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0000965SOGoWeb Mailpublic2011-12-29 20:29
Reportermatcheu Assigned Toludovic  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.3.3 
Fixed in Version1.3.12 
Summary0000965: 0000522: Sub-folders do not show unread message count

Sorry to fil a new bug for this problem but the sub-folders in the mail section of the web interface don't show how many unread messages there are.

We have to select them to see it.

In our .GNUstepDefaults we have :
SOGoMailShowSubscribedFoldersOnly = NO;

Thanks in advance.

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has duplicate 0001019 closedludovic check sub-folders automatically 
has duplicate 0001402 resolvedludovic new mail in subfolder does not show up 
has duplicate 0001236 resolvedludovic When you open the webmail, the unread messages inside the folders are not shown. 




2011-03-30 18:31

viewer   ~0002322

Does this still occur?

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2011-10-24 12:00

developer   ~0002942

You have to select folders once per session, in order to get the unread count for them.
Afterwards they refresh correctly.

This first step is a bit awkward, especially when having lot's of folders and sieve rules for distributing emails into folders.



2011-10-25 06:16

reporter   ~0002948

I am in the same situation having a lot of folders and sieve rules distributing the emails. So perhaps it is possible to preconfigure the subscription of all folders in the .GNUstepDefaults or something like that.



2011-12-14 08:45

reporter   ~0003159

See also

This is a real problem for all who use Sieve to pre-sort their mails.

I propose the function to check all folders for new mail (instead of just the INBOX) should be implemented optionally (disabled by default), so anyone who enables it knows that he will generate more load on the IMAP server.



2011-12-29 20:28

administrator   ~0003205

Fixed - see:

We now check for new mails on all folders that have Sieve rules defined to move mails into.

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