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0003986SOGoWeb Mailpublic2017-01-18 11:34
Reporterrc-pl Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.4 
Fixed in Version3.2.6 
Summary0003986: can't paste images to ckeditor in Google Chrome

When using Chrome it is not possible to paste images from clipboard to ckeditor in SOGo.
It works properly in IE, FF, but not Chrome.
Searching this problem in google proves that it is a known issue related to ckeditor since quite long time.
Latest version of ckeditor available here doesn't have this issue anymore.
Maybe it's worth updating ckeditor shipped with SOGo to the latest version.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Login to web clinet in Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click to compose a new message
  3. Run Windows Snipping Tool and take a screenshot of whatever
  4. Try to paste it in message body - it won't paste
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2017-01-10 09:35

reporter   ~0011184

In the meantime I found out that ckeditor available here uses some kind of image upload feature
That is not a solution for issue reported here, because image in message body has to be stored in Base64 encoded format.



2017-01-14 11:24

reporter   ~0011214

Latest nightly build has been installed -
Issue described in this report is resolved. Pasting inline images in Chrome works.
However new issue appears.
When I paste inline image in Firefox - it is shown two times in message composing window.
When I then send this message it is sent correctly (only one image is in the body).



2017-01-16 20:32

administrator   ~0011219

Please try the next nightly build.



2017-01-18 05:20

reporter   ~0011223

issue resolved
thank you for your support!

Related Changesets

sogo: master ba12c14a

2017-01-13 16:11


Details Diff
(js) Update CKEditor to version 4.6.2

- Add Upload Image plugin

Fixes 0003986
Affected Issues
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/ Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/build-config.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/ck.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/ckeditor.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/config.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/contents.css Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/ar.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/ca.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/cs.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/cy.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/da.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/de.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/en.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/es.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/eu.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/fi.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/fr.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/hr.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/hu.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/is.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/it.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/lt.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/mk.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/nb.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/nl.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/no.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/pl.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/pt-br.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/pt.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/ru.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/sk.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/sl.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/sr.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/sv.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/tr.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/uk.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/zh-cn.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/lang/zh.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/about/dialogs/about.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/clipboard/dialogs/paste.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/colordialog/dialogs/colordialog.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/dialog/dialogDefinition.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/image/dialogs/image.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/link/dialogs/anchor.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/link/dialogs/link.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/pastefromword/filter/default.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/table/dialogs/table.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/plugins/tabletools/dialogs/tableCell.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/skins/minimalist/editor.css Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/skins/minimalist/editor_gecko.css Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/skins/minimalist/editor_ie.css Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/skins/minimalist/editor_ie7.css Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/skins/minimalist/editor_ie8.css Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/skins/minimalist/editor_iequirks.css Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/styles.js Diff File

sogo: master 5f2a6c53

2017-01-16 15:31


Details Diff
(js) Fix pasting images in CKEditor

Fixes 0003986
Affected Issues
mod - NEWS Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/ck.js Diff File
mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/vendor/ckeditor/skins/minimalist/editor_gecko.css Diff File

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