Released 2023-11-08
0005490: [Web Mail] Embedded logos in emails (company, Twitter and Facebook links, etc.) are shown as downloadable .png files (sebastien)
0005888: [Web Mail] Webmail repeatedly inserts an attachment every time a draft is automatically saved (sebastien)
0005902: [Backend General] 501 error after a short while (sebastien)
0005885: [Backend General] Calendar event deletion (sebastien)
0005884: [ActiveSync] Huge memory leak in ActiveSync when syncing a Mailbox with >1000 folders (qhivert)
0005906: [Backend Address Book] NSInvalidArgumentException when searching in global address book (sebastien)
0005895: [Backend Calendar] Modifiying an event that contains DURATION= makes it unasable by (at least) macOS/IOS clients (qhivert)
0005887: [Web Mail] "download message" as eml sends content mimetype "application/zip" (qhivert)
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