Released 2022-02-04
0005163: [Web Address Book] no carddav RFC 6578 compliance (francis)
0005146: [Web Mail] Space characters when replying and forwarding in plain text mode (francis)
0005415: [Web Mail] Original content is covered by empty spaces by Reply and Forward message (francis)
0005475: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool update-autoreply logic is broken (francis)
0005472: [Web Mail] Can't approve invite via webmail (francis)
0005474: [Packaging (RedHat)] email-256px.png file missing (francis)
0005469: [Backend Mail] Invalid Sieve script generated for auto reply weekday activation constraint (francis)
0003792: [Backend Calendar] Not all event changes trigger email notifications (francis)
0005215: [Web Mail] Detail information about certificate used for signed message (francis)
0005424: [Backend Address Book] CalDav missing contacts in GAL that available on SOGo Web and server (francis)
0005420: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV sync failed - failed status for getetag (francis)
0005450: [Backend Mail] Migrate S/MIME from openssl pkcs7 to openssl cms (patch) (francis)
0005462: [Backend Address Book] Entity tag missing in CardDAV global address book REPORT (francis)
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