Released 2021-08-18
0005283: [Web Calendar] Invitation links are plain text (francis)
0005303: [Web Mail] email folders with questionmark "?" in name are unusable (francis)
0002242: [Web Mail] Web Mail should decode TNEF attachments (winmail.dat) (francis)
0005158: [Web Calendar] no e-mail notification for reminder "the event ends". (francis)
0005262: [Web Mail] Export a single email as eml not as zip (francis)
0005365: [GUI] Quota not displayed when message quota info is present (francis)
0005281: [Web Mail] very slow Webinterface when starting to scroll 20-30 E-Mails of about 3K E-Mails in the inbox. (francis)
0005151: [Backend General] SOGoInstallationGuide-5.0.0.pdf contains wrong suggested MySQL setting nnodb_file_format (francis)
0005294: [Web Preferences] Replace "Google Authenticator" with more general vocabulary (francis)
0005335: [Web Calendar] Calendar Month view after upgrade (francis)
0005320: [Backend Calendar] Accepting an invitation in Thunderbird/Iphone leads to missing "METHOD:REPLY" section in the ics file (francis)
0005337: [Web Mail] no color marking of tags in mail overview (francis)
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