Released 2013-11-07
0002454: [Backend Mail] some mail with a signature sent from thunderbird are not displayed (Proxy error) (ludovic)
0002402: [Backend General] HTML entities in subjects of event invitations (francis)
0002372: [Backend General] /etc/cron.daily/sogo exited with return code 1 with Ubuntu package (jraby)
0002353: [Web Calendar] Cant create a task in another calendar than the first one (francis)
0002358: [Backend General] sogo chrashes if a user has special characters in password (jraby)
0002417: [Web Mail] In Preview Pane external pictures are ALWAYS loaded, when opening by doubleclicking --> load pictures (francis)
0002248: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Impossible to autoconfigure ICAL via profilmanager (jraby)
0002373: [Web Calendar] red time marker in calendar shows wrong time (francis)
0002401: [Web Mail] Missing SOGoMail Forward and Reply .wo files for Finnish (Suomi) language (francis)
0002318: [Web Mail] Problem with cyrillic imap folders
0000804: [SOPE] watchdog: excessive spinning of the runloop when the child awaits input on a file descriptor (ludovic)
0002442: [Backend Address Book] Unable to create addressbooks or calendars via SOGo web interface (ludovic)
0002474: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] UserAgent unknown! (ludovic)
0002433: [Backend Mail] ACLs are set wrong (ludovic)
0002457: [i18n] Wrong translation for "Confidential" right label (ludovic)
0002461: [Backend Calendar] Failure to accept invitations when content of location field longer than 255 characters (ludovic)
0002235: [Backend General] SOGo compilation fails with clang 3.2 (ludovic)
0002459: [Web Mail] mail sent from SOGo are empty in Thunderbird and Gmail (ludovic)
0002234: [SOPE] SOPE fails to compile with clang 3.2 (ludovic)
0001328: [Backend Calendar] We can't accept invitations sent to a group if the group don't have the email address in the mail field (ludovic)
0002434: [with SOGo] crash while opening a particular mail (ludovic)
0002445: [GUI] button underline text missed in the mail html composer (ludovic)
0002007: [sogo-tool] can't add webcalendar (jraby)
0002386: [Backend Mail] IMAP - TLS over port 143
0002270: [Web Mail] Problem with mimetype image/pdf (ludovic)
0002410: [Web Mail] HTML as Signature
0002221: [Web Calendar] Remote webcalendars not synchronized
0002412: [Web General] Language mapping
0002399: [Backend Calendar] DAV:resource-id does not equal for bound resources
0002240: [Web Calendar] Invalid format of COMPLETED date in VTODO
0002319: [OpenChange backend] Samba lost mysql connection
0002354: [OpenChange backend] information indésirable lors de la création d'un nouveau contact depuis Outlook
0001275: [Backend Calendar] Please support the newer WebDAV Sync drafts (ludovic)
0002405: [OpenChange backend] Samba4 PANIC error
0001935: [OpenChange backend] Cached mode, change of email priority from Outlook 2010 not reflected in SOGo's web interface
0002398: [OpenChange backend] Meeting invitation and response via MS Outlook
0001431: [Web Calendar] User Rights Window improvement
0002385: [Web Mail] Exception opening a given mail -- with patch
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