Released 2014-09-10
0002670: [Web Mail] Sogo Webmail global search (ludovic)
0002880: [Web Calendar] Calendar polling interval for the webinterface (ludovic)
0002469: [Web Calendar] "Maximum number of simultaneous bookings (1) reached for resource" due to TimeZone daylight saving mess (ludovic)
0001240: [Web Calendar] Time shifted because of Daylight Saving Time in Free/Busy (ludovic)
0002902: [Web Mail] Multiple label selection in the mail webinterface not working properly (francis)
0002873: [Packaging (Debian)] libwbxml2 and libwbxml2-utils are not found on server on precise sources list (ludovic)
0002908: [Web Administration] cannot change ACLs (francis)
0002882: [Web Calendar] Print List view in Color (acloutier)
0002864: [Web Calendar] In "Multicolumn Day View" mouse position is not honored when creating an event (acloutier)
0002812: [Web Mail] Can not delete mail when over quota (acloutier)
0002827: [Web Address Book] Error on LDAP account properties on the webinterface (acloutier)
0002892: [Web Administration] Can't "Subscribe User" to shared calendar (ludovic)
0002901: [Packaging (Debian)] Can't install sogo-activesync because libwbxml2-0 is missing (ludovic)
0002898: [Web Administration] "Users folders ACLs management" broken - JSON fragment displayed in UI (ludovic)
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