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0002599SOGowith SOGopublic2016-12-16 20:54
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Summary0002599: Duplicate calendar notifications

There is a problem, which can be reproduced using the iCal4OL plugin, where people invited to meetings in Outlook get a double email notification. It seems that Outlook will always send out an invite (and I'm guessing some other clients will as well) and then when Sogo gets the request it also sends the invites out.

From talking to the iCal4OL developer it seems that there is a part of the CalDav spec to support looking for:


In the event and if that is present then Sogo shouldn't send out emails regarding the event. I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement but it would be a massive help in us being able to provide a nice clean experience to our Exchange converts.

Steps To Reproduce

Using the iCal4OL plugin connected to a Sogo calendar create an appointment and invite another user. Then run a sync (or wait for an auto sync) and a second email will be sent (providing Sogo has been configured to send emails via the SOGoAppointmentSendEMailNotifications config flag).

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2014-06-03 15:04

reporter   ~0007149

+1, clients that are pure caldav clients (i.e. send invitations twice.



2014-06-03 15:20

administrator   ~0007150

We already support this:

The property must be set on the organizer.



2014-06-03 16:38

reporter   ~0007151


From which SOGo version is it supported?



2015-02-04 11:25

reporter   ~0008133

Is there a way to stop Outlook send notification by itself?
I use Outlook 2013 with Activesync, but also have the problem.
Besides the mail that Outlook send doesn't work with code: 404 error.



2016-01-20 11:27

reporter   ~0009303

We seem to have the same problem. Outlook itself insists in sending notification, later when event is synced via iCal4OL to SOGo, SOGo will send another one.

Setting SOGoAppointmentSendEMailNotifications = NO is not an option since it would kill notifications for Thunderbird clients.

What is the right approach to solve this?


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