Released 1970-01-01
0002046: [Packaging (RedHat)] optimized debugging builds (plevesque)
0003699: [Documentation] New db sturcture documenation - OCSSessionsFolderURL change (plevesque)
0003109: [Backend General] Sogo group error on new install (Debian - amd64) (plevesque)
0003642: [Packaging (Debian)] Sogo does not work with mysql backend on Ubuntu 16.04 due to packages that cannot be installed (plevesque)
0003632: [Packaging (RedHat)] Latest CentOS 6 libldb update incompatible with samba 4.1.18 from sogo repo (ludovic)
0003230: [Packaging (Debian)] Post-installation should run database migration script (plevesque)
0003053: [Packaging (Debian)] is not executable (plevesque)
0002166: [Backend General] Option precedence is unintuitive (jraby)
0001374: [Web Mail] Webmail crash in 20110713 nightly (francis)
0000795: [Backend General] Event details in invitation e-mail (ludovic)
0000635: [Web Calendar] participation status is no longer represented in the web views (francis)
0000566: [Web Address Book] Contact create/edit doesn't work (wsourdeau)
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