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0001067SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2016-03-24 18:55
ReporterSebseb01 Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version1.3.0 
Fixed in Version3.1.0 
Summary0001067: Add fonction for duplicate event

I need a simple method for duplicated an event from the webinterface.

for exemple holding down the <ctrl> key, and move the event

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related to 0003196 resolvedludovic Creating copies of appointments should be possible within the same calendar 




2011-01-05 17:24

administrator   ~0001998

I know it's not exactly what you want to do, but for your information, you can copy & paste an event to a different calendar using the usual key combinations.



2011-01-06 09:53

reporter   ~0002010

I have just test, the usual keys doesn't work (Firefox 3.6 and chromium 9.0.597) :-/

I want copy an event by drag and drop on a new date/time. (usual keys for copy at an other week would be useful too)



2011-07-28 08:24

reporter   ~0002750

This feature would be great.

I have to create events with more than 10 participants.

Without a duplicate or a create from features it's very painfull.

Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2011-07-29 09:40

developer   ~0002755

As francis already said!

The workaround is to copy the event to another calendar by:
1) selecting the original event
2) press <CTRL>+C keys for "copy object"
3) select another calendar in the list on the left side
4) press <CTRL>+V keys for "insert event"

Now you have 2 Events with the same content, name, invitees, start and end time in 2 different calendars.
Edit the one event you copied, e.g. by setting another start time, add another invitee and switch calendar.



2011-07-29 11:06

reporter   ~0002757

A workaround is not a fix.

I understand I must create a special "copy&paste" calendar ?


Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2011-07-29 13:43

developer   ~0002766

To have a workaround is better than not having one :-)

No, you can use every calendar you have write privileges for. It only has to be different from the calendar with the original event.



2016-03-24 18:55

administrator   ~0009843

Now possible in v3.

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