Released 2020-08-10
0005086: [Web Mail] Forward is losing attachmets if filenames same (francis)
0005078: [Backend Mail] Does the latest nightly build support STARTTLS and SSL for SMTP service? (francis)
0005073: [Packaging (RedHat)] %post scriptlet failed in (CentOS 7) RPM package (francis)
0000031: [Backend Mail] Support for SMTP SASL AUTH and SMTP TLS/SSL
0004684: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool on FreeBSD 12.0 always triggers MySQL error "Got an error reading communication packets" (ludovic)
0001159: [Web Mail] Mail Serch: Should search "Subject or Sendar" instead of "Subject" (francis)
0005117: [Web Mail] no identity selected when replying to a mail with self in bcc (francis)
0005116: [Web Calendar] Creating a new task: all categories are displayed in grey color (francis)
0005087: [Web Mail] Using default identity in Replay and Forward dialog (francis)
0004295: [Web Calendar] Calendar popup reminders are not enough visibles (francis)
0003382: [Web Mail] Support HTML5 desktop notifications (francis)
0001234: [Web General] New mail popup in the Calendar or Contacts module (francis)
0005069: [Web Mail] Multiple spaces are combined in plain text mails to one (francis)
0005095: [Web Mail] can not copy/move emails into folder with name containing double quotes " (francis)
0004140: [Web General] Changing password should require the old password.
0005045: [GUI] List of calendar items puts all-day events in the wrong day when nog in daylight saving time (francis)
0005091: [Web Mail] Nightly still breaking multi-accounts (francis)
0005065: [Web Mail] Edit Area stays decreased in Safari (francis)
0004953: [Web Preferences] Forwarding rules could not be saved (francis)
0005056: [Web Mail] Forward on auxiliary account use primary account (francis)
0004602: [Web Mail] Multiple Identities (francis)
0005019: [SOPE] TLS implementation in NGActiveSSLSocket does not verify peer
0005043: [Web Mail] SOGoLDAPGroupExpansionEnabled doesn't work any more (francis)
0005064: [Web Preferences] Cannot save preferences (francis)
0004958: [Backend General] Add support for BLF-CRYPT (francis)
0005044: [Web Mail] search mail doesn't work without selecting the type of search (francis)
0004171: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool manage-acl does not set acl correctly for group (ludovic)
0004783: [Backend Mail] IMAPS (SSL) broken with gnutls in Debian Buster (ludovic)
0005020: [Web Mail] Incorrect handling of HTML elements when composing plain text emails (francis)
0005017: [Web Calendar] Multiple overlapping events => right most event vanishes (francis)
0002722: [Web General] Feature request: add two factor authentication (francis)
0005029: [ActiveSync] Does not build against gnustep-base 1.27 (ludovic)
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