Released 2020-01-21
0004949: [Backend Calendar] Sharing a calendar with a group is not possible anymore (francis)
0004933: [Web Mail] An error occured while enabling auto-reply (francis)
0004929: [Backend Address Book] Middle name field missing for contacts and not processed correctly when changed (ludovic)
0004835: [Web Mail] Cursor on hover is different over dot menu in calendar (francis)
0004926: [Web Calendar] Need UI for MOVEing an invitation (francis)
0004941: [Backend Mail] Spam Button with configured spam/ham email addresses produces "Request failed" error (francis)
0004923: [ActiveSync] NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:-[SOGoAppointmentObject resourceHasAutoAccepted]: (francis)
0004910: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync is misbehaving on event series (ludovic)
0004927: [ActiveSync] Nonvalid XML answer generated (ludovic)
0004889: [Backend General] - possibly incorrect/missing table used (francis)
0004888: [Backend General] - Truncated incorrect INTEGER value (francis)
0004377: [Backend Address Book] Unable to create contact books or calenders after 9-table migration (francis)
0004915: [Web Calendar] Certain monthly repeated all-day events missing in calendar (francis)
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