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0001273SOGoApple Calendar (Mac OS X)public2011-04-29 15:44
ReporterMarcel Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Versionnightly v2 
Fixed in Version1.3.7 
Summary0001273: Personal Calendar is placed in seemingly random location

The personal calendar is placed in seemingly random order, while the other calendars are in alphabetical order.

Aside from the lack of beauty of such a placement, the first calendar is also used as the default calendar to accept invitations from, which is a major annoyance.

Additional Information

The fix is rather simple: wants the calendar order to start at 1, not 0 (0 seems to indicate "unspecified"). The following patch will put the personal calendar consistently into the first location:


old_revision [9b0e70cef01c0afdbc1684211507c86871122671]


patch "SoObjects/Appointments/SOGoAppointmentFolder.m"

from [0d77c8287292505ad328c1d5e13d8ed818111e16]

to [a94afa3cfc519246d9ead23cab3ad7199a195c6a]


--- SoObjects/Appointments/SOGoAppointmentFolder.m 0d77c8287292505ad328c1d5e13d8ed818111e16
+++ SoObjects/Appointments/SOGoAppointmentFolder.m a94afa3cfc519246d9ead23cab3ad7199a195c6a
@@ -1513,7 +1513,7 @@ firstInstanceCalendarDateRange: (NGCalen

order = [[container subFolders] indexOfObject: self];

  • return [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%d", order];
  • return [NSString stringWithFormat: @"%d", order+1];

    • (NSException ) setDavCalendarOrder: (NSString ) newColor
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