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0001471SOGoBackend Calendarpublic2012-02-03 16:01
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Product Version1.3.8 
Target Version1.3.12Fixed in Version1.3.12 
Summary0001471: Resources auto-accept invitations even with conflicts with recurring events

Lightning issues no warning when we try to book an event at same time of a recurring event, and happily accepts the invitation if the user bypasses this warning and clicks on "save and close".

Expected behavior would be that the resource then rejects the invitation.

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Lightning: 1.0b2+105i
Sogo connector: 3.105
Sogo integrator: 3.105
Sogo: 1.3.8b


Multiplebookings = 1

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2011-10-21 08:34

reporter   ~0002937

I have the same issue. From discussions on the mailing list before I believe the issue is within Lightning rather than Sogo, ie that Lightning doesn't know what to do in the case of colliding events, thus producing an error rather than something more meaningful.

In the web interface that sogo has far more control over, colliding events are handled much much better...



2011-11-17 20:58

administrator   ~0003038

This is a bug in SOGo/SOPE's recurrence rule calculator it seems. We'll have to investigate some more but I can reproduce the issue.



2011-11-21 14:45

reporter   ~0003046

Last edited: 2011-11-21 14:47

I have the same issue without using Lightning (i.e. I can reproduce it on the SOGo web interface).

Multiple booking limit works fine with non-recurring events, the resource cannot be overbooked once the preset limit has been reached and the resource was booked previously by non-recurring event.

The resource can be overbooked by a recurring event even if it was booked already by a non-recurring event or it can be overbooked by a non-recurring event if it was booked by a recurring event.

Summary: if a recurring event is part of the story, then it fails.

Version 1.3.9



2012-02-03 16:01

administrator   ~0003356

Fixed in revision dd31018a0c1b88afe90d371ba63164a518d02876.

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