Released 2012-07-26
0001836: [Packaging (RedHat)] SOGo 64bit-portability-issue SOGoAppointmentObject.m:1981, 1983
0001865: [Packaging (Debian)] daily log rotation stops sogo due to old process taking too long to exit (jraby)
0001825: [Web Preferences] Vacation record is put as the first one in SIEVE script (francis)
0001899: [Web Address Book] New address book sharing (francis)
0001863: [Packaging (Debian)] undefined symbol: curl_global_init (jraby)
0001593: [SOPE] Calling [NGDOMElement -setLine:] with incorrect signature. Method has v12@0:4I8, selector has v12@0:4i8 -- with patch
0001888: [Web Calendar] iCal allows all attendees to change recurring events after someone accepts one occurence of it
0001455: [Backend General] CAS authentication : should accept empy parameters
0001553: [Web Mail] Email from opera is displayed as attachment (ludovic)
0001837: [Backend Calendar] Can't create repeating event with resource reservation (ludovic)
0001845: [Web Calendar] Wrong timezone when importing events from .ics file (ludovic)
0001839: [Backend Calendar] Events on iCal appear dashed after an attendee accepts (ludovic)
0001832: [Backend General] Broken password change in LDAP resulting no login to SOGo (ludovic)
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