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0004991SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2021-11-25 22:56
Reporterrof Assigned Tofrancis  
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Fixed in Version5.4.0 
Summary0004991: multiple e-mails for annually recurring appointments with appointment reminders

We have created annually recurring appointments (for example birthdays). When these appointments become due, an e-mail reminder is to be sent. We don't receive an e-mail (as with other appointment reminders), but instead 7. The first one arrives, as expected, 5 minutes before the appointment, followed by 6 more 1 hour later every minute.

Steps To Reproduce

Create appointment to reproduce with the following properties:
all day event (one day)
repeat annually (if this setting is missing, only 1 reminder mail is sent)
reminder 5 minutes before appointment
reminder by E-Mail

23:55 e-mail 5 minutes before appointment (the one that is expected)
00:55 from here 6 more unexpected emails come every minute

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2020-03-26 07:24

developer   ~0014234

Which SOGo version?
Which timezone for Server, sogo.conf and User?



2020-03-26 07:52

reporter   ~0014236

It's a version and all three timezones are set to "Europe/Berlin".



2020-07-24 10:55

reporter   ~0014574

The same problem also exists with weekly appointments. The first notification works, the repetition is sent 6 times.

Related Changesets

sogo: master 9c025f68

2021-11-25 17:51


Details Diff
fix(calendar): update email alarm of yearly events

We now compute the next alarms of a yrealy recurrent event for a period
of two years in order to make sure to pickup the next occurrence and
update the email alarms table, otherwise sogo-ealarms-notify was sending
email alarms every minute until the next alarm was properly computed.

Fixes 0004991
Affected Issues
mod - SoObjects/Appointments/iCalEntityObject+SOGo.m Diff File

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