Released 2012-02-05
0001626: [Web Mail] Mail sent and recieved by sogo webmail have double line breaks (html) (francis)
0001592: [SOPE] Calling [NGImap4ServerRoot -status] with incorrect signature. Method has v8@0:4, selector has C8@0:4 -- with patch (francis)
0001604: [Web Mail] When forwarding an email using IE7, IE8 or IE9, any attachments which you choose to delete are being forwarded anyway (francis)
0001558: [Web Calendar] "Snooze" is not translated in French (francis)
0001611: [Web Calendar] declined event not veiled under IE9 (francis)
0001471: [Backend Calendar] Resources auto-accept invitations even with conflicts with recurring events (francis)
0001475: [Web Address Book] Comma in contact causes splitting of recipient e-mail address (francis)
0001437: [Web Mail] Difficult to edit the vacation auto-reply message with FireFox (francis)
0001509: [Web Preferences] UIxPreferences.js, unable to save prefs (francis)
0001582: [sogo-tool] SOGoLDAPUserDefaults.m issues (ludovic)
0001565: [Web Mail] Strange parsing of addresses (francis)
0001564: [Web Preferences] Activate "reply" option when switching from html to text messages (francis)
0001382: [Web Mail] The user password with non-alphanumeric characters is modified at IMAP connections (ludovic)
0001423: [Backend Mail] WOSendMail defaults is not respected (ludovic)
0001502: [Web Mail] Empty mail aliases are not ignored with MySQL backend (ludovic)
0001556: [Web Calendar] No end date in calendar popups (francis)
0001555: [Web Calendar] Alarms on tasks must depend of the start date (francis)
0001554: [Web Mail] message list in mail view "disappearing" (francis)
0001547: [Web Mail] Replying to mail generates garbage in body (francis)
0000522: [Web Mail] Sub-folders do not show unread message count (francis)
0001019: [Web Mail] check sub-folders automatically (ludovic)
0001621: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV contacts are read-only in AddressBook on OS X 10.7.3
0001446: [Web Preferences] Vacation Message cannot end with a dot alone at the beginning of a line (ludovic)
0000755: [SOPE] Support for configuring LDAP password storage scheme (ludovic)
0001339: [Apple iPhone OS] Photo problem on iPhone (ludovic)
0001541: [Web Preferences] dateformats for norwegian locales (ludovic)
0001542: [Backend General] memcached over unix socket (ludovic)
0000965: [Web Mail] 0000522: Sub-folders do not show unread message count (ludovic)
0001289: [Web Mail] IMAP check all folders for new... (ludovic)
0001543: [Web Mail] SOGo 1.3.11: Mail Composition Window: "Subject" disappears after having selected receiver address(es) (francis)
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