Released 2022-11-29
0005651: [SOPE] SOGo don't start after yum update (smizrahi)
0005640: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2016/2021 over ActiveSync sends email only first recipient (smizrahi)
0005644: [Web Calendar] Calendar issues with Thunderbird with lastest nightly built (smizrahi)
0005330: [ActiveSync] Replying from gmail app sometimes result in message being truncated (smizrahi)
0005612: [ActiveSync] UTF8 in "to" mail field causes ActiveSync to refuse sending it (smizrahi)
0005626: [ActiveSync] Extreme battery drain from "Mail (Background)" after update to IOS16 (smizrahi)
0004376: [Web Calendar] moved repeating event not shown (smizrahi)
0005594: [Web Mail] Cut&Paste of email addresses not possible (smizrahi)
0005581: [Web Calendar] not able to create event in addtional calendar (smizrahi)
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