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0003196SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2016-03-24 18:54
ReporterJens Erat Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version3.1.0 
Summary0003196: Creating copies of appointments should be possible within the same calendar

If a copy of a calendar is created (using ^C, ^V) inside the same calendar, an error message is shown that copies cannot be created within the same calendar.

A new, separate appointment should be created (possibly with new UUID).

Furthermore, having copy/paste in the context menu would be helpful.

Steps To Reproduce
  • Select appointment
  • Press ^C, ^V without changing calendar
  • Error message is shown
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related to 0001067 resolvedludovic Add fonction for duplicate event 


Jens Erat

Jens Erat

2015-04-29 13:24


copy.png (14,626 bytes)   
copy.png (14,626 bytes)   

Related Changesets

sogo: master 49f1c30e

2016-03-24 14:53


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(feat) now able to copy/move events and also duplicate them (fixes 0003196) Affected Issues
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