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0005408SOGoActiveSyncpublic2021-10-27 12:35
Reporteroburais Assigned Tofrancis  
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSDebianOS Version8 (Jessie)
Product Version5.2.0 
Fixed in Version5.3.0 
Summary0005408: Attachment get corrupted in Outlook with ActiveSync when the filename contains non-ASCII characters and the CharSet is not UTF-8

When displaying an email with an attachment whole filename contains a non-ASCII character (such as an accent) with Outlook 2013,2016 or 2019 using ActiveSync, the attachment gets corrupted.
The corruptions occurs when the charset encoding for body of the email is set ISO-8859-1 or windows-1252. (disregarding the charset encoding of the filename of the attachment itself).
The attachment is fine within SOGo webmail (or with any IMAP client).

Steps To Reproduce
  • using SOGo 5.2.0 with activesync.
  • Send an email with a attachment name such as "accentué.pdf" to the mail server (with Thunderbird for instance, forcing the outgoing charset to ISO-8859-1, or with Outlook 2013+)
  • Read the email in Outlook 2013+ using the activesync protocol, and try open the attachment.

If you edit the charset of the body of the email itself to us-ascii on the email server, the attachment is readable again.

Additional Information

When comparing the corrupted attachment to the working one with an hexadecimal editor, you can notice that a charset conversion is applied to the binary code of the attachment itself.
For instance, an hex of "e2" gets translated as "c3a2" within the attachment, changing the integrity of the file and corrupting it.
Hence the bigger size of the attachment.

Tagsactive sync, ActiveSync, attachement, outlook, sogo, unicode, utf-8




2021-10-19 10:09

reporter   ~0015563

When Downgrading to SOGo 4.1 and re-adding the account in Outlook, the attachment is working as expected



2021-10-19 11:26

reporter   ~0015564

Can you please provide a sample mail in raw format?



2021-10-21 09:59

reporter   ~0015568

Sorry I've uploaded the file in a private post.

Here it is :
Sample email sent from Outlook 2013 with an attachment named "accentué.pdf". Readable in SOGo, and any IMAP client. The attachment is corrupted when read from Outlook with ActiveSync (SOGo 5.2.0).

withaccent-2.eml (427,989 bytes)


2021-10-21 12:15

reporter   ~0015569


I have the same problem! The hungarian special characters transformed to strange characters and the attachment can not opening.
Here is an sample.

Best regards: Péter



2021-10-24 18:02

reporter   ~0015573

I'm able to reproduce the problem with withaccent-2.eml, but I see the same problem with SOGo 4.1.0.
Although I have a potential fix for this ( I'd like to understand where the problem comes from.
@oburais - Can you confirm that the problem doesn't occure with SOGo 4.1.0. Does it work for you when the attachment name doesn't contain non-ascii chars?



2021-10-25 06:51

reporter   ~0015574

Hi @tfu

WIth SOGo 4.1.0 : the attachment is working in Outlook whether its name contains non-ascii characters or not.
With SOGo 5.2.0 : the attachment is corrupted in the same Outlook client only if its name contains non-ascii characters.

The symptoms appeared after upgrading from 4.1.0 to 5.2.0. They disappeared once downgraded to 4.1.0
(However, the Outlook profiles had to be deleted once downgraded so tha



2021-10-25 06:54

reporter   ~0015575

*so that the emails and their attachments were re-downloaded.

Editing the charset of the body of the email to us-ascii removed the corruption as well ( and the attachment was working, with still a non-ascii character in its filename).



2021-10-26 19:06

reporter   ~0015586

I identified following sope fix as the cause of this bug : fix(mime): encode text parts individually - Fixes 0005376 -



2021-10-27 12:35

administrator   ~0015587

Thanks @tfu!

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fix(eas): use base64 encoding for attachments when sanitize emails + content-length

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