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0002739SOGo Connectorpublic2014-04-30 20:30
ReporterJens Erat Assigned Toludovic  
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Fixed in Version24.0.5 
Summary0002739: SOGo Connector keeps requesting in endless loop when password is wrong, millions of failed requests per user

Due to the heartbleed bug, we recently forced all our users to change their passwords. Lots of them forget to change their passwords in some devices, but especially the SOGo Connector is forgotten a lot as it fails silently, but breaks address completion and puts the SOGo server under HEAVY load due to failed requests.

SOGo Connector fails silently when the user's password is wrong, but continues to send requests in an endless loop. Some of our user's installations have been sending up to 100 requests per second (!). Changing the password requires to digg through multiple submenus, and no hint is given in the addon's preference pane.

Expected behavior: SOGo Connector shows a message that authentication failed and asks for the new password. Do not send millions of failing requests. A button/hint text on how to change the password within the SOGo Connector preference pane would be helpful.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Change SOGo password, but not the one of the SOGo Connector in Thunderbird
  2. Start Thunderbird, mail address auto completion is broken
  3. Monitor failed requests in SOGo server logs
  4. Change password in Thunderbird "Security" preference pane -> Passwords
  5. Auto completion works again, failed requests stop
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related to 0002728 closedludovic SOGo Integrator Initial password prompt doesn't offer a checkbox 




2014-04-29 13:16

administrator   ~0006970

We'll try to reproduce the issue and fix it this week. A new set of extensions will be made available.



2014-04-29 19:21

administrator   ~0006978

Bug reproduced, working on a fix.



2014-04-30 19:46

administrator   ~0006982

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