Released 2018-03-05
0004139: [Web General] Changing password leads to XSRF validation fails (francis)
0004186: [Web Calendar] repeating events with freely selectable repeating days (francis)
0001494: [Web Mail] sogo doesn't handle dovecot's "quota root name" (francis)
0004382: [GUI] User-Quota does not show up (francis)
0004444: [Web Mail] Links in HTML mail encoded incorrectly (francis)
0004323: [Backend General] does not handle URLs without port (francis)
0004363: [Backend General] Unable to login with filed another then UID (francis)
0004398: [Web Mail] Can't scroll contents of email using scrollwheel or scrollbar (francis)
0004008: [GUI] Can't scroll in the window where mail content is displayed on Firefox (francis)
0004282: [Web Mail] Can't scroll mail content using Firefox (francis)
0004409: [Web Calendar] "modify a calendar send a message" enabled without email address doesnt let event operations (francis)
0004148: [Web Calendar] Missing numbers of weeks (francis)
0004372: [Web Calendar] Mistake in Slovak translation (francis)
0004384: [Web Mail] Unable to add another imap Account to SOGo using the webinterface (sogo-tool is works) (francis)
0004378: [GUI] Whole SOGo window closes on Reply/Forward md-dialog close (francis)
0004366: [Web Mail] Some HTML emails mess up the sogo web mail client display (francis)
0004331: [Web Calendar] Web calendars shared to everybody by defaults (francis)
0004123: [Web Mail] Web mail displays gigantic html headings in received and drafts emails (francis)
0004370: [i18n] Wrong Lithuanian translation of weekdays short names (francis)
0004349: [Web Calendar] SOGo3: creating/editing event, categories not sorted (in german) (francis)
0004344: [Backend Calendar] Public Access to Calendar via iCal url can not be revoked. (francis)
0004338: [Web Mail] From Address Missing in Webmail (francis)
0004161: [Web Mail] SOGo vacation mail by date behaves strange (francis)
0004325: [Web Calendar] Yearly day event not shown in web gui (francis)
0004329: [with SOGo] "ERROR(-[NSNull(misc) forwardInvocation:]): called selector stringByTrimmingSpaces on NSNull !" filling sogo.log (francis)
0004335: [Web Mail] Clicking on an email address in a mail open a new mail window without recipient (francis)
0004330: [Web Mail] The automatic refresh of the web mail reset the selection of emails (francis)
0004324: [Backend General] does not create sogo_cache_folder (francis)
0004322: [Backend Address Book] Cannot enter vCard mailing list with multiple recipients: Postgres "ERROR: value too long for type character varying(255)" (francis)
0004275: [ActiveSync] EAS Sync requests for Shared folder every second (ludovic)
0004299: [Web Mail] "POST /SOGo/so/ HTTP/1.1" 500 74/25 0.271 - - 0 (francis)
0004308: [Backend Mail] Unable to create mail folder "???" (francis)
0004284: [sogo-tool] Typo in help text of manage-acl (francis)
0004278: [Backend Address Book] vCard ORG entry has reversed o/ou values (francis)
0004091: [Backend Address Book] only one postal address of the same type gets stored in the database (francis)
0004271: [i18n] Chinese translation (francis)
0004269: [Web Mail] UI Trap when expanding mail view (francis)
0001223: [Web Mail] Register SOGo to handle mailto links (francis)
0004262: [Web Mail] Html entities escaped twice in links on web mail (francis)
0004242: [Web Mail] Links with & replaced with & (francis)
0004245: [Web Preferences] Wrong setting of autoresponder (francis)
0004243: [Web Mail] Attachments do not fit within attachment area when there are too many of them (francis)
0004228: [Web Calendar] Moving calendar entries with read only rights (francis)
0004234: [i18n] Cannot view mail messages with the euskara/basque translation (francis)
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