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0004926SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2020-01-17 16:40
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Summary0004926: Need UI for MOVEing an invitation

When a SOGo user receives a calendar invitation from another SOGo user the invitation appears in the recipient's Personal calendar and the recipient is unable to move it to a different (e.g. "shared") calendar using either the Web calendar or Thunderbird/Lightning. The creator of the invitation (and indeed of any other event) is able to move it to another of the creator's calendars but the recipient is locked-in to their Personal calendar.

Per 0001299, 0002741, and 0003111 the backend support for MOVEing an event from one calendar to another has been implemented. We have been able to demonstrate using CURL that WebDAV MOVE does work in this situation.

However, we have found only one client -- iPad Calendar -- that provides a UI that allows a recipient to move an invitation to another calendar.

This would be "normal" priority for us except that many of our users do not share their "Personal" calendar and do want invitations to group meetings to appear in other (shared) calendars.

Steps To Reproduce

Alice and Bob each have two calendars in the same SOGo instance. Their "Personal" calendars are not shared; the second calendar, "Shared" is open to access by the other members of their work group. Alice invites Bob to a meeting. Bob sees the invitation in his Personal calendar and accepts it. He wishes it to appear in his Shared calendar, however, so he opens it in Web Calendar and finds only the "Copy to" option, whereas for other events that he has created himself the same UI provides both "Copy To" and "Move To".

Bob is annoyed, as he knows that when he receives an invitation in email from Grant, a Google Calendar user, he can "Accept" that event into his Shared calendar with the Lightning interface.

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sogo: master 001d76fd

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fix(calendar(js)): allow event invitations to be moved

Fixes 0004926
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