Released 2015-11-11
0003370: [Backend Address Book] Empty multi-status on REPORT addressbook-query (ludovic)
0003378: [Web Calendar] Importing Dialog shows up on bad position or not at all (francis)
0002646: [Web Calendar] Appointment view incomplete (francis)
0003355: [Web Preferences] NSRangeException when trying to open Preferences on web client (ludovic)
0002614: [ActiveSync] Contact postal address is shown on a single line (ludovic)
0001116: [Backend General] excutable flag of recent sql-update scripts not set (ludovic)
0003271: [Web Mail] Inline images sent from SOGo webmail are not displayed in Mozilla Thunderbird (ludovic)
0003359: [Web Mail] 'Reply All' doesn't work when message was sent from Thunderbird to Bcc: recipient only (ludovic)
0003327: [ActiveSync] Sogo breaks S/MIME (ludovic)
0003356: [ActiveSync] EAS localizes date header from mail (ludovic)
0003365: [ActiveSync] sogod daemon crashes with SIGABRT on one single IMAP message (ludovic)
0003160: [ActiveSync] Bug 0003058 is not fixed (ludovic)
0002849: [ActiveSync] possibile syncCache inconsistencies (ludovic)
0003211: [Backend General] "[ERROR] descriptor is not a socket descriptor" by using gnustep-base1.24 (ludovic)
0003352: [ActiveSync] Default Operating System locale and MIME date header (ludovic)
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