Released 2013-01-25
0002192: [ZEG] ZEG web login redirects to yourhostname/SOGo/so/sogo1/Mail instead of <hostname>/... (francis)
0002195: [Web Calendar] Make "Show completed tasks" checkbox persistent (francis)
0001249: [Web Calendar] Mini month not consistant with preoference settings (francis)
0002188: [Web Calendar] "Week begins on" settings does not affect date selector when choosing the date (francis)
0001470: [SOPE] Sogo user should be a system user (jraby)
0002181: [Backend Calendar] changing all-day repeating events (francis)
0001846: [Web General] Mutliple instances of a single user appear when searching (francis)
0002126: [Backend Mail] SMTP PLAIN AUTH fails with long login-phrases (francis)
0002156: [Web Calendar] Calendar Display bug (francis)
0002144: [Web Mail] displayremoteinlineimages_always - error when loading mail with html images (francis)
0002173: [Web Calendar] date chooser for setting end date of recurrency does not work (francis)
0002099: [Backend Address Book] Can't use CardDAV with Addressbook of Mac OS X 10.8 again (francis)
0002155: [Web Calendar] recurring event: accepted occurrence still shows as 'needs action' for the attendee (francis)
0002152: [SOPE] Users with commas and spaces in their LDAP DNs cannot login
0002055: [Backend Address Book] filters on SOGoUserSources do not work
0002088: [Backend Mail] Samba4 panic after deleting a mail
0001829: [OpenChange backend] crash: RTF composition
0002129: [Web Calendar] Notification "Receive a mail when someone else modifies my calendar" is ignored (ludovic)
0001955: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool expire-autoreply should not take a password on the command line (jraby)
0002104: [Backend Calendar] Setting of Calendar Default Access rights for Public Access
0002127: [Backend General] prependEncryptionScheme setting ignored
0002123: [Web Mail] Lost filename of attachment by message forwarding (ludovic)
0002163: [Backend Mail] In multidomain setup with smtp authentication _smtpSendData is using uid@domainID as login
0001850: [Backend Calendar] events accepted in the webGUI or in lightning still appear as "needs action" (dashed outline) in iCal
0002161: [SOPE] If SMTP Server send Outlook-Style ExtensionInfo "AUTH=PLAIN" after standard style "AUTH PLAIN", it is ignored - Fix included
0002154: [Backend General] NSArray operatioins are not corretly overridden in sope-gdl1/GDLAccess/EOArrayProxy.m
0002141: [SOPE] Sope does not build on OpenBSD-5.2
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