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0004066SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2017-03-08 20:59
ReporterDavid Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform[Server] LinuxOSRHEL/CentOSOS Version6
Product Versionnightly v2 
Fixed in Version2.3.20 
Summary0004066: User can't see own events

When users save new event it is not displayed in their own sogo web calendar. Other users sharing the same calendar can see the event correctly.

Steps To Reproduce

In web calendar click New Event button, then click Save and Close. The event is saved but not displayed.

Additional Information

Deleting user preferences with sogo-tool doesn't help.

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2017-03-06 14:10

administrator   ~0011436

Just tried and it works.

Make sure the calendar is actually set to be displayed.



2017-03-06 14:35

reporter   ~0011437

Just tried to remove a user with sogo-tool completely and even with completely fresh account it doesn't work. The event is saved, displayed on top in the list of event but not in the calendar view.



2017-03-06 14:39

reporter   ~0011438

Also checked sogo.log and there's nothing special, just looks like quite normal during the event save.



2017-03-06 15:04

reporter   ~0011439

Last edited: 2017-03-06 15:05

Tested on more systems and more browsers and the issue is only IE specific, other browsers work fine. Any suggestions (except convincing users not to use IE)?

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sogo: v2 9df8eb36

2017-03-08 15:58


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Fixes 0004066
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