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0000629SOGoWeb Mailpublic2010-07-06 19:49
ReporterjrabyAssigned Tofrancis  
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Product Version1.2.2 
Target Version1.3.0Fixed in Version1.3.0 
Summary0000629: Special caracters in folder name issues

SOGo 1.2.2 with cyrus 2.3.16

If a user creates a folder with a special caracter in its name, (ex: L'amour des marmottes) The folder will be correctly created on the backend.
However, if the user copies a mail into that folder, a folder named "L" (whatever there is before the apostrophe) will be created and the mail will be copied there.

Furthermore, any operation on such folder will fail (rename, delete, petrify)

When selecting the faulty folder, the following is written in the log:
May 26 15:51:15 sogod: SOGo watchdog [22144]: [ERROR] <0x0x70e1270[NGImap4Connection]> could not select URL: imap://raby.jean@localhost/L%26apos%3Bamour%20des%20marmottes/: {RawResponse = "{ResponseResult = {description = \"Mailbox does not exist\"; result = no; tagId = 12; }; }"; reason = "Mailbox does not exist"; result = NO; }

I guess this is an encoding/escaping issue.

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2010-07-06 19:22

administrator   ~0001153

Fixed in revision 9d007ec918e081bd43a3d7944e72cdabbd06949f

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