Released 2015-04-15
0003143: [ActiveSync] SOGo activesync doesn't push HTML email to BlackBerry smartphone (OS 10.3.1.x) (ludovic)
0002881: [Web Calendar] Include printing of event description (ludovic)
0001696: [OpenChange backend] contacts: birthday field not propagated from ol to SOGo (ludovic)
0001516: [Web Calendar] keyboard date / time entry not working numeric pad (francis)
0003218: [Packaging (Debian)] Prepared packeges for Debian 8 Jessie (ludovic)
0003085: [SOPE] SOPE is respecting the 998 character limitation but not folding the "To" header correctly (ludovic)
0003173: [ActiveSync] Email body not showing on smartphone (ludovic)
0002954: [Packaging (Debian)] SOGo.conf is created in /etc/apache2/conf.d instead of /etc/apache2/conf-available (ludovic)
0003167: [Packaging (Debian)] Incorrect Apache config file in Debian/Ubuntu packages (ludovic)
0002939: [Web Calendar] Print View List Layout not in chronological order (ludovic)
0003175: [Backend Calendar] database error while adding event (ludovic)
0003102: [ActiveSync] Get error email addresses entry using ActiveSync in Android if the contacts has multiple alternate address. (ludovic)
0003123: [ActiveSync] sogo may incorrectly decode the calendar event reply coming from outlook (ludovic)
0002080: [SOPE] dovecot: use of long commands (ludovic)
0003163: [Web Mail] <p> paragraphs have no margins (francis)
0003157: [ActiveSync] Child exits with signal 6 : GSInlineArray(instance) does not recognize hasPrefix: INFO:(null) (ludovic)
0003147: [Web Calendar] Free/busy is shifted +1 day for events in week 30-Mar-15 to 5-Apr-15 (ludovic)
0003153: [ActiveSync] Reply with attached (forward) message (2.2.17a) (ludovic)
0003149: [ActiveSync] Blackberry 10 ActiveSync client gets plaintext email (ludovic)
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