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0002882SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2014-08-27 21:04
Reporterromeyn Assigned Toacloutier 
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Fixed in Version2.2.8 
Summary0002882: Print List view in Color

When printing multiple calendars in List View, provide option to print the text from a calendar in the same color set for that calendar.

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Christian Mack

Christian Mack

2014-08-06 11:56

developer   ~0007396

Printing the text itself in colours could be unreadable (think of yellow on white paper).

Because of this I would change this request to change the border of an event to the colour of its calendar.

Just my 2 cent.



2014-08-06 13:07

reporter   ~0007399

I had thought of that too. Could both be options?

Print In Color:
[ ] Event Border
[ ] Event Text



2014-08-15 18:16

viewer   ~0007415

It is already possible to print you calendars with the associated events colors. By default browsers strip down the CSS to save you ink but you can deactivate this option on the browser print menu.

Look for the option "background colors and images" on the print menu of your browser.

Please let me know if this solution solves the issue.

thank you



2014-08-15 19:01

reporter   ~0007416


That worked for "Week View". But List is still black and white no matter what.



2014-08-26 18:06

viewer   ~0007430

Last edited: 2014-08-26 18:07

I made some modifications on the feature, please test the next nightly build.

  • I added the options to print the events/tasks in colours; either the borders or the backgrounds
  • No longer need to ask the browser to display the colours
  • The list view is now available in colours



2014-08-27 15:30

reporter   ~0007433

Thanks. I have tasked our techs with applying the nightly build and will reply back as soon as I can test it.



2014-08-27 19:59

reporter   ~0007437


Thank You!!!

The next feature request we have is that event descriptions be included in what is printed in list view. But I'll see if there's already a ticket for that--add one if there isn't.

THANKS again!!



2014-08-27 21:03

viewer   ~0007440

:) You're welcome ! Thanks to you for your feedback

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