Released 2021-03-30
0005266: [ActiveSync] S/MIME signed e-mails on ActiveSync (ludovic)
0005136: [Web General] Animation level "none" doesn't show a scrollbar when view Message Source (francis)
0005203: [Backend Address Book] macOS 11 (Big Sur) contacts app ignores default address book (francis)
0005218: [Backend Mail] IMAP subscription handling broken for subfolders (francis)
0005275: [Web Preferences] I want to configure "Always open mail composer Inside current window" inside sogo.conf for new users. (francis)
0005223: [Web Mail] reply and quotations are broken (francis)
0005268: [Web Calendar] Calendar entry given incorrect date for event in 2026 (francis)
0005263: [Web Mail] Buttons in appointment invitations are hard to see (francis)
0005226: [Web Mail] Search is automatically reduced if automatic refresh is activated (francis)
0005219: [Web Preferences] wrong description of vacation due date (francis)
0005217: [Web Mail] Arrow to unfold too deep (francis)
0005145: [Web Mail] Reduce distances between mail folders (francis)
0005197: [Web Calendar] Reminder mail notification of appointments doesn't work (francis)
0005207: [Web General] disable desktop notification on print (francis)
0005202: [SOPE] SOPE does not compile on Debian ARM platform (francis)
0005185: [Web Calendar] Invite Attendees field behavior not intuitive (francis)
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