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0002368SOGoWeb Mailpublic2013-07-16 15:33
Reporterispoljaric Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.6 
Fixed in Version2.0.7 
Summary0002368: Persistant XSS in sender field.

If the evil guy sends an email with From header with following code(1), the web interface will render both the image and execute DOM event (tested with onload and onmouseover).

1)"<IMG onmouseover="alert('foo');" SRC=>&quot;

Steps To Reproduce

Im using thunderbird, but it could be done manually, scripted or with another email client.

Steps to reproduce with thunderbird:

1) Change the from header to the malicious code with Edit->Account Settings-> Your Name and enter :
<IMG onmouseover="alert('foo');" SRC=>
2) Send a normal email to your sogo email address.
3) Open Sogo WebUI, popup appears, depending if its onmouseover or onload.

Additional Information

Screenshot provided in attachment.

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