Released 2016-06-02
0003663: [Web Calendar] Events in the 6th week of the month don't show up (francis)
0003600: [Web Mail] Disable Gravatar (francis)
0002625: [Web Mail] Reply All to a sent message (francis)
0003705: [GUI] Web GUI for mobile can't display the "Send" icon when creating new email (francis)
0003700: [Web Mail] Color element in specific mail affects colors of webmail text (francis)
0003655: [Web Calendar] Converting an event to an all-day event moves the event to the previous day (francis)
0003493: [Web Mail] several imap account in webmail : collapse and scrollbar (francis)
0003526: [Web Mail] Adding Recpipients from Address Book (francis)
0003443: [Web Mail] when sending an email, you can not choose between multiple "mail" entries (francis)
0003687: [GUI] Catalan language not working. (francis)
0003654: [GUI] Folder list only show 3 folders and need rotation to display the full list (francis)
0003686: [Packaging (RedHat)] In CentOS 7 sogod does not start after mariadb reliably (plevesque)
0003669: [Web Calendar] when you create an event for the 30 May , it isn t be display on the month view (francis)
0003681: [Web General] SAML2 doesn't work with CentOS 7 3.0.2 (ludovic)
0003673: [Backend Mail] Groups "disappear" on creating message (francis)
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