Released 2014-05-29
0002680: [ActiveSync] Mobile reply to Blank body (ludovic)
0002786: [Backend Calendar] Participant status not properly updated via CalDAV (francis)
0002758: [Web Mail] "Archive" should be renamed to "Export" (francis)
0000193: [Web Mail] Priority ignored when editing draft message (francis)
0002688: [ActiveSync] Missing folders list update (ludovic)
0002564: [Web General] All SOGo popups go into background with firefox (francis)
0002679: [ActiveSync] Activesync still does not work (ludovic)
0002778: [Web Mail] SOGo Mail Webinterface ignores NGImap4ConnectionGroupPrefix (ludovic)
0002787: [Web Mail] Incorrect place of "--" before signature on forward (francis)
0002790: [Backend General] PATCH: return nil instead of NO where pointers are expected in sope-core/NGExtensions/NGCustomFileManager.m (francis)
0002789: [Backend General] PATCH: make method declaration in header match implemenation in sope-xml/SaxObjC/SaxContentHandler.h (francis)
0002756: [Backend General] exception opening resources panel in OGo, with fix (ludovic)
0002737: [Backend General] Exception logging in into OpenGroupware (ludovic)
0002775: [ActiveSync] Some values are not sycned for contacts (ludovic)
0002738: [i18n] newLine value is not defined in SOGoMailBrazilianPortugueseForward.wod (francis)
0000383: [Web Calendar] Search in "Title or description" does not work for "descriptions" (ludovic)
0002514: [Web Calendar] Searching for events in the past (ludovic)
0002580: [Web Calendar] Search all Event in the past (ludovic)
0002538: [Web Calendar] Can not search for past events (acloutier)
0000585: [Web Calendar] Printing calendar views should hide UI elements (ludovic)
0001101: [Web Calendar] Print event (ludovic)
0002140: [Web Calendar] Print a calendar (ludovic)
0001879: [Web Address Book] Links to address books are not easily discoverable (ludovic)
0000732: [Web Address Book] Show URL/Link of adressbook like in Calendars (ludovic)
0002710: [ActiveSync] In outlook 2013 somes characters (accentued ones for exemple) are'nt correctly displayed (ludovic)
0002709: [ActiveSync] 'other user' folders lack the last character of their titles. (ludovic)
0002715: [GUI] unread/read flag remain unread even if the mail is show the first time (francis)
0002492: [Backend Calendar] sync-token changes with every request if nothing has changed in a collection (ludovic)
0002746: [Web Preferences] Unable to Save Preferences (in git) (francis)
0002744: [Web Calendar] sogod crashed on create Event or Task in Calendar (francis)
0002703: [Web Calendar] categories with umlauts are ignored for marking events (francis)
0002699: [Backend General] test_parsing unit test fails (ludovic)
0002695: [ActiveSync] Outlook events with ampersand in title (ludovic)
0002654: [ActiveSync] Calendars are OK through CalDav but are buggy through ActiveSync (ludovic)
0001046: [Web Preferences] Report any Sieve error (ludovic)
0002700: [ActiveSync] Outlook folder changes (create/delete/rename/move) not synced correclty (ludovic)
0001636: [Web Address Book] birth date validity check missing (acloutier)
0002026: [Web Address Book] Address book and collected address (ludovic)
0001646: [Backend Mail] Store recipients e-mail address history (ludovic)
0001496: [Web Mail] Add Email Address to Address Book on Send (ludovic)
0002616: [Web General] URLs contain double slashes (acloutier)
0002612: [Web General] Display version number while logged in, eg. in preferences (acloutier)
0002733: [ActiveSync] Contacts with "birthday" field causes Exchange service on Android 4.4.2 to crash (ludovic)
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