Released 2016-05-18
0003246: [Web General] No CSRF token - requests can be forged (ludovic)
0002247: [Web Mail] Support for mailto links with subject and body included in URL (francis)
       0003588: [Web Mail] Klick on rfc2368 mailto hyperlinks not working correctly... (francis)
0003539: [Web Calendar] All calendar views cause buffer overflow in sprintf (ludovic)
0003583: [Web Mail] load images button not displayed in windowed email (francis)
0003470: [Web Mail] Creating recipients chips on new Mail is not working on blur (francis)
0003326: [GUI] Web Calendar subscription broken? (francis)
0003630: [with SOGo] Error synchronization address book (ludovic)
0003668: [Backend General] XSRF validation breaks proxy authentication (ludovic)
0003577: [Web Mail] Sending from imap account 2 takes sent from account 1 (francis)
0003625: [Backend General] Multi-domain setup using SOGoUserSources with different LDAP baseDN where different domains uses same uid. (ludovic)
0003659: [Web Calendar] Typing a time without semicolon (:) does not properly enter the field (francis)
0001841: [Web Calendar] Ability to not display weekends in calendar views (ludovic)
0003518: [ActiveSync] vCard birthday (BDAY) field incremented by one day after ActiveSync with Android (ludovic)
0000007: [Backend Calendar] Feature Request: Ability to sort/(re)order calendar-list (francis)
0003582: [Web Mail] list in preview not showing as list (francis)
0003584: [Web Mail] print from window not correct (francis)
0003162: [Web Calendar] Priority of appointments should be displayed in calendar overview (francis)
0003593: [Web Preferences] Missing translation term in Preferences (francis)
0003619: [Web Calendar] searching the full text of events exposes hidden data (ludovic)
0003412: [Backend Calendar] High CPU load when creating an event with emoticons in subject (ludovic)
0003616: [Backend Calendar] Emoji in calendar titles breaks caldav sync (ludovic)
0003617: [with SOGo] Apostrophe in attribute displayname from ldap plug make white page after login for user. (ludovic)
0003579: [Web Address Book] Birthday is saved 1 day in the past into the vcard (ludovic)
0003615: [ActiveSync] Emails and folders changed on IMAP client does not reflect on Outlook 2016 Active Sync (ludovic)
0003592: [ActiveSync] Japanese characters not displayed in ActiveSync Connection (ludovic)
0003606: [ActiveSync] SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher does not re-initiate Ping loop (ludovic)
0003521: [ActiveSync] Exchange Services crash on Android client (ludovic)
0002792: [Web Mail] Archiving/exporting mail folders marks all mail as read (ludovic)
0003604: [ActiveSync] Can't terminate SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher process (ludovic)
0003603: [ActiveSync] SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher multiplied (ludovic)
0003570: [ActiveSync] with android Exchange Activesync client emails of only few days are correctly synced (ludovic)
0003543: [ActiveSync] Incomplete Sync using ActiveSync from Android device (ludovic)
0002741: [Web Calendar] CalCalendar selection for accepted events (ludovic)
0001299: [Web Calendar] Invitations may not be moved among calendars (ludovic)
0003111: [Web Calendar] Allow moving invitation to another calendar (ludovic)
0001067: [Web Calendar] Add fonction for duplicate event (ludovic)
0003196: [Web Calendar] Creating copies of appointments should be possible within the same calendar (ludovic)
0003559: [Web Preferences] Missing strings from swedish localization causes "NAME:NSRangeException REASON:Index 19 is out of range 19" on preferences (ludovic)
0003471: [Web Calendar] When selecting calendar via the web interface sogo core dumps (ludovic)
0003547: [GUI] in the list of Sent Folder , the from is displayed instead of to (ludovic)
0002768: [Web General] Add help link to main menu bar (ludovic)
0003195: [Backend Calendar] "CC" office assistant for invitation replies on other calendars (ludovic)
0003358: [Web Calendar] Events and tasks with repetitions are not shown in the list. (ludovic)
0003263: [Web Calendar] event list and search in web calendar incomplete (ludovic)
0003191: [Web Calendar] Recurring events not displayed in "All events" and "all future events" (ludovic)
0000430: [Web Calendar] view all and view all future events should list the master instance of recurring events (ludovic)
0000069: [Web Calendar] Repeating events are not shown in "All Events" or "All Future Events" (ludovic)
0003587: [Backend General] Proxy Error when trying to login after upgrade of SOGo from version 2.3.9-1 (ludovic)
0003574: [GUI] The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. (ludovic)
0003188: [Backend General] Limit/throttle access per user/second (ludovic)
0003449: [Web General] JavaScript hint too low on web page (francis)
0003580: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Cannot save new event with Calendar on Mac OS X 10.11.3 (ludovic)
0003533: [Web Calendar] cannot select any calendar in webUI when subscribed as SOGoSuperUsernames (francis)
0003571: [ActiveSync] Apple mobile devices not displaying EAS multipart mail correctly (ludovic)
0003652: [with SOGo] could not load product: MailPartViewers (ludovic)
0003602: [Packaging (Debian)] Please package SOGo for Ubuntu 16.04 (ludovic)
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