Released 2014-12-09
0002982: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2013 with ActiveSync fails to move email between folders (ludovic)
0003005: [Backend General] Errors in Kern.log (ludovic)
0003010: [Web Calendar] FreeBusy Information of resources not displayed in webcalendar (ludovic)
0003011: [with SOGo] Nightly Build doesn't install on Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 (ludovic)
0002379: [Backend General] SAML2 : redirection au moment du logout (ludovic)
0002376: [Backend General] SAML2 : SLO non fonctionnel (ludovic)
0002377: [Backend General] SAML2 : SLO déclenché depuis l'IdP non fonctionnel (ludovic)
0002378: [Backend General] SAML2 : modèle de méta-données (metadata) (ludovic)
0002930: [Web Calendar] Can't invite attendee with "Show time as busy outside working hours" option checked (ludovic)
0002381: [Backend General] SAML2 : suggestion d'options SOGo (ludovic)
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