Released 2012-10-04
0001777: [with SOGo] Added event in SOGo web interface and it appears shifted one hour in thunderbird+SOGo connector (wsourdeau)
0001390: [SOPE] Add support for GnuTLS (ludovic)
       0001755: [Packaging (Debian)] GnuTLS support for SOGo (wsourdeau)
0001614: [SOPE] Close all open file descriptors when daemonizing (wsourdeau)
0001616: [Backend General] Correctly link libraries that are used and don't link unused libraries (wsourdeau)
0001615: [SOPE] Correctly link libraries that are used and don't link unused libraries (wsourdeau)
0001617: [Backend General] Support running "make check" (wsourdeau)
0002058: [OpenChange backend] bad escaping of usernames in auto-generated socfs tablenames (wsourdeau)
0002051: [SOPE] [EOSinglePrimaryKeyDictionary-count] should be overridden by subclass -- with patch (wsourdeau)
0001958: [Web Calendar] Can't add external calendar with url including parameters (wsourdeau)
0001472: [Web Calendar] SOGo uses wront DST end date for Europe/Vienna (last sunday of september rather than of october) (wsourdeau)
0002052: [Web Mail] wrong handling of delay when refreshing the list of mails during scrolling (wsourdeau)
0001999: [Backend Calendar] sogod crashes on some (not all) PROPFIND requests to shared calendars; resulting in 502 proxy errors (wsourdeau)
0002041: [i18n] Tab "Event" not translated in French (francis)
0001956: [Web Calendar] empty attendee showing up when booking an appointment (wsourdeau)
0001980: [SOPE] incompatibilities with libobjc2 on amd64 (jraby)
0002031: [OpenChange backend] a crash occurs when no body key is present in certain emails (wsourdeau)
0002012: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the fetching/parsing of coreInfos struct takes a long time for a large amount of messages (wsourdeau)
0002028: [Documentation] LDAP configuration produces "In parsePlItem Missing semicolon in dictionary" (wsourdeau)
0002029: [OpenChange backend] PANIC: Bad talloc magic value - unknown value (wsourdeau)
0002009: [OpenChange backend] scalability: assigning mid is a long process for reasonable mailboxes (wsourdeau)
0002008: [OpenChange backend] scalability: assigned version numbers is a long process for reasonable mailboxes (wsourdeau)
0001477: [Backend Calendar] Add attendee's decision in subject header (lcharland)
0001156: [Packaging (Debian)] SOGo should rely on a configuration file in /etc/
0001062: [Backend General] Following Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for configuration files
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