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0004378SOGoGUIpublic2018-01-31 15:04
ReporterPhilipp Assigned Tofrancis  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version16.04
Product Versionnightly master 
Fixed in Version4.0.0 
Summary0004378: Whole SOGo window closes on Reply/Forward md-dialog close

Verrry strange thing happens. We have intranet with link to open SOGo webmail in new window, like this:

When I open SOGo via this link, new window appears, I do log in (if not already), then choose any mail and do replay or forward to raise md-dialog. Then closing the dialog results in whole window being closed (!!!).

Steps To Reproduce

Create HTML file with contents:

and open in in browser. Login with sogo1/sogo1, click any received mail and click reply or forward, then click close dialog. Bah! Window closes.

Additional Information

It seems that happens if <a> tag target attribute have any non-empty value. BUT when going to SOGo webmail directly by typing URL and in JS console setting (which is populated by target=) does not produce undesired behaviour.

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2018-01-31 13:04

reporter   ~0012539

This bug seems not to be related to Angular, since opening Angular md-dialog demo via link with target=_blank does not close whole window on dialog close. Also, 'Write new message' md-dialog closing is not affected.



2018-01-31 13:13

reporter   ~0012540

In description HTML got parsed, click on [^] to reproduce bug.

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sogo: master e29ce4ac

2018-01-31 10:02


Details Diff
(js) Improve popup detection in mail editor

Fixes 0004378
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mod - UI/WebServerResources/js/Mailer/MessageController.js Diff File

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