaging (RedHat)] Latest CentOS 6 libldb update incompatible with samba 4.1.18 from sogo repo (ludovic)
0003230: [Packaging (Debian)] Post-installation should run database migration script (plevesque)
0003053: [Packaging (Debian)] is not executable (plevesque)
0002166: [Backend General] Option precedence is unintuitive (jraby)
0001374: [Web Mail] Webmail crash in 20110713 nightly (francis)
0000795: [Backend General] Event details in invitation e-mail (ludovic)
0000635: [Web Calendar] participation status is no longer represented in the web views (francis)
0000566: [Web Address Book] Contact create/edit doesn't work (wsourdeau)
12 issues View Issues
Released 1970-01-01
0005393: [Backend Calendar] Invitations created with Thunderbird or web interface contain additional chars (francis)
0005391: [Backend Calendar] Invite e-mails in Thunderbird throw a 'unknown timezone' error because of bad quoted-printable encoding (3d3d) (francis)
0005491: [Web Mail] "Unhandled error" at webmail login (francis)
0005489: [Backend Calendar] "MAIL" attribue removed from valid prop-filters in nightly (francis)
0004801: [Backend Calendar] Sogo's event invetetion with reminder is not working for MS clients - not supported calendar message.ics (francis)
0005442: [Web Mail] New message window stuck at loading animation (francis)
0005400: [Web Mail] Recipient search problem (francis)
0005383: [Backend General] Cyrillic unreadable in event notifications (francis)
0005378: [Web Mail] Unreadable content on sent emails (francis)
0005272: [Web Mail] Mail editor: icons in toolbar are missing (francis)
0005160: [Web Calendar] Request failed: Instance of recurring events not deletable (francis)
0005090: [Web Preferences] Two factor auth cannot be turned on (francis)
0005089: [Backend Mail] Modifying email filters not possible (francis)
0005083: [Web Mail] Signature not replaced/removed in Send Dialog (francis)
0005070: [with SOGo] [SOGo] current source cannot synchronize defaults (francis)
0005072: [Web Mail] no identity selected when replying to mail and always open mail composer "in a popup window" is set (francis)
0005054: [Web Mail] AutoReply with Mail identities no longer select an identity as reply (neither the default nor the addressed one) (francis)
0004903: [Backend Calendar] All-Day events created in Thunderbird are displayed as 24h event (francis)
0004356: [ActiveSync] Search in the global address book via EAS does not work (francis)
0005062: [Web Mail] Can't add new IMAP account from Web GUI (francis)
0005052: [Web Mail] Mail identities no longer work (francis)
21 issues View Issues
0005635: [with SOGo] Support Thunderbird 102 (sebastien)
0005736: [with SOGo] Calendar properties (color, name) synced only one way (SOGo -> Thunderbird) (sebastien)
0005824: [with SOGo] Fail to remove/unsubscribe calendars (sebastien)
3 issues View Issues
0004583: Event creator's email address is truncated in the invitation sent to attendees. (francis)
0004855: [with SOGo] Sogo connector is not compatible with Thunderbird anymore (ludovic)
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0003348: search for contact category in thunderbird address book broken (ludovic)
0003894: [with external server] Thunderbird 45.4.0 will not proper create new remote addressbook (ludovic)
0004359: [with SOGo] Category search is broken (ludovic)
0004094: [Backend Address Book] Remote contact deletions aren't reflected in Lightning (ludovic)
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0003770: [with SOGo] Contacts cannot be synced anymore if category is edited through context menu (ludovic)
0002570: [with external server] Multiple emails not synchronized (ludovic)
0003072: [with external server] If-Match eTag Issue when making changes without synchronizing before (ludovic)
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0003042: [with external server] GET request has invalid Accept: MIME type (ludovic)
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0002888: [Backend Address Book] Cannot add remote address book (ludovic)
0002922: [with external server] sogo-connector: parallel make not working (ludovic)
0002870: Thunderbird 31: address auto complete not working (ludovic)
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0002692: [Backend Address Book] Thunderbird cannot remember login/password for contacts (ludovic)
0002739: SOGo Connector keeps requesting in endless loop when password is wrong, millions of failed requests per user (ludovic)
0002714: [with SOGo] Read-Only Shared Address Boooks - updates fail if user updates local copy (ludovic)
0001706: [GUI] Delete in Thunderbird address book should ask confirmation (ludovic)
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0002420: [General] Sogo-connector 17.0.5 cyrillic categories (ludovic)
0002311: [with external server] Sogo doesn't handle a 403 response after a REPORT request (ludovic)
0002328: [GUI] provide some visual feedback for sync (ludovic)
0002393: [with SOGo] handle periodic sync (ludovic)
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0001713: [with external server] SOGO CardDAV connector fails with certain contenttypes (ludovic)
0002436: [GUI] Some strings are not translated (ludovic)
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0001988: [GUI] Can't delete/"unsubscribe" remote addressbook from Thunderbird
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0001662: [with SOGo] Path parsing does not work on Windows (XP, maybe also Vista/7) and causes stop of sync with 10.0pre4 (wsourdeau)
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Released 2011-04-08
0001343: [with external server] Sogo Connector sends invalid BDAY field in VCARD (for Apple/Darwin calendarserver) (wsourdeau)
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Released 2010-12-03
0000966: [GUI] Contact pictures synchronisation problem (wsourdeau)
0000933: [with external server] A newly added address to a carddav address book hosted on apple address book server ends with an error in srv-logfile (wsourdeau)
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Released 2010-11-16
0000969: [Backend Address Book] Move contacts to contacts list in TB3 is not sync on SOGo (wsourdeau)
0000957: [Backend Address Book] Fail sync if I move contact from an address book to another (wsourdeau)
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Released 2010-01-22
0000017: [GUI] match-type in REPORT query (wsourdeau)
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Released 2009-07-20
0000040: CalDAV with Lightening (Inverse editino)
0000032: T-Bird cutom fields are loosing their values syncing from sogo
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Released 2009-07-08
0000041: [GUI] SOGo integrator breaks other CalDAV sources (wsourdeau)
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0003353: [Backend Calendar] Calendar colors are not communicated to the server (ludovic)
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0001732: Unsubscription of calendar disabled (ludovic)
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0001652: Initial address book sync to SOGo doesn't create contact lists correctly. (wsourdeau)
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0001056: big subscription dialog for Windows 7 (wsourdeau)
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0000968: [Backend Address Book] Duplicate contacts every restart if user had contacts in their address book before the extensions are installed (wsourdeau)
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0000833: Extension updates for TB3 don't download (ludovic)
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Released 2010-01-22
0000214: Thunderbird will not receive plugin updates from update server (ludovic)
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Released 2009-07-20
0000050: subscription buttons should disappear when the calendar tree is collapsed (left view) (wsourdeau)
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