Released 2011-05-03
0001231: [Web General] SOGo RPM packages for REDHAT 6 (ludovic)
0001273: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Personal Calendar is placed in seemingly random location (ludovic)
0001271: [Web Calendar] Calendar selection after unsubsribe may lead to errors (francis)
0000003: [Backend Calendar] Feature Request: Ressource Planning (ludovic)
0000463: [Web Mail] when choosing email recipients, email composer doesn't switch fields on Enter like thunderbird does (francis)
0001241: [Web General] Selected rows cannot be unselected (francis)
0001250: [Web Address Book] Openend category list does not hide after tab switch (francis)
0001255: [Backend Calendar] Events with no ENDDT: in ics File (francis)
0001246: [Web Calendar] Not all e-mail addresses can be entered/edited/deleted in the web-addressbook (francis)
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