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0004278SOGoBackend Address Bookpublic2017-09-08 08:02
ReporterKyoshiro-san Assigned Tofrancis  
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSDebianOS Version8 (Jessie)
Product Version3.2.10 
Fixed in Version4.0.0 
Summary0004278: vCard ORG entry has reversed o/ou values

Fetching a vCard using version of SOGo, ORG field is reversed and we obtain:
ORG=organizational unit (ou);organizational name (o)
instead of:
ORG=organizational name (o);organizational unit (ou)

This leads Thunderbird SOGo connector to populate fields in the wrong order, placing LDAP "o" values in Department and LDAP "ou" values in Organization. Same problem of course on DAVDroid on mobile even though it's less visible.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Create accounts in your LDAP having "o" and "ou" attributes
  • Install version of SOGo and configure it with LDAP addressbook
  • Install sogo-connector-31.0.5 on thunderbird
  • Setup the addressbook sync in thunderbird
  • Department and Organization are reversed.
Additional Information

The RFC states:

6.6.4. ORG

Special notes: The property is based on the X.520 Organization Name
and Organization Unit attributes [CCITT.X520.1988]. The property
value is a structured type consisting of the organization name,
followed by zero or more levels of organizational unit names.

  The SORT-AS parameter MAY be applied to this property.


 ORG-param = "VALUE=text" / sort-as-param / language-param
           / pid-param / pref-param / altid-param / type-param
           / any-param
 ORG-value = component *(";" component)

Example: A property value consisting of an organizational name,
organizational unit 0000001 name, and organizational unit 0000002 name.

       ORG:ABC\, Inc.;North American Division;Marketing
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sogo: master 3189e0e1

2017-09-07 13:41


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LDIF to vCard: inverse values of "ou" and "o"

Fixes 0004278
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mod - SoObjects/Contacts/NGVCard+SOGo.m Diff File

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