0004583: Event creator's email address is truncated in the invitation sent to attendees. (francis)
0004855: [with SOGo] Sogo connector is not compatible with Thunderbird anymore (ludovic)
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0003348: search for contact category in thunderbird address book broken (ludovic)
0003894: [with external server] Thunderbird 45.4.0 will not proper create new remote addressbook (ludovic)
0004359: [with SOGo] Category search is broken (ludovic)
0004094: [Backend Address Book] Remote contact deletions aren't reflected in Lightning (ludovic)
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0003770: [with SOGo] Contacts cannot be synced anymore if category is edited through context menu (ludovic)
0002570: [with external server] Multiple emails not synchronized (ludovic)
0003072: [with external server] If-Match eTag Issue when making changes without synchronizing before (ludovic)
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0003042: [with external server] GET request has invalid Accept: MIME type (ludovic)
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0002888: [Backend Address Book] Cannot add remote address book (ludovic)
0002922: [with external server] sogo-connector: parallel make not working (ludovic)
0002870: Thunderbird 31: address auto complete not working (ludovic)
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0002692: [Backend Address Book] Thunderbird cannot remember login/password for contacts (ludovic)
0002739: SOGo Connector keeps requesting in endless loop when password is wrong, millions of failed requests per user (ludovic)
0002714: [with SOGo] Read-Only Shared Address Boooks - updates fail if user updates local copy (ludovic)
0001706: [GUI] Delete in Thunderbird address book should ask confirmation (ludovic)
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0002420: [General] Sogo-connector 17.0.5 cyrillic categories (ludovic)
0002311: [with external server] Sogo doesn't handle a 403 response after a REPORT request (ludovic)
0002328: [GUI] provide some visual feedback for sync (ludovic)
0002393: [with SOGo] handle periodic sync (ludovic)
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0001713: [with external server] SOGO CardDAV connector fails with certain contenttypes (ludovic)
0002436: [GUI] Some strings are not translated (ludovic)
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0001988: [GUI] Can't delete/"unsubscribe" remote addressbook from Thunderbird
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0001662: [with SOGo] Path parsing does not work on Windows (XP, maybe also Vista/7) and causes stop of sync with 10.0pre4 (wsourdeau)
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Released 2011-04-08
0001343: [with external server] Sogo Connector sends invalid BDAY field in VCARD (for Apple/Darwin calendarserver) (wsourdeau)
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Released 2010-12-03
0000966: [GUI] Contact pictures synchronisation problem (wsourdeau)
0000933: [with external server] A newly added address to a carddav address book hosted on apple address book server ends with an error in srv-logfile (wsourdeau)
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Released 2010-11-16
0000969: [Backend Address Book] Move contacts to contacts list in TB3 is not sync on SOGo (wsourdeau)
0000957: [Backend Address Book] Fail sync if I move contact from an address book to another (wsourdeau)
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Released 2010-01-22
0000017: [GUI] match-type in REPORT query (wsourdeau)
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Released 2009-07-20
0000040: CalDAV with Lightening (Inverse editino)
0000032: T-Bird cutom fields are loosing their values syncing from sogo
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Released 2009-07-08
0000041: [GUI] SOGo integrator breaks other CalDAV sources (wsourdeau)
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