Released 2016-03-07
0003560: [Web Mail] Attachment not included when forwarding messages (francis)
0001722: [Web Mail] Drag Emails to Calendar, (francis)
0002788: [Web Calendar] Create Event or task from Mail message menu (francis)
0003567: [Web Address Book] Birthdays recorded incorrectly if before 1 Jan 1970 (francis)
0000595: [Web Mail] Delete Folder -> "Do you really want to move this folder into the trash?" when the folder is already trashed (ludovic)
0000641: [Web Mail] Unable to delete any folders from trash (ludovic)
0001189: [Backend Mail] Sub-folder deletion is weird (ludovic)
0003500: [Web Mail] must scroll the lit to refresh it when a search is made (francis)
0003329: [Web Preferences] Changing SOGo 3 language requires reload after switching languages (francis)
0003437: [Backend Address Book] In CardDAV and WebUI search only Contacts with emails are returned when no filter is given (francis)
0003484: [Web Mail] missing Print button (francis)
0003499: [Web Calendar] Cannot change status of a task to something other than "STATUS:IN-PROCESS" (francis)
0003550: [Web Calendar] Time shifts when saving/modifying all-day-events in SOGo web interface (francis)
0003494: [Web Calendar] Calendar selects date 1 day in the past (francis)
0003481: [Web Address Book] Day Selected in the Addressbook Calendar is off by one form the one shown after selection (francis)
0003557: [Web Mail] New message - can't select "return receipt" (francis)
0003544: [Web Address Book] addressbook by sql-source doesn't work - autocompletion, common name (cn), freebuys (francis)
0003555: [Web Mail] Print message (francis)
0003542: [Web Mail] priority wrong - mail sent as prio low to exchange (francis)
0003462: [Web Calendar] Button to create Event/Task is in the middle of the screen (francis)
0003529: [Web Calendar] App bar disapears (francis)
0000438: [Web Address Book] Display all entries of LDAP address book by default (if enabled) (francis)
0003546: [Web Mail] " Open in new mail Windows" does not work (francis)
0003545: [Web Mail] Open in New Mail Window doesn't work as expected (francis)
0003522: [Web Calendar] Exception throwed when saving an event (francis)
0003496: [Web Preferences] Changing Password with LDAP backend impossible (ludovic)
0003519: [Web Preferences] Auto Save in Preferences not working (francis)
0003516: [Backend Calendar] Can't delete an Event from calendar by clicking in "trash" icon (francis)
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