Released 2009-08-12
0000091: [Web Mail] Mail compose > Contacts > no scroll bar (francis)
0000067: [Web Calendar] Removing an attendee from a meeting doesn't remove the meeting from the user's calendar (francis)
0000066: [Web Mail] Avoid HTTP 400 errors when sending an email with no recipient or no subject (francis)
0000036: [Web Preferences] Javascript error in CKeditor, html to text signature (francis)
0000075: [Web Mail] Problems by using Czech language (ludovic)
0000022: [Web Calendar] It should be possible to disable reminders and tasks from other users calendars (user4)
0000083: [Web Mail] HTML composition on IE7 no longer works (user4)
0000046: [Web Address Book] Search by organization (francis)
0000052: [Web Calendar] event/task creation: no default title (user4)
0000061: [Web Calendar] Status checkbox of read-only tasks should be disabled (user4)
0000082: [Web Mail] Annoying scroll when deleting messages (user4)
0000070: [Backend Calendar] email notifications to multiple attendees from iCal (wsourdeau)
0000068: [Web Calendar] Show "All" events doesn't show the events right away (ludovic)
0000053: [Web Calendar] popup menu in the calendar view (bottom) (francis)
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