Released 2010-11-17
0000990: [Web Mail] Error in reply and forward with catalan language (ludovic)
0000956: [Web Calendar] Vanishing calendar events on update when loginname != uid (wsourdeau)
0000977: [Web Preferences] Wrong translation in german preferences (ludovic)
0000731: [Web Mail] webmail no longer retain flags on messages (francis)
0000973: [Web Mail] "No message" in French -> "aucun message" (ludovic)
0000972: [Web General] "Reload" in brasilian portuguese -> Atualizar (ludovic)
0000649: [Web Mail] selection of many messages in "live-loading" (francis)
0000964: [Backend Mail] Courier - no UTF-8 SORT support (ludovic)
0000958: [Web Mail] Missing translation for error messages (francis)
0000959: [Backend General] Folder addition translation templates aren't found for Cesky (ludovic)
0000929: [Backend General] E-mail notifications for repeating events (wsourdeau)
0000951: [Web Address Book] Setting of Category in Contact Card (francis)
0000955: [Web Preferences] sieve server searched at localhost instead of mailserver (ludovic)
0000922: [Backend Calendar] email-based alarms (ludovic)
0000928: [Web Mail] Get mail should not reload the entire table (francis)
0000954: [Web Preferences] Bad translation: absense -> absence (ludovic)
0000803: [Web Mail] (SMTP) false success when sending a message to both valid and invalid recipients (ludovic)
0000937: [Web General] Autocomplete does not work if user has scandinavian letters (ludovic)
0000459: [Web Calendar] When adding attendee, UTF8 characters doesn't handled correctly (ludovic)
0000905: [Backend Address Book] sogo-slapd-sockd not working (wsourdeau)
0000821: [Backend General] Allow to specify sieve port (ludovic)
0000920: [Web Mail] "in-reply-to"-Header wrong (ludovic)
0000505: [Backend Address Book] Categories in addressbook (wsourdeau)
0000917: [Backend General] RHEL/CentOS packaging: offer updated GNUstep packages (wsourdeau)
0000940: [Backend General] new JSON library (wsourdeau)
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