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0002864SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2014-08-27 20:54
ReporterChristian Mack Assigned Toacloutier 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2.6 
Target Version2.2.7Fixed in Version2.2.8 
Summary0002864: In "Multicolumn Day View" mouse position is not honored when creating an event

If you create an event in "Multicolumn Day View" by right click -> "New event..." or drag and drop with the mouse, it is always created either in the personal calendar or in the calendar selected in the left calendar list.

But users expect such events to be created in the calendar they clicked on.

Steps To Reproduce

1) login to SOGo
2) open "Calendar"
3) click on "New Calendar..."
4) create a calendar named "A"
5) click on "New Calendar..."
6) create a calendar named "B"
7) select calendar "B" by clicking on its name
8) select "Multicolumn Day View"
9) choose "personal calendar" and "A" for display
10) right click in column "A" and click on "New event.."
=> the new event will be created in calendar "B"!!!
That is not, what a normal user expects.
Instead the new event should be created in "A".

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2014-07-18 16:01

administrator   ~0007337

There's a pull request to improve the DnD in the multicolumn view ( It will be merged into 2.2.7.



2014-08-27 20:54

viewer   ~0007439

This commit contains the fix for the issue mentioned above and also correct a similar bug where the user have calendar A selected and start dragging a new event in calendar B.

Thank you for your feedback

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