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0001447SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2016-06-15 20:09
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Product Version1.3.8a 
Fixed in Version3.1.3 
Summary0001447: Cannot specify a text for the vacation reply subject

There is no way to specify the subject of the vacation message,

Out of office
Autom. Antwort:

Furthermore, should the subject of the incoming message be written
after this subject?

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duplicate of 0000685 resolvedfrancis Vacation / autoresponder : Subject 




2011-12-30 16:31

administrator   ~0003227

See: for details on this.

Gunnar Weissmann

Gunnar Weissmann

2014-07-30 16:39

reporter   ~0007368

SOGo doesn't set a ":subject" value, so sieve uses the "auto" default value.

We think it would be useful if there would be the possibility to set a subject in the sogo webinterface.

Is this thinkable?

Thank you.



2015-03-02 10:02

reporter   ~0008242

Better, it would be nice to have

  • possibility to set a subject in the sogo interface by users
  • possibility to force a prefix of the subject by admins (i.e. [AUTOREPLY] or something like that)

Is this possible?


Related Changesets

sogo: master d8fc4021

2016-06-15 16:02


Details Diff
Specify a custom vacation subject

User can now specify a custom vacation subject. For Sieve servers
implementing the variables extension, one can write ${subject} to insert
the original subject in the auto reply.

SOGoDefaultVacationSubject is a new domain defaults parameter used when
the user doesn't specify a custom subject.

Fixes 0000685, 0001447
Affected Issues
0000685, 0001447
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