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0004698SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2019-10-01 19:55
Reporternicorac Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.7 
Fixed in Version4.1.0 
Summary0004698: Not able to set a single-day vacation message

There's no way to set a single-day vacation message because "end date" must be > "start date".

Suppose you'll be out of office on 2019-04-15, so want to set an autoreply for that single day only (2019-04-15 00:00 --> 2019-04-15 23:59).

In the web interface, once you set 2019-04-15 as "start date", you're not allowed to set the same date as "end date", so you can only insert 2019-04-16.

Once you save the message, this is the generated .sieve script:

require ["imap4flags","fileinto","vacation","date","relational"];
if allof (header :contains "subject" "test") {
addflag "\Seen";
fileinto "INBOX.Test";
if allof ( currentdate :value "ge" "date" "2019-04-15", currentdate :value "le" "date" "2019-04-16" ) { vacation :days 1 :subject "Out of office" :addresses [""] text:
test message

As you can see this vacation is active for 2 full days, 15 and 16 of April.

I think that web interface should only check "end date" >= "start date".
Additionally I'll change "start date" and "end date" field labels to explicitly state that the selected day is included in range, like:

  • "Enable auto reply on (included)"
  • "Disable auto reply on (included)"
Steps To Reproduce
  • Need to create a vacation message for 2019-04-15 day only
  • Set 2019-04-15 as start date
  • Set 2019-04-16 as end date (no way to set an earlier date like 2019-04-15)
  • Sieve script is generated with this date range check:
    currentdate :value "ge" "date" "2019-04-15",
    currentdate :value "le" "date" "2019-04-16"

The date range includes two full days (15 and 16 of April) instead of a single one.





2019-03-20 07:51

reporter   ~0013480

Is there anything missing in my report?
Should I add further info to it?



2019-07-09 21:40

reporter   ~0013663

More than 4 months and not a single reply.

I've done my best to investigate the issue and propose a fix... but nothing, this bug is still unassigned :(



2019-07-29 07:45

reporter   ~0013681

Last edited: 2019-07-29 07:45

Related bug: 0004791



2019-10-01 14:33

reporter   ~0013793

Additionally it is not possible to select the current day, today, for start or end date.



2019-10-01 19:55

administrator   ~0013794

If your Sieve server doesn't include the "date" capability, we rely on the sogo-tool cronjob to activate or deactivate the vacation autoreply. Therefore, we'll continue to don't allow the autoreply to be set on the current day. We could eventually allow it when the Sieve server has the date extension.

Related Changesets

sogo: master 93269539

2019-10-01 15:49


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(js) Allow single-day vacation autoreply

Fixes 0004698
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