Released 2019-07-19
0003478: [Web Mail] Sorting mail by thread (francis)
0003685: [Backend General] Feature request: support place holder in LDAP base dn, bind dn (ludovic)
0004723: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool users unknown - backup not working (ludovic)
0004713: [Web Calendar] In Calendar Web View All-Day Events are wider than the Day Column (francis)
0004466: [Web Mail] Under specific conditions email addresses are not displayed after being pasted into messages To, CC: or BCC: fields (ludovic)
0004735: [Web Mail] conversation view is missing in sogo 4 (francis)
0004692: [Web Mail] No body displayed for UTF8 HTML messages with invalid characters (francis)
0004616: [Web Mail] group by discussion (francis)
0004753: [with SOGo] fix set as not junk mail subject (francis)
0004726: [i18n] Catalan language: a lot of missing translations (francis)
0004513: [Web Mail] HTML body contents are not displayed in some messages (ludovic)
0004766: [Web Calendar] Web Calendar: cannot add/edit events on August month with Catalan language (francis)
0004764: [Web Mail] Security issue related to links opened via webmail (francis)
0004720: [ActiveSync] Email without Date header appears as 1970 (francis)
0004462: [Web Preferences] Always send Vaction message disables processing of other configured Sieve rules (francis)
0002776: [Web Mail] unread messages count in sub-folders (francis)
0004276: [Web Mail] Unread mails indicator on subfolders not dependable (francis)
0004709: [Web Mail] reloading page faults on reload page (francis)
0004304: [Web Calendar] Duplicated Shared Calendars (ludovic)
0004289: [Backend Calendar] Freebusy lookup fails with proxy error for certain users but not for others (ludovic)
0004702: [Web Mail] Webmail loads indefinitely when opening message with invitation (ludovic)
0004216: [Backend Calendar] Modification of event using admin account is impossible (francis)
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