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0005441SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2022-04-28 17:49
Reporterbahnkonzept Assigned Tofrancis  
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Product Version5.3.0 
Fixed in Version5.6.0 
Summary0005441: Sorting calendar events - searching for past events function missing

The sorting function for the events is missing the ability to show appointments in the past in a functional manner. The only way to see past appointments is to choose "this month", "this year" or "all". This is not viable, as this leads to massive loading times if calendars have been in regular use for longer than a few weeks and this would also show hundreds of appointments.

I would like to request adding a function to see events in the last 30 / 60 / 90 / 180 days. Much more practical would be a function where the users can input a range of dates within which the search shall be conducted.

Also, the option to search by name is not necessarily helpful, as the name of the appointment or parts thereof are not always known.

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2021-12-08 10:18




2022-03-31 07:22

reporter   ~0015959

Hello Francis, any news in this issue?

It is very hard to find past events in the calendar as I have to switch always to "All entries" (german: "Alle Termine") and then the calendar loads all events of the past 10 years which takes up to 30 Minutes.

So a soon solution would be very helpful for us.

Thanks a lot from Germany

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sogo: master 2f725a3f

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feat(calendar): search for past events and tasks

Fixes 0005441
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