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0002940SOGoActiveSyncpublic2014-10-29 18:56
Reporterder.tale Assigned Toludovic  
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Platform[Client] GoogleOSAndroidOS VersionKit Kat
Product Version2.2.9a 
Target Version2.2.10Fixed in Version2.2.10 
Summary0002940: ActiveSync PING Command sent multiple times per second

I am syncing my Nexus 5 with Android 4.4 and the standard Mail app with my SoGO server via ActiveSync. After the initial sync of all emails the phone starts sending PING commands. This happens multiple times per second (and not only once per few seconds/minutes as a keepalive) which produces a high load on the phone, which depletes the battery after a few hours.

For every PING command sent sogo.log shows following entry: - - [01/Oct/2014:14:28:59 GMT] "POST /SOGo/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=Ping& HTTP/1.1" 200 13/123 0.003 - - 0
2014-10-01 14:28:59.394 sogod[17507] -[WEClientCapabilities initWithRequest:]: Unknown WebClient: user-agent='Android/4.4.4-EAS-2.0'

Steps To Reproduce

Set up a new exchange account on the phone, wait until all mails are synced.

Additional Information

As this is working normally with other ActiveSync backends something must be at fault with the SoGO implementation

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2014-10-01 12:49

administrator   ~0007581

I've just tried and I don't have this issue with my Android 4.4 device.

Take a tcpdump of the traffic on the SOGo server, localhost/port 20000 so I can see the AS payload. Attach it to this ticket.



2014-10-01 13:19


sogo.dump (397,355 bytes)


2014-10-01 13:20

reporter   ~0007582

Attached a dump with an inital sync, then the PINGs start.



2014-10-07 15:55

reporter   ~0007591

Hello i have the same problem with android 4.4 client.

It's a new installation for test.

All running good expcet this little problem which flood sogo logs and drain my phone battery.

It happen more the 10 times every second.

Log :
2014-10-07 17:50:40.968 sogod[10018] -[WEClientCapabilities initWithRequest:]: Unknown WebClient: user-agent='Android/4.4.4-EAS-2.0', - - [07/Oct/2014:17:50:40 GMT] "POST /SOGo/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=Ping&User=XXXX&DeviceId=androidc1005440802&DeviceType=Android HTTP/1.1" 200 18/50 0.002 - - 0

Ps: replaced my user for security reason




2014-10-09 18:34

administrator   ~0007598

Try setting:

SOGoMaximumPingInterval = 4;
SOGoInternalSyncInterval = 4;

in /etc/sogo/sogo.conf and tell me if it's better.



2014-10-09 18:46

reporter   ~0007599

That did help! The PING interval now seems to be 4-5 seconds, corresponding to the new configuration entries. What is a sensible interval duration für the Ping?

Does SOGO use an incremental interval duration, or is it fixed? (like described here:

To "fix"/prevent this problem the SoGO default values should probably be set to something longer than one second.

Thank you!



2014-10-09 18:49

administrator   ~0007600

We will fix the issue. I've just identified the bug but I'm not in a position to fix it right now. I just wanted to validate my theory.



2014-10-29 18:56

administrator   ~0007634

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